Koptalk desperate to weed out members

Dunk's had problems for years with people finding out the truth about him, then trying to mention it on his forums. Someone set up the excellent www.kraptalk.com site to try and show the world exactly what Dunk was really about, we've set this site up to do our bit for internet society too.

With Dunk's having so much to hide, the most frequent questions he asks on the support site for his forum software are on how best to keep people out. He's even offering his own advice here – 


06-21-06 01:14 PM – Post#34712   
When I want to ban an IP and don't have a member associated to it (so I can't click on their profile to ban) I simply pick any profile that I don't want to ban, I then change the IP address in the URL to the one I want to ban/manage.
Just a good little tip there… unless of course I've gone the hard way around doing this

Of course this isn't just a free tip, he's hoping someone will post an easier way of doing it. Dunk never does something for nothing.

In fact his IP address worries are growing. How can he keep out those pesky site visitors? The ones who are causing him such trouble? Some of them – naughty people that they are – have registered more than once. How dare they? It seems that some "idiots" register several names at once you see…


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06-20-06 11:27 AM – Post#34681   

It'd be a great feature when viewing the registration approvals page if it pointed out any names in the queue that had the same IP address.

Another bonus would be the ability for the software to flag you of any members who have the same IP address.
I appreciate that people can innocently have the same IP address but sometimes idiots register several names at once and this kind of added protection would be nice although not essential.

Dunk's of course amended the approval rules for his site. Nowadays one of his lackeys (his Mum or teenage office boy) have to approve a member. And it's such a tough choice. How does he keep people out who might cause him problems, yet let people in who might generate him some money?

Whatever he's doing it isn't working – we've had more than one new registration of ours approved since he changed his rules.

In the same thread, someone pointed out that Dunk may not be paying his licence fees. Dunk wasn't happy with this – he doesn't want the people who give him support for his software to know his true attitude towards paying for things. (This is the post that actually prompted his laughable interview stories last week.)


06-21-06 01:12 PM

Thanks very much for the advice.

SpursArmy.com hasn't even launched yet but Dave (one of the developers/owners here) knows exactly what licences I have and when I intend to deal with any future purchases when necessary.

We're about to use the same software on our VIP website (waiting for version 1.1) and I'm about to purchase that licence before 1.1 even comes out – that's how much trust I have in these guys – so please, think before you engage your brain.

As regards anything other than FusionBB you don't even dignify a response. If you want to stalk me, use my email address rather than ruin the forums here that are for the discussion of Fusion BB.

I'm far too old and experienced to be concerned about blogs and spoof sites. If banned forum members want to talk about me until the cows come home that's fine by me.

Don't expect any more responses from me.

We aren't banned Duncan. Not from your forums anyway. You keep banning those who maybe don't need to be banned.

And of course you aren't concerned about blogs and spoof sites, you tell us often enough in your editorials, blog entries and forum posts. You've banned numerous users in case they are us, you've bought new domain names so that you can create your own blog – purely to try and have a go at us. You've removed your dumk.org.uk site because we exposed what you'd written about your plans to leave your kids "home alone" in a hotel room. Shall we go on? We will, don't worry.

Dunk's next post in that thread made us laugh too. Just TWO stalkers?

06-21-06 01:52 PM
Sounds like a good idea to me. I've got two stalkers (banned from my own forums) that have even followed me here, hence the above post. Such a system like this would help keep these idiots out.

We aren't actually banned from your own forums Dunk. Nor are the numerous email contributors that we have helping us. A hell of a lot of people don't like you. A hell of a lot of people have been deceived by you, so many people are victims of theft from you one way or another. Banning people won't help you this time, you'll have to think of another way to stop us.

Back at FusionBB there had no doubt been some frantic PMing coming from Newcastle. Before you know it, the person asking questions of Dunk was banned from FusionBB's site (although they have been back since.)

06-22-06 03:58 AM
Thanks for banning them. In future I'll probably use a different username to give you some peace.

You'll use a different username? Like you do on your own sites pretending to be a mole from inside Anfield? Or like you do when pretending to be Mark looking for someone to see to "Gill" for you? Or do you even mean using a fake name altogether – remember how you told everyone reading your sites that Duncan Oldham wasn't your real name? Do the likes of the people at FusionBB know that you aren't who you say you are?

Fatty was looking for help ages ago with the software. He needed to lose some of his insider members. In fact if FusionBB had been quicker at getting out the next version of the software then even more of you could have found yourselves without access. If you've already escaped deletion, don't expect to escape again. Even if you've paid for access and have the receipt, you'll not be able to get back in.

02-10-06 05:34 AM
Ok, I already use FusionBB at http://www.koptalk.coN/forums and it's superb.

The problem I have is that I have a paid members site at http://www.koptalkinsider.coN and that is powered by UBB Threads.

I want to ditch that for Fusion but need to have the ability to have no ads in certain areas.

By this I mean we have Silver Members (who can access advert supported areas e.g. banners, the odd pop-up) and Gold Members who have access to the Silver areas (where ads are) but also their own exclusive areas called the Gold Club where there are no ads.

With the current version of Fusion I cannot have custom headers and footers but I'm told this will be in 1.1 when it arrives.

When I launch 1.1 I will have around 5000 members to move over from Threads. I want to (well I don't want to but have to), manually add each of those 5000 members to 1.1 so that I can weed out people who shouldn't be there (people who haven't renewed or who have access by mistake).

The only way of doing this is by adding people manually. This also prevents people from registering someone elses username.

The question is this…Should I launch the site now with version 1 of Fusion and start the adding member process but have the site closed and hidden away while we do this?

When 1.1 is released, would I then be able to replace 1.0 that would exist so that all the member details are already there?

Or is it better to wait for 1.1 so that we're not installing over the older version of 1.0?

I have no experience of performing an upgrade so don't know what is involved.

Does anyone have any advice please?

Good question. Does anyone have any advice for Dunk?


3 Responses to “Koptalk desperate to weed out members”

  1. rupert Says:

    We should help Fatty with his account keeping for when the Inland Revenue, VAT and the “Social” come calling.

    1. How much does he pay for his KT version of this software?

    2. How much does he pay for copies for his Toon and Spurs sites?

    3. Does he tell KT subscribers that their subscriptions are used to pay for software for his UpToon and Spurs sites?

  2. invisible man Says:

    Advice for Dunk – ditch the adverts altogether if revenue has dropped so wildly, why not save the hassle of moving 5,000 over manually?

  3. An Observer Says:

    “Does anyone have any advice for Dunk?”

    Fuck off and die you fat cancer like cunt.

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