More technical advice for the right-clickers

The Koptalk moderators are trained to say what they were ordered to say by their idol Duncan. Even if it seems completely untrue. Today’s gem about users having more than one window or tab open to view Koptalk with was a gem. We were told it would lead to server overloads and anyone caught would be banned. It wasn’t only the mods on the case today, some oddball called “furyoo” who has a cat for an avatar was offering us so many pearls of wisdom we had to leave the thread at once. Our sides were literally splitting. After some gaffer tape had been securely fastened to our ribcage we ventured back.

It seems “furry-soo” had given up. The person who’d been his victim seemed to have finally found a way to shut him up.

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26-06-06 01:29 PM – In response to furyoo

furyoo Said:
I’m not missing your point. You’re missing mine and Rosco’s. You asked why right click has been disabled, we’ve given you an explanation detailing how it can lead to server overload.

The scenario I’ve given you is precisely why right click has been banned. Your scenario, whether right or wrong, has no relevance at all as it is not the basis over which this forum’s settings was made.

The fact that you are talking utter utter buttery crumpets has nothing to do with it then?
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26-06-06 01:30 PM – In response to furyoo

furyoo Said:
RiS Said:
I can’t possibly use that much bandwidth because i use a modem with really thin wires.

But others may have high speed connections. The ruling has to apply to everyone here, not just you and me, I’m afraid.

Are you being serious?
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26-06-06 06:53 PM – In response to RiS

just want to mention out that not only the right click has been disabled but also when i hit the scorller button it shows me that pop up message.
it’s really frustrating that i can’t scroll that way so if you could fix that it would be for the best……

So that’s another user upset by Dunk’s failed attempts to put a stop to this blog. This is a new user with 44 posts, and he’s not able to browse the forum the way he’d like.

It was probably around this time that fatty’s site went down completely. Time outs and server errors were all that greeted the few visitors he has left. That was probably what prompted this thread, which was immediately locked by the aussie dj moderator –

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26-06-06 02:05 PM

I seem to have broken the forum with my huge bandwidth.

Crowd Control
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26-06-06 03:49 PM
In response to RiS

RiS Said:
I seem to have broken the forum with my huge bandwidth.

Keep spamming and you’ll find that the ability to post gets ‘broken’ too.

I am actually amazed that this maverick poster has survived as long as he has. He’s dared to ask why the right-click function has been removed, and dared to suggest that it wasn’t for the stated reason. Well “RIS” – we can reveal exclusively that the reason he’s disabled right-click is so that we can’t cut and paste what’s on his forums. Doesn’t seem to be working though does it?


15 Responses to “More technical advice for the right-clickers”

  1. Toby Says:

    I find that running the Koptalk forums in 10 separate Opera windows each set to automatically reload every five seconds works a treat, and I advise everyone else to do likewise, ideally at exactly the same time.

    There is no way of identifying if a logged in user has more than one window open on his browser ffs – total scaremongering. But this does highlight a fear that his servers can’t cope with the new forum software, so maybe a team effort may well be worth a try.

    PS – Does a forum in one window and a popup ad in another constitute two windows? Just a thought.

  2. Chunky Says:

    Right click causes ‘server overload’……. hahahaha, that’s priceless.

  3. macca2 Says:

    man, its so damn funny how this “disinterested” and “flattered” fatty has been messing about with the site just because of this blog.

    fortunately, seems to me that the insider insider is some whizz kid. fatty is trying to get around the problem by using every internet con trick hes got but the insider insider is clearly no match for him.

    its how i see it. hehe

  4. An Observer Says:

    Chuny Dunky’s problem is his shite forum software. Look at this.

    Koptalks liverpool forum index – Execution time: 0.4 seconds. Total Queries: 56 Zlib Compression is on.

    Another leading forum – Page created in 0.342 seconds with 9 queries.

    It should be pointed out that the alternative forum has over 2 million posts compaired with koptalks few thousand.

  5. Terry Says:


    New right click message

    “Please only view the forums in one tab/window. If you open several tabs/windows, you cause a strain on the server. We can detect by username who is logged in on one more than one tab/window. If we catch you doing this, we will ban you. Please respect the community by respecting this polite request. YNWA.”

    Everyone go to his lfc forum and click refresh. Heres a plan, hows about doing it every hour on the hour.

    Lard bottom won’t know whats hit him. Well he will because the fat shit will have read it here, but he can’t do anything about it. He’s probably got an itcy arse but can’t do anything about it because his arm isn’t long enough./

    Fat racist cunt picking on the poor right mouse button.

  6. Whois Lookup Says:

    If you have Firefox as your browser you can install the “ReloadEvery” extension which allows you to set how often (in seconds/minutes) each tab is refreshed. So you could have ten Koptalk tabs open all refreshing every ten seconds while you go out for the day.

  7. alan Says:

    taken from koptalkblog:

    26th June 2006: 1712

    Posted by Steve

    We now have an idea what the problem is with the server which hosts the free forums.

    The forums have been cutting out every now and then for a few minutes at a time and although it’s not a serious problem we do want it fixing as soon as possible.

    We are awaiting feedback from the developers but we’re also making further enquiries to try and find a speedy solution.

    Our other forums at are not affected.

  8. Rich Says:

    Looks like he’s started updating the blog again, and about the subject he doesn’t care about and finds really amusing as well

    27th June 2006: 1255

    Posted by Dunk

    It would seem the fan club are STILL wittering on. When will they learn that it’s not big and it’s not clever… unlike me. Keep raising awareness bitters… it saves me a fortune in promotion and advertising. At this rate I could start having fillet instead of sirloin for breakfast. Dunk knows best…

    Morning Dunk. I’m sure you are aware already but Koptalk & you personally are getting slaughtered on the **** website (no change there)…. I decided to see what the fuss was all about but TBH I can’t be arsed as I can’t believe the amount of time they spend having a go at Koptalk. I’ve always bee aware of a bad history but fair due, although you have referred to previous issues, you have never (to my knowledge) had a go at any other site … & for the record I don’t think it’s a patch on Koptalk in design / layout or information supplied – has to tell you something when people are prepared to contribute to the Gold Club as opposed to getting info off other sites free……

  9. rupert Says:

    Of all the thousands of fotos of Shanks available, Fatty has to feature one that was virtually soft porn!

    Nice of him to kick off his 73rd try at a Blog by talking about us. “Can’t get my mind off of you!”

    But his logic is screwy. If he likes us talking about him, and if we boost his hits, why does he XXXX our site name? And why does he prevent his users PMing each other about us?

    According to his logic, the more visitors we get, the more hits he gets – or not?



    I can’t believe that quote from his “admirer”. It sounds like the voice of Mini-me himself – right down to the typical foot-in-the-mouth last comment “”has to tell me something when people are prepared to contribute to the Gold club as opposed to getting infor off other sites free…”

    Go on Mini-me – what does it tell you?

  10. Chunky Says:

    “I’ve always bee aware of a bad history but fair due,”

    He sounds about 7 years-old…

  11. rupert Says:

    ““I’ve always bee aware of a bad history but fair due,” That’s what the neo-nazis say about Hitler.

  12. rupert Says:

    ““I’ve always beenaware of a bad history but fair due…”

    That’s what the skinheads say about Hitler.

  13. Lee Says:

    Anyone that needs to open a link in a new window can do so by holding down shift when they click on the link.

  14. RiS Says:

    I am the RiS who featured in the quoted thread and I have since been denied access. It would seem that I was “spamming”. My “spam” was the joke about breaking the forum with my bandwidth. What a bunch of nazis.

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