No sympathy extended.

Please read this little piece posted on Koptalk.something by Duncan Oldham today –

The 27th June. I hate that date. Do you know why? One or two of our old skool readers will know why.

While kids can get under your feet at times (no Fred West jokes please!) today I wish I had a special kid running around in the background while I type this.

5 years ago to the day we lost a baby. We don’t know if it was a lad or a lass but we’d decided it would either be a Marcus or a Jeanette.

It’s a sh*t day and while I’m big enough to handle it (as Richt can verify!) I have to think about Mrs O. Blokes have to be hard and rightly so, even though we like a cry too sometimes. But for me, today isn’t about feeling sorry for meself, it’s about thinking about Mrs O.

After it had happened our relationship really suffered. She’d tell you herself that she kind of lost it a bit.. by this I mean a lack of motivation and interest in life. It was understandable of course.

The only positive thing about this date is that back then when I mentioned what had happened on the site, I was absolutely inundated with tens of thousands of emails, letters and cards from all over the world.

It was amazing. We kept them all and have them in a special folder which hasn’t come out since but it’s still there collecting dust for the day we can both decide to bring it out.

Honestly, we were contacted by people from all over the place. But do you know what was the best thing? Every single one of them called me Dunk and said they were massive fans of the site. What I’m trying to say is that they weren’t casual visitors, they were like family members. “Give a hug to Charlotte”, “Don’t drink too much cider” and “Don’t turn to the pies!” – they knew the score.

It was an absolutely devastating time in one way but it was also a very proud time in another way. I firmly believe that all those Reds gave us both strength to come through a rough time in our lives.

They made sure we never walked alone.

I have my enemies on the web which comes with the territory. They can blog and they can hide behind their spoof sites… they’ve given me and Steve plenty of things to laugh about over the years so there are some positives and the attention they create also helps drive more people to us out of curiosity so in one way I should say thanks.

They’re obsessed with me and I’m flattered. But me, well I’m just obsessed with Liverpool Football Club and as a result, I have a dream job that has made all my dreams come true. The anti-KT mob are outnumbered by hundreds of thousands of Reds that log on to KOPTALK every day of the week. Decent, passionate people that love the site and love following their beloved LFC. It is those people that make it worthwhile.

It’s an amazing feeling when people you have never met before feel like your friends. Liverpool FC is one big family and I’m proud to be a member.

Thankyou King John –>> (links to an article on his site about the founding father of LFC.

At first we felt a touch of sorrow for Dunk. Reading it a couple of times through though and you realise that the only person deserving of sympathy in that story is Dunk’s long-suffering wife. We aren’t doubting his wife had a miscarriage, and there’s little doubt (if he doesn’t know the sex) that it wasn’t early on in the pregnancy. It’s certainly not something to celebrate, but nor is it something to use in order to gain some hits to your website.

Why make “Fred West” references? If you feel that today is all about looking after your wife, why spend the day spouting off on your fake blog about other stuff instead of just spending the day with her? If your relationship suffered purely because of this miscarriage, why boast about giving girls off My Space a good seeing to? And if the My Space stories are actually lies, as we suspect, why embarrass and belittle your wife by lying about it?

If all of these site visitors from 2001 meant so much to you, why repay them by telling them this year that their lifetime memberships of your insider club are meaningless? Saying these people were like family members when it’s perfectly clear you betrayed them all at some point or other in the years that followed is admitting to not being much of a family person. You can’t keep crying and expecting sympathy from people if you keep treating them like you do.

Then you try and bring your self some sympathy at our expense. You say, “they can blog and they can hide behind their spoof sites”. Duncan – it’s you that’s hiding. Why not answer our questions? Why not email us with the answers? We’ve asked a few, none of which have been answered by you, even though we know you read this site.

Where’s this Crouch tape? Remember the Crouch tape you claimed to have? Saying he’d spoken directly and knowingly to the Sun? Remember? You claimed it existed because you were trying to save face over your promotion of the Sun. Trying to make it OK to talk to the Sun. You claimed you’d decide when Crouch’s LFC career would end, because you claimed that Crouch tape would end it. When you chose it to end. A huge unforgiveable despicable lie.
You promote the Sun, you disrespect the views of those hurt by the lies of that newspaper, and you choose to disrespect the families of the ninety-six people who lost their lives at Hillsborough. Ninety-six birthdays that won’t ever be celebrated again. Ninety-six families who have a day like you claim to be having today because they lost their loved one at Hillsborough. All they ask from you is that you boycott the Sun, because it lied about them and their friends. You choose not only to ignore the boycott, but to belittle anyone who follows that boycott. You promote the rag on your site.

You say you didn’t know about the Sun in 1998, yet earlier that year you’d joined in a debate on the net where it was pointed out quite clearly why the Sun was boycotted. You lied by saying you knew nothing about the Sun. The truth is that you knew full well about the Sun, but did not care about the boycott. Wearing your infamous plastic Sun hat was far too important for you. You even tried to smudge the logo out of the photo showing you wearing it before posting it on your website.

We both know that “hundreds of thousands” of visitors is a lie. You get a good few hits, but there’s not even a couple of thousand of unique visitors coming to your site in a week any more. Every day a few more are shown the truth about you. Every day you try to do something to stop us, but you only succeed in hurting your members.

We’re not obsessed with you, but we don’t want young and impressionable Liverpool supporters to think that your way is the Liverpool way. Liverpool supporters boycott the Sun and respect the ninety-six. Koptalk supports the Sun and finds the ninety-six a tiresome political battle. Another excuse you used was that people don’t want to read serious stuff on Koptalk. So does that make your story about today a joke?

Your attitude towards the Sun and the ninety-six is the worst of the many things you do we don’t agree with. You claim to represent Liverpool FC but you represent it in a way we find shameful.

It’s time to stop lying. For the sake of your lost son or daughter, for the sake of your other two children and for the sake of your wife. For the sake of the ninety-six. For the sake of Liverpool FC. For your own sake.

Drop us a line, answer our questions. Admit the lies, in full and without qualification. It’s hard to do, but it’s the only way you’ll be able to stop your site freefalling towards obscurity. And even then, you’ve got to make sure the lies stop and the double standards are kept away from everything you do.

We know you’ll not do it yet, but maybe one day you’ll finally see sense. For now, you aren’t really deserving of much sympathy. Your sneering contempt for the ninety-six has seen to that.


19 Responses to “No sympathy extended.”

  1. Blue Sky Says:

    It’s unbelievable how this man uses anything to get sympathy from Craptalkers. He is a disgrace.

  2. rupert Says:

    He’s like the old lag up before the jury for the 10th time. He’s learned through the years that if his defence does’nt have the facts on its side – give them the bullshit.

    These are also the tactics of a wannabe cult leader rubbing the nose of his followers in the most intimate details of his personal life.

    It doesn’t surprise me that he can’t refrain from a Fred West reference in a piece about an unborn child. I’ve mentioned before some of the unbelievable stuff he comes out with on his radio show talking to the then 16 year old Steve – how the rape of underage girls is understandable because he finds that now he is 32 they ignore him!

    We all have hardships in our lives – but we don’t set up web sites about LFC to talk about them on a page which is advertising porn and adult date-finders and asking for money.

    I don’t know when that miscarriage was supposed to have happened – was it before or after his personal ads on a footie site in the net looking for a fit young lad to do it with his wife while he filmed it (and joined in).

    Its all pretty disgusting.

  3. bigf00t Says:

    The guys a prat…

    I love this blog… 🙂


  4. macca2 Says:

    yeah, i love this blog too.

    has got more daily updates than koptalk will ever have…

  5. Chunky Says:

    What sort of sick fuckwit turns the loss of a child into a discussion about web blogs? Were it me I’d not even post my private life all over the web.

    This blog is seriously beginning to upset the balance of him mind. He pretends not to be bothered but the changes to the forum and bi-daily rants about anti-KT suggest otherwise.

    It’s as if the poor lad is crying out for reassurance.

  6. StringVest Says:

    If proof were needed that this blog is causing him problems its that post. While its a shame he’s lost a child, the fact he even writes about it like that on a football website, and uses the piece to have a pop at this blog, is very telling.

    PLEASE keep this going, and if any help is needed sending that fat rip off artist back to obscurity and away from REAL Liverpool fans, you have my email address!

  7. scully Says:

    Exactly – by turning this piece into an attack on this site he shows exactly WHY he’s talking about it: a truly pathetic, insulting-to-the-intelligence attempt to paint himself as the good guy, not by any reasonable argument but just by pretending to cry about something else. It’s as if we’re all supposed to think “Oh – Dunk’s suffered, therefore we shouldn’t attack his site no matter how totally dodgy it is”. I too have suffered bereavement, and the last thing I’d ever do would be to talk about it on a visitor-fleecing, sleazy porn-advertising website, the dead deserve ever so slightly more respect than that. Sorry Dunk, but the only thing I can say about this is go fuck yourself.

  8. String Vest Says:

    Incidentally – how about a complaint compaign to newsnow?

    I am sure he gets half his hits from that site – surely they must have a policy on posting intentionally misleading headlines to generate traffic?

    Perhaps if enough people complained?

  9. duncanmitty Says:

    I recall something similar when his doctor died. That’s when my brief time visiting koptalk on a regular basis stopped. I knew something was wrong with the man(apart from the bullshit generating).

    There’s a place for pouring your heart out to like that and it certainly isn’t on a Liverpool FC related blog/website. I’m not sure I can believe anything he writes though. Sick as it is it could well be something he dreamed up at the time to get more hits and/or some sympathy to bolster his obviously low self esteem.

    “I was absolutely inundated with tens of thousands of emails, letters and cards from all over the world.” If he wasn’t so pathetic I’d laugh. I just pity the bloke.

    I think he has some acute mental problems and I just hope his wife and kids aren’t in daily contact with him any more (as it looks like), for their sake. Then again, it could be they have never existed either. You never know in the make-believe world of Del Johnson/Duncan Oldham/Mark Lacey.

    Dunk, get some help with your mental problems, stop ripping people off and do a bit of exercise then you wont feel the need to be writing all the bullshit.

  10. Toby Says:

    Since we set up Kraptalk three years ago now he has maintained that we are obsessed with him. I am just obsessed with ensuring no other Liverpool fans are ripped off by him, and don’t give a shit what he does or how he lives his life.

    As for his monologue… the tens of thousands of emails, letters and cards from all over the world must need a bloody big dusty old folder!

    And, ‘the attention they create also helps drive more people to us out of curiosity’ – if that were truly the case why would you go to great efforts to block traffic from this blog to your own site? Surely that then drives nobody to your site, does it not?

  11. rupert Says:

    “It’s an amazing feeling when people you have never met before feel like your friends. Liverpool FC is one big family and I’m proud to be a member. ”

    Do you pay 30 pound a year for membership, too?

    And how many of your “LFC friends” would want to introduce you to their real family or even their real friends?

    “The anti-KT mob are outnumbered by hundreds of thousands of Reds that log on to KOPTALK every day of the week.”

    Leaving aside the barefaced lie about the hundreds of thousands of Reds that log unto your site every week – what about the LFC fans who chose to use other sites – are they not part of the LFC family?. You call them the “the anti-KT mob”. Too bad we can’t organise a poll on your popularity among LFC fans. Is that why you dare’nt show your face at Anfield and are planning on bolting to Newcastle and Spurs?

    “They’ve given me and Steve plenty of things to laugh about over the years..”

    Over the years – so exactly how young was Steve when he became your 24 x 7 servant and your only drinking pal?

    As for the laughs – your’re welcome! There’s no charge, Fatty, link to this blog and on your web site so that your “family” can enjoy the joke. In all the thousands of words you have used to obsess about us you’ve always been careful never to mention the name of this blog or its url. Why not?

    “…the attention they create also helps drive more people to us out of curiosity so in one way I should say thanks.”

    Same here. I found this blog when you made two defensive references to it in your whinging KT “editorials”.

  12. rupert Says:

    About complaining to NewsNow. I tried. They ask you to use their forms which are set up to refer to a specific story. I used one anyway. I complained that I had to plough through 50% or more of their KT links before I got to a genuine LFC link. I pointed out all KT links are links to stories already previously linked from NewsNow. Or some of them are no more than theheadlines of his “Editorials” with no news quality to them. In other words NewsNow is getting the original link to the original site and then KT’s link to the NewsNow link. I pointed out that KT has a reputation for intellectual property theft, cyber squatting and using false headlines to hook unsuspecting readers. I suggested that by allowing itslf to be conned by KT NewsNow was devaluing its service to LFC supporters.

    If someone else can suggest a better way of getting to them – let’s discuss it on here.

    I already noted on here about the KT Crouch “drug” headline last week. That must have brought him in a few score links from NewsNow (some of his “famly”, no doubt). By the time they discovered it was a con – and that Crouch was not involved in any “drug” story – Fatty had already earned enough from their hits to pay his beer that afternoon.

    Perhaps the best way is just to zone in on specific news links and use their format?

  13. rupert Says:

    Can someone clear something up about Fatty’s hits?

    If I visit KT four times in a day – 28 times a week – does he count me as 28 people – or members of his family?

    If after I arrive at his site I change forums or change servers – or visit another site and return – does he count me again and again. Is it possible that I am as many as 1,000 or 2,00 people in one week?

    I ask because I was wondering how many people Brendan and Ryan are.

  14. barry wom Says:

    You know what this rant reminds me of? Does anyone remember the S*n “apollogy” for their post hillsborough coverage? In that, they did about 10 lines of apology, then followed it up with about 50 lines slagging the people of liverpool for countless things, including picking on their poor fat cunt rooney. well this is kind of the same, it uses the poor loss of his unborn child to grab attention for the real purpose of an attack on this site and kraptalk. it’ quite incredible he’d do it. no wonder his poor wife fucked him off.

  15. Chunky Says:

    Hundreds of thousands? Does he never look at the ‘members online’ forum count?

  16. macca2 Says:

    its funny how when you look at the ‘members online’ info, koptalk has usually about 150-200 members + guests online. compare this with rawk which attracts about 750-800 members + guests.

    the interesting thing is while its obvious that rawk is by far the more popular forum, koptalk beats rawk hands down in the “number of hits” count. check out and

    so its quite clear fatty and his crew manipulates the hits count to deceive its sponsors. how can a site that attracts 70-80% less visitors be ahead in the hits count by 100 visitors per million (THREE times the amount of visitors of rawk).

    koptalk and fatty is all about deception im afraid.

  17. Phil T Says:

    If LFC is one big family, then he’s the spoilt runt of a child who nobody likes. You could set your calendar by his moans. ‘The child we lost’, ‘the day my dad topped himself’, ‘I’ve been to the doctors about my eyes/weight/ … ‘. Get a life. GET A FUCKING JOB!!!

  18. rupert Says:

    I was wondering if his notice ” forums have moved—go to Koptalk-org” is a way of doubling his hits? People who go to the first on their bookmark – like I do – then switch to the second – is that counted as two hits?

    Somebody should do a proper analysis and then make a report to the hit-counting organisation that the advertisers rely on. He makes money from the number of hits. Its my opinion is that if he knows a dirty trick he wll use it – that’s his history. We’ve seen how he buys up other LFC domain names and redirects traffic to his site.

    I wonder if he uses Steve to click on advertisements on his site to earn commissions?

    The thing is, folks, Fatty is highly competitive towards all other sources of information about LFC. He mocks the official site and other free fan sites (he claims, for example, that some of them manipulate their figures – continuing to count visitors as being online after they have left the site).

    Its no use bitching about him if we’re not willing to hit him where it hurts – the pocket. Its all about money, at the end of the day. He’s been getting away with it for years.

  19. G Richards Says:

    You should not talk about personal thigs online in order to garner sympathy. I was always uncomfortable on Koptalk when this sort of thing would come out. There was stuff over his dad, fundraising for his niece, and now unborn child stuff.

    The place to deal with these sorts of things is in private with your family – and perhaps with one or two close friends.

    Then in the same post to start talking about web wars with other blogs! It is beyond belief.

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