All is quiet in slimeball land

ktiislime11.jpgWe promised we would do our best to keep posting all of the "stories" and "insider information" given out by Koptalk to their ripped-off subscribers, but if the fat one chooses to spend the subscriber's money on getting drunk then we've nothing to tell you. There is absolutely nothing to report from the Koptalk money making sites. Nothing. The blog's been emptied, the bog's been filled. Fatty has obviously spent the weekend on the beer. However, as others have already pointed out, even his "community members" aren't bothering to contribute. Is the site dying?

In the meantime, why not take some time to browse the comments on this site. Some interesting stuff gets posted.

A lot of the comments tell you a hell of a lot about why the fatty is disliked so much. For example this comment from "scully" and this one from "rupert" are examples of how fatty is perceived by people from two separate "eras" of Koptalk.

The comments from "scully" are from someone relatively new to Koptalk. He says he started visiting in around 2002, and even in that short space of time he's seen enough to realise what Dunk is really about –

I think it’s worth saying a bit more about what rupert has said on another thread (”I don’t think its an accident that KT is the only LFC site that is dominated day in and out by long threads with bigotted attacks on LFC players, manager and supporters. In fact, no other fans site would tolerate being hijacked in that way. It reflects Fattys contempt for Liverpool. I’ll mention this again – too big a subject for a short comment.”). Dunk has created an atmosphere where posters have a better chance of fitting in if they nit-pick and damn to hell every single Liverpool player than if they praise players and thus risk coming across as rose-tinted naive types. Every single day of the 2004-2005 season there were posts attacking Gerrard, saying he was going to leave and that he wasn’t all that great a player anyway. Hardly any of these posts were locked or deleted. It was as if the idiots wanted to drive our best player out just so they would have more to moan about and Dunk wanted it to happen just so he could say “I told you so” and have masses of hits on his site. And true enough, when it looked like Gerrard was off in the summer Dunk created a separate forum on the matter so people could outdo each other launching the most ugly venomous attacks. No truly LFC-loving website editor would have allowed such a thing. If his laughable claims that Liverpool players frequent the site were true then having such bile up for them to see would be pretty devastating.

The way the charmless cunt regularly refers to Crouch as ‘Lurch’ is disgraceful. Leaving aside the fact that mocking someone on the basis of their height is not much different to mocking them for the colour of their skin, this continued criticism shows how out of touch he is with genuine Reds fans. He is just one of the many fans of other teams gone to support Engerland and booing this freak who plays for those thieving scousers.

A bizarre contrast to his attacks on Crouch is his utter love of Djibril Cisse, which remains strong even when he admits he’s not that great a player. No matter how crucial a role Crouch plays in our victories, Fatso ignores him and gets down on his knees before Cisse. He’s like a superficial teenager in this regard – Crouch is a pasty-faced Englishman with an unglamorous name and ungainly physique, Cisse is an exotic French dude who looks more like a gangsta rapper than a football player. And with Dunk’s lifestyle – his love of money and dodgy methods of obtaining it and his sleazy attitude to women – it’s obvious that it’s this ‘gangsta’ look that appeals to him – who cares what the guy does on the field, he’s only playing for Liverpool anyway.

By the way, I only started visiting Cocktalk in 2002, so missed his attacks on Robbie Fowler. Reading the account of it on this site made me feel sick to my stomach that I ever visited that fucking disgrace of a site. The way he used the retuen of Robbie to boost subscriptions last January (having some nerd post a blurb about Cocktalk visitors knowing about it long before he returned) is pretty sickening in this regard. Dunk insults and attacks Liverpool to the core with his attitude to a player who so epitomises the Liverpool spirit and his attitude to The Sun. I wish that all visitors to his site would see this.

Someone who was around to see the early days of Dunk's damage-causing ways was "rupert". Thanks to rupert, who has a lot of knowledge of what the fat one has to say, we get to find things out in the comments that we may not have otherwise known. Take this example –

Nobody could exaggerate what he tried to do to Robbie Fowler. It was a constant 24 hours attack for a couple of years becoming ubelievably intense in the final six months before he was forced out of Anfield by Houllier. Not only false and exaggerated reports of “incidents”, but the worst kind of labelling and name-calling you could imagine from Fatty, personally. It was not just that Robbie was drinking at the Blue Bar but outright calling him a drug addict etc It was pure hatred. Robbie has answered it in his book. Fatty is lucky that so far Robbie has not answered in the courts.

It used to annoy me a lot because I was often in the same place as Robbie and Steve and it was not the Blue Bar – it was the restaurant-bar most used in those days for all LFC social events. They were quiet, always aware of others around them breaking off for a chat or posing for fotos or to give autographs. I’m not saying they did not use the Blue Bar – or elsewhere – but they used it far less often than this other place.

In those days there were a bunch of compulsive posters at KT who joined in led by the Spurs supporting owner of the Blue Bar who worked with Fatty to create the impression that Robbie was always in his bar. The day Robbie left LFC for Leeds was KT record day for “hits”. His “editorial” was “Close the Door on Your Way Out”.

During that time Fatty also had an ambivalent relationship with David Maddox, the reporter at The Mirror who befriended Robbie and eventually co-authored his biography. Fatty desperately wanted to be taken seriously by the press and he used to supply dirt to the tabloids on Robbie and other LFC players. It was during that time he started calling himself “Editor” of KT. David Maddox used to occasionally drink in the Blue Bar, sometimes with Robbie. So Fatty would then try to discredit everything Maddox wrote on the grounds he was Robbie’s friend. (You may remember Houllier attacking Maddox in a press conference?)

But Fatty wanted to pally up to Maddox, too, he saw him as a way to acceptance by the journalistic community. But Maddox knew what Fatty was up to. Maddox refusal to accept Fatty fueled Fatty’s desire for revenge against Maddox and Robbie.

References have been made to Fatty’s wearing a SUN hat and his general defence of the SUN – why? He does nothing if not for sex or money. Fatty used to supply
information to the SUN. He used to try to sell stories to all the tabloids about the private lives of LFC players or general rumour and gossip. He preferred cash but he would take any publicity for KT.

He also admires the SUN mixing of footy and porn and has tried to model KT along those lines.

The tables turned of course, and when Fatty saw the overwhelming support for Rafa in re-signing Robbie – he tried to join in. He put on an act of welcoming him – and – believe it or not – “forgiving” him. (The old KT generation who were around during the Robbie witch-hunt days had all left en masse and started up the site now known as YNWA. They had various reasons but mainly it was disgust with Fatty and his commercialisation of LFC. Tye new generation were mainly pro-Robbie).

But even though his pose on KT is to welcome Robbie back, on KT radio he still attacks him as being no more than a “mascot”.

He and Brendan Supabitch argue over who was the first to label Crouch as “Lurch”. When criticism of the two fat bitches – Fatty and Brendan – began to grow he put out an “editorial” saying that the critics were taking themselves too seriously and he would continue to use “Lurch” – but affectionately. Nevertheless he soft-peddled it and now hardly ever uses it in print. But on the KT radio show he uses it all the time. Its noticeable that Brendan Supabatch follows his lead and is also using it far less.

What’s important about this is that the attack on Crouch was probably the worst we have ever seen in the history of LFC against one of our own players apart from the attack on Robbie. Crouch had just arrived at the club. He was then injured. The attack was relentless led by Fatty and supported by the neurotic bitch Brendan and the mods. I’m sure Crouch would have been aware of it – him being computer savvy he would have scanned all the LFC footy sites to see how he was being accepted.

Fatty’s worship of Cisse is odd. Its’ something he shares with the other fat bitch – Brendan. I’ve suggested before that there is probably an angle in it. Fatty hasn’t told us what it is which leads me to believe its something he or Cisse doesn’t want him to talk about.

Fatty is not a football supporter and if he has an enthusiams for a footballer it has a sex or money angle to it. Of course, given Fatty’s pathetic need for acceptance, I cannot rule out that it might be as trivial as Cisse having spoken to him at some semi-public event.

Anyway – keep sending the comments, keep reading the comments. It's the best bit of this blog.


7 Responses to “All is quiet in slimeball land”

  1. macca2 Says:

    das great insider. you should do this more often. there are a lot of quality contributors on this blog and there is always the danger that their ‘message’ may go unnoticed.

    i totally agree with skully and rupert. until i found out all sorts of crazy shit on this blog, that was one of the reasons that really started off my absolute disgust for anything koptalk.

  2. KT Veteran Says:

    anything Koptalk? Even some of the users?

  3. jj_dominic Says:

    I’d say most of the main posters on the main insider site are full of shite. just for the record despite the arse licking on there, LECTOR, ANFIELDFOREVER, THE_MILKMAN, WALLET and a few others who claim to be in the know they are not insiders. They are fattys disciples. Some like to think they have insider information but no one there does. Don’t be fooled by PRIVATE_EYE_2, that is Fatty. The Informer and Johnny H may have had some inside knowledge but they have stopped posting.

    only one insider I know and that is ELISHA_SCOTT on YNWA site.

  4. rupert Says:

    Whoever is putting together the graphics – congrats. The latest one of the green toad in an Ingerland hat makes me laugh ever time I look at it. A touch of genius!

    Spread it around the net it will bring a lot of readers.

    Only one small criticism – its not clear that the “Koptalk-Insider” banner in the graphics is a live link. This also applies to the graphic with Fatty’s blonde model wearing a Koptalk-Insider T shirt.

  5. scully Says:

    It’s not a toad – it’s a character from last week’s Dr Who, played by Peter Kay. Known as Absorbalov, he’s a big fat alien who eats and absorbs various earthlings, with the faces of them staring out from the surface of his stomach etc. I thought of Dunk as soon as I saw it, so had a good laugh when I saw someone else had. I think the faces are those of the moderators, sad creatures who were once living like the rest of us but who, once absorbed into Fatso’s kingdom of shit, become these lifeless entities capable of no more than one-sentence posts, usually just the one phrase repeated over and over again: “Email Dunk” “Email Dunk””Email Dunk””Email Dunk””Email Dunk””Email Dunk”………

  6. Skullflower Says:

    dunk’s lies are nearly as addictive as cigarettes. internet addiction is very real and serious. etc

  7. macca2 Says:

    hey kt veteran,

    perhaps not everyone. im sure theres some good people around. but brendan, ryan & co are as annoying as you can get.

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