Koptalk: Money transferred from LFC

UPDATE: This is what fatty was linking to from the front page of his site under the headli(n)e of –

* INSIDER: Liverpool stump up the cash for target –>> 

It’s getting harder and harder to keep a straight face today. The pathetic attempts from Koptalk to try and make their insider site look as though it might just be worth that £20 to £30 after all are getting more pathetic by the day.We posted an article at 3.54pm entitled “Still no insider info”.

At 4.17pm the mystery poster called “The Informer” suddenly appears on the insider site. He’s not posted in a long, long time. He’s only posted 131 times since he appeared during the 2003 transfer window. He’s such a regular member of the site isn’t he?

The Informer
Honorary Member

Reged: Jul 14 2003
Posts: 131
Loc: Liverpool

Liverpool bank transfer
Mon Jun 26 2006 04:17 PM

The club today performed a substantial wire transfer. This was authorised shortly after 12 p.m.

I believe this transaction relates to a transfer acquisition purely because of the amount of money involved which will now be kept in what is known as a holding account until any proposed deal is concluded.

It is unlikely that any fee would be paid in full so todays transfer of funds is likely to be a deposit (initial payment).

I am aware of the actual amount transferred but I don’t think it would be wise to publish this. To try and show some credibility I have emailed Dunc the figure for future reference.

So who could this mysterious character, “The Informer”, be? Well he’s overweight, hangs around a lot with a teenage boy called Steve and spends his days lying with his mum. Still not sure? Ok, he wears a Sun hat. He begs for money which he claims is for sick relatives. He then mysteriously finds himself the owner of a big telly and a new satellite system. He sets up websites for said sick relatives, then fails to update them.

Which reminds me. Dunk has indeed taken away access to look at the personal profiles of his members. Why? Is it to protect his members’ privacy? No. It’s purely to take away any opportunity for people to contact each other without his control.

Which makes it such a pity we’ve got a load of those email addresses already doesn’t it?


12 Responses to “Koptalk: Money transferred from LFC”

  1. Terry Says:

    Pissed myself reading that.

  2. rupert Says:

    “What is known as a holding account…”

    So this well-informed poster with privileged inisight into LFC’s bank account doesn’t know that its called an “escrow account”!

  3. Ian Randyman Says:

    Hahahaha,he posts later in the piece however…………

    Dunk is of the opinion that “theres every chance it could be Bellamy what with July 1st approaching. Sounds to me though it isnt”…….

    Sure why not cover your own ass. My gran could have suggested both those snippits.

  4. KT Veteran Says:

    and lets not get started on L4

  5. rupert Says:

    Go on tell us about L4 – sounded to me like Fatty was on some kind of pay-off. But they could buy him for very little – a couple of tickets to the premiere of the movie would probably do it.

    Did you ever hear his American friend – his L4 “connection” – on Koptalk radio? One long string of motha fuckin this and mothafuckin that in a white trash accent and mock gansta style.

  6. jj_dominic Says:

    i think it maybe time for someone to fill us in with all the L4 shenanigans. I missed all that.

  7. Blue Sky Says:

    So, money has been transferred, some player might be involved, cannot tell the amount of money. Thanks, Mr. Informer, that’s exactly what I wanted to know; we might sign some player!

  8. Rashid Says:

    The man is a total loon

  9. macca2 Says:

    is he now trying to claim the inevitable alves signing as one of his ‘exclusive’ stories?? how pathetic…

  10. Pie Man Says:

    Dunk is the unknown missing member of Lindisfarne, when they sang Fog on the Tyne, and the lyrics “Sittin’ in a sleazy snack bar suckin’ sickly sausage rerls” they forgot to tell you that poor Dunk kept sitting there after the band fucked off, he kept sucking off the sausage rerls; it’s how he got fat, some doctor who has inside information told me.

  11. Chunka Says:

    Maybe his L4 claims, and his American guest on his radio station were really his new buddies he met on his Xbox 360


  12. rupert Says:

    OK – Xbox 360 and associated games – we’ll put that on the list of things he’s bought/hasn’t bought.

    The guy on his radio show was rough and stupid. He sounded more like an ex-cellmate, than an Xbox buddy.

    We should invetigate his L4 connection.

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