Still no insider info…

Is this a thin fatty?…but Dunk's asking a lot of questions.

After asking people about who their LFC hero was, he's now asking about their Liverpool FC memories.

Dunk KopTalk Editor
What are your best LFC memories?
26/06/06 03:05 PM

Ever since you've followed the Reds, what are your best LFC memories and why? When did you most feel proud or satisifed.

While Istanbul is an obvious choice, you can of course still include it but if possible, think of other events further back.

We think this could be for his book. He's actually not got any of his own memories, so he's asking others to help him out. He'll then pretend these are his memories.

Does this mean he's going to finish the book? We'll not hold our breath. 

The high-level technical advice from Dunk's computer forum earlier today had us laughing a lot, but fatty himself is pushing for the title of laugh of the year.

He's been asking about Sky HD, which he says he bought recently. Remember how he needs every penny of his subscriber's money to just about keep the site afloat? And that obviously includes spending a fair bit on Sky HD. So he wanted to have a little bit of a boast about it, like you do. Someone told him he had more money than sense, but he was soon defending himself – 

Dunk  KopTalk Editor  
Who has SKY HD? 
[Re: Sourcyde]
Mon Jun 26 2006 01:19 PM
Quote:More money than sense 
I don't smoke, I don't p*ss my money up the wall every Friday, Saturday and Sunday like my mates, I don't waste money on drugs or women… I think I invest quite wisely

To be honest the majority of pocket money I have I spend on the kids and things to make the house nicer. Football comes first and if my footy can be improved by new gadgets, they're a must have.

Honest mate, it's worth every penny and more. 

So the man who's spent the best part of the last two weeks boasting to us about spending all of his time in the pub is now telling us he's not out p*ssing his money up the wall all the time. Like his mates. *cough* Dunk has no mates of course, except for young Steve. He says he doesn't waste money on drugs or women. Not long ago he was boasting of his exploits with some girls he "shagged" after meeting them on Myspace. I suppose that's as close as he gets to the chance to spend money on women. 

He's funny isn't he? Without trying too hard he makes us laugh every week. Keep reading for more. And if he posts any inside info, we'll pass it on.


9 Responses to “Still no insider info…”

  1. rupert Says:

    Fatty has moved up-market as a spender. He used to spend a lot of time at dog meets. Toby at used to have a column on his “whippet” .

    Now he goes to the horse races and watches Robbie, Stevie, Michael and Shearer from a distance. He’s moving steadily up the social ladder. Pretty soon expect to see him in the Royal Enclosure at Ascot. There’s even talk of a medal in the New Year’s Honours List – an OFBBE (The Order of Fat Bastard of the British Empire) for services to himself.

  2. rupert Says:

    All these false questions are a cyncial attempt (a) to jack up hits because he’s running dry and (b) to counter suggestions that he is not an LFC supporter – a I said in an earlier comment.

    I’ve also commented on how wannabe cult leaders – “Daddy” types – try to interpose themselves between the cult members and the object of their loyalty – their belief-set – or, in this case, LFC and its history. Essentially he is trying to associate himself in the minds of his members with LFC and their memories of it.

    He will not produce the book “Anfield Exposed”. He might try to wriggle out of it by producing a different type of book based on his well-tried “cut and paste” writing style. I think I could even predict exactly what kind of “book” – but I don’t want to make it easy for the fat bastard.

  3. rupert Says:

    Fatty’s virutous denial that he does not waste his money on ciggies sounds a bit like a 600 pound hulk settling down to another meal of a whole roasted pig but insisting on diet coke to wash it down.

    On a more serious note – his denial that he spends money suggests that he needs intervention. Why don’t we track his expenditures? That way we can help Fatty understand his addiction and we can help Inland Revenue when they come to make their assessment. Maybe we can set up a stickie page to keep a running total?

    I must admit I’m not into brand names of phones, laptops, PC’s, TVs etc and equipment so I’ll leave that to others. But off the top of my head his vacations in the last few months have included:

    (a) New York

    (b) London

    (c) Malta

    He has been to the races about eight times.

    He has made countless bets on football and other activites.

    He has been drinking more time than he can remember.

    He has bought two vehicles and is in the market for another.

    He has squatted on several domains and is in the process of buying software to set up Spurs and Toon sites.

  4. rupert Says:

    I forgot his Newcastle Season Ticket and his LFC Season Ticket.

    I assume the girls he meets on MySpace pay their own way.

  5. flugelflasheart Says:

    …cue the ‘Raise money for Lauren’s Sky HD’ campaign…

  6. macca2 Says:

    oh my god…

    is that fatty in the picture?!?!?!?

    whats happened to him??? hahahaha


  7. jj_dominic Says:

    he looked almost like a normal kid there. shame what 15 years and a very bad drinking habit can do to you

  8. freddie baker Says:

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  9. chapeau du soleil Says:

    Freddie, can you write a song called “The Wallsend song” or “Chrissie Waddle’s Melwood house”?

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