Three dollops of Krap

Thanks to one of our Insider Insiders for sending us these three pieces of rumour from inside the Insider. We'll not reveal who it was of course. If you believe Dunk by the way the likes of Chris Bascombe and Robbie Fowler are members of the Insider. Imagine if they were! They could send us insider stuff too! (Maybe they have done…)

Anyway – on to the Krap… 

Watford + Dudek's medal + Fowler (Dunk)
Watford have today enquired about the availability of several youngsters and fringe players.

Stevie G (and others) have all been in touch with the Dude following his burglary. According to sources at Anfield, the skipper has enquired to Parry about a replacement Champions League winners medal.

[Robbie has provisionally been offered the number 9 shirt for next season which if he accepts Bellamy may take Robbie's 11. Most people would expect Robbie to take 9 but he was pretty laid back about his squad number when he returned to Anfield. Bellamy says he'd wear anything but Parry thought he may want 11 or 17. Just whispers, not hard news.

what a load of babbel… (Private_eye_2)

I dont know what it is about Jan Kromkamp but stories keep coming up about him leaving before the start of the new season. I cannot for the
life of me understand this. He only arrived a few months ago after failing to adjust to life in sunny spain. Maybe life in rainy liverpool doesnt suit him either.

I would suggest that as a squad player it makes more sense to mention him in any potential deals involving players and cash. This is something the media do quite often. I have mentioned previously that he was linked in a possible player exchange for Kuyt. Well the latest I've heard is that Rafa wants to use him in a swap (+cash) for Ajax forward Ryan babbel. I would stress that there is not much behind this in terms of reliability.

Apparently Liverpool had scouts at last nights game between Argentina and Holland and this is what transpired. They could also have been watching Kuyt, Saviola…and RVN  :smirk:

I am sure every club had a representative at this game. Maybe they just went to watch a world cup game, who knows. Babbel is a very talented player and more of a prospect than the finished article. Hardly a player to really help deliver the prem but then again neither was Sissoke at the outset but he blossomed into a real gem very quickly.

The only thing that this snippet ties in with is our apparent lack of cash but if rumours are to be believed, this could all change very quickly.

Alves deal agreed…..finally… (wallet)

I've just got a call from my contact to say that a deal has just been agreed with Seville for Alves.  He couldn't give me any other details at this moment other than both parties have come to an agreement. More to follow once I hear..


4 Responses to “Three dollops of Krap”

  1. rupert Says:

    “If you believe Dunk….the likes of Chris Bascombe and Robbie Fowler are members of the Insider.”

    That is grotesque! Robbie Fowler is well aware of how poisonous the Fat Toad is and how he sucked up to Houllier by doing everything he could to stoke Houllier’s media campaign against Robbie. Fatty would be bankrupt many times over if Robbie decides to sue him for some of the lies. Fatty has never had so many hits as he had during the period of his slur campaign against Robbie.

    As for Bascombe. He famously misquoted (i.e. mispelled ) “Koptalk” when he ridiculed its claims to have access to information in one of his articles. Even Fatty has acknowledged many times that Bascombe did that deliberately in order to deprive KT of any publicitly. Fatty is still very bitter about it.

    Just this week he referred to Bascombe as a “local hack” who confirms the information Fatty is giving.

    It was classic Fatty. The information was taken directly from Bascombe’s report and Fatty had no other source. (He had just emptied the HP over his cornflakes).

    But rather than admit he was stealing the information from Bascombe report he said Bascombe “confirmed” it.

  2. Toby Says:

    It makes sense for Bascombe to rely on Insider fiction than actually call Parry or the players himself doesn’t it? But then again Dunk knows that none of his celebrity subscribers are going to publicly deny his claims because 99.9% of them have never heard of his site.

  3. duncandelboy Says:

    I remember bascombe used his football echo column to slag koptalk off, around the same time KT was in TLW mag.

  4. alan Says:

    Why on earth would bascombe go on there, when i used to hang round outside melwood waiting for Autographs, on a friday (press conference day) Bascombe would be seen going in there, so if he can go to the interviews etc, why the hell would he go on koptalk

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