How to make your contacts work…

Imagine if you ran a website where you charged customers for your highly sought-after content, which consisted 99.9% of insider information. Say that it was a website aimed at fans of a football club. For this example we'll pretend we're talking about a site claiming to have insider knowledge of goings on at Anfield.

All sounds good so far doesn't it? Fans will be willing to pay 20 or 30 quid for a lifetime 12-month subscription. Trouble is, you've actually not got any info. Not to worry – make some up.

The trouble with making it up is that you trip yourself up. You need a surefire way. Something nobody else knows about. Of course! Try this (from Koptalk.coN) –

Bellamy's official profile on standby    

Craig Bellamy official LFC.TV profile –>> (NO PERMISSION TO VIEW YET) (Actually it's there now)

Daniel Alves official LFC.TV profile –>> (DOESN'T EXIST AS NOT SIGNED)

Robbie Fowler official LFC.TV profile –>> (VIEWABLE AS ALREADY A RED)

Gold Club member Deano always checks for new profiles on the official site when a deal looks imminent and he insists that when the player is in the bag, a 'no permission' to view page is displayed.

Deano said: "The official site says no permission, which means the page (Bellamy profile) is there. They always do this when a player has signed.

"This happens everytime we sign a player. Its the first thing I check to make sure we've actually signed a player."

The things we do eh… 🙂

Up yours says fattyExactly Duncan – the things you do. It's true – this does happen when a deal is close to being done. The web team at get things ready. In fact this is something we've seen mentioned numerous times on numerous forums. And your friend Deano isn't quite getting it right. The message means that a directory exists, but there's no index page for it. Look at for example. Same message.

In fact, it's the same error code people would get when trying to access your "Up me Arse" site until today. Sorry, you've not done an Arsenal site yet, we mean "Up the Toon". 

Spurs Army dot coN iconKoptalk.coN iconThanks to us you've realised your error and started to put it right. Have you sorted out that Spurs Icon yet? The blue Liverbird?  

I suppose you've no time to sort out all of these minor details though, what with having to scrape all of those barrels to look for your "insider" information. 


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