What's he up to?

If you've been reading this blog then you'll know by now that Fatty never does something for nothing. NEVER.

So why is he asking on ALL OF HIS FORUMS for this information? 

Dunk KopTalk Editor  
Who is your ultimate LFC idol?

Sun Jun 25 2006 07:35 PM

Which Liverpool player have you met or would you like to meet, that is your ultimate idol and why?

For me as a kid it was John Barnes and when I finally met him and got to spend a good 30 mins or so with him I was overjoyed. It was an unbelievable feeling that has never been repeated.I really cannot explain how struck I was by the meeting. I'd have been 15 I think.

Funny thing is that through this site I have since met him loads of times. Each time though I think "You were my legend".

I guess it was a kid thing. Still, have you ever had that experience? I don't mean when you've met just any LFC player, I mean your TOTAL idol/legend.

Did he speak about his BNP views when he met John Barnes? 

Anyway, why would fatty ask this question? It means a lot to him, because, as one of our contributors pointed out, it's in his "free" forums as well as his insider and gold forums. 

Leave your theories as a comment, but we think it can only be for one of two reasons.

1) He's going to suddenly "sign up" a hero as a contrbutor to the site.

2) He's trying to make his visitors think he mixes with current and ex-players all the time.

What does he think of ex-players who he's ripped off in the past?

He'll tell us in the "book" no doubt. He's too worried to say anything now that we're keeping an eye on him.

Dunk KopTalk Editor  
Who does he mean? [Re: Hargreaves]

Sun Jun 25 2006 05:42 PM

Quote:Bascombe in today's Football Echo in an article about Bellamy,claiming his football is more important than his personality, writes
"I can think of at least two living legends from the 60s and 70s who rank as the most unpleasant characters I've ever had the displeasure of meeting in any walk of life, let alone football"

He'll be referring to Tommy Smith and Ian St John. Both of them have worked for me on the site providing columns. I found St. John to be a total ass while Tommy has remained a good friend. My opinions aren't based on one-off meetings where you can easily say the guy's great or the guy's a w*nker. I'd say a lot more but my every word is monitored as we know.  

Maybe something else you'd like to comment on – but am I correct in saying that Dunk didn't pay St John for the work he did? 

Dunk's also posted on all of his forums about someone posting something very unwelcome. He can be applauded if he's done as he says and both banned and reported the perpetrator, but when he promotes a website containing porn to children then he fails to win too much credit. Perhaps he should look a little closer to home to see how he can avoid incidents like that in future. As one of our contributors also pointed out – Oldham may have set this up as a way of banning others in the future and at the same time ruining their reputations. 


4 Responses to “What's he up to?”

  1. rupert Says:

    You’re giving Fatso too much credit. Everytime (a) his hits fall to alarming lowevels or (b) he is being criticised for not being an LFC supporter he starts threads on his site with “mother and apple pie” questions – such as who is your favourite all time LFC player.

    Fatso couldn’t give a shit about the history of LFC. These threads are intended to get some cheap hits. As you see, even in this example he quickly turns the discussion to KT and money.

    St. John submitted an invoice for Fatso for using his syndicated column – Fatso refused to pay. In that moment St. John turned from being one of KT’s stars and a reason why you should buy pron and junk off Fatso – into being a monster. It so happened that Ian St. John was the most persisent critic of Houllier so it suited Fatso in his Houllier arse-licking days to be able to turn against St.John.

    As we all know, and as Tommy Smith, himself, has said in his formal appeal for sick benefits, he was virtually broke and always looking for a few quid. His column for the Liverpool Echo is ghost-written. By letting Fatso fiddle the column around a bit so they looked as though they were customed-written, Tommy made a few more quid – and I do mean a few. Fatso likes a bargain, therefore Fatso liked Tommy Smith.

  2. rupert Says:

    I want to write something on why Fatso, Ryan O’ Gobshite and Brendand Supabitch gang up on Paul Tomkins. But I don’t want to hog all the juicy stuff. Does anyone else want to have a go?

  3. Phil T Says:

    No, go on… :oD

  4. Rich Says:

    He’s had enough of that one now, so here is the follow-up….

    KopTalk Daddy
    Posts 1850

    Age: 31
    26-06-06 02:58 PM – Post#242707

    Ever since you’ve followed the Reds, what are your best LFC memories and why? When did you most feel proud or satisifed.

    While Istanbul is an obvious choice, you can of course still include it but if possible, think of other events further back.

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