Koptalk owner in using false name claims

Dunk's not happy. At all.There was another update / editorial from fatso on his GOLD CLUB yesterday. The screenshot is to the left (click the thumb to make it readable) and the text is below.

He's not happy at all with this blog, but now he's accusing some people of being "nasty and abusive". To be honest Dunk, I don't really know what you expect of them. How many times have you said someone deserves to be (insert form of violence here)? You are extremely abusive when someone stands up to your bullying, but can't take it back again.
Apart from that, this blurb from you beats anything you've ever come out with before. It's beyond funny.

Dunk KopTalk Editor Tuesday 20th June 2006 #1499575 – Tue Jun 20 2006 03:27

I've been coming under heavy attack, criticism etc as a result of HQ staff doing checks on every member to make sure we have their credentials etc on file. (I think you've come under attack for a lot more than that. And "HQ Staff" means your mum and Steve of course.)

Thankfully most people are sound but there are some really nasty and abusive feckers out there. I've instructed Steve not to allow anyone in – even if they offer to pay – if they have been abusive during any contact with us. (Especially those that threaten to contact Trading Standards or PayPal or your hosting companies?)

People can air their concerns or points etc if they are valid but I'm talking about some real nasty stuff. I've been brought up to treat people like they treat you and that's the message I try to get across to young impressionable people like Steve. (Where can people air their concerns? You've closed support tickets without response. You've banned anyone who uses your forum to ask a question. You've removed the PM function from the Insider site. You are not willing to answer people's questions on valid concerns or points. We know Steve is young and impressionable because you control his life. You force him to stay at home all day and night (unless you need pub company) and in return he gets to do all of your work for you. You could just pay him a wage but you refuse. Why?)

Have just found out that a huge contact of mine has just sold his business in Liverpool and moved to Manchester. This came as a bit of a shock as he's very close to the players. Thankfully they are visiting him at his new establishment as normal which has eased the nerves. (Oh dear. Does this mean when we expose your site for having practically no insider info you'll have your excuse ready? Convenient, to say the least.)

This guy doesn't provide much on the transfer front but he gets to see a lot of comings and goings, what the players are getting up to and who they're knocking about with. This enables me to be updated as to what players are drinking excessively or partying when they shouldn't be. It makes me sound like a grass but I like to know who's taking things seriously at the club. It is this information that chief executive Rick Parry is always wanting to speak to me about because he knows such info is hard to get hold of. (We've had this checked. You don't speak to Rick Parry. More bull, like the rest of that paragraph.)

To get in some of the places the players frequent can be difficult but most of the owners are Reds and as fans of KopTalk, I'm lucky to get memberships etc. (Of course.) Although I'm high profile on the web for the right and wrong reasons depending on whether you're a fan of KopTalk or anti-KopTalk, I don't make it known to everyone what my work is when I'm out and about.(Fan? People are fans of LFC, not you. You only go out and about to pubs and social clubs in Wallsend and so I doubt you see much of the LFC lads.) On the web I deliberately created a persona to attract publicity in the early days. (Ah – Del? Mark? Which character?). This character would be in your face, a bit cheeky and controversial etc. Yet offline I'm dead quiet and I prefer to keep myself to myself. (You think that's funny – wait for the next bit!) In fact not many people don't know that my real name isn't actually the one I use on the internet. (Told you it was funny. HIS REAL NAME ISN'T THE ONE HE USES ON THE INTERNET! Course not Mr Oldham. And all those cheques made payable to Duncan Oldham? Threw them away? Conned the bank with some fake id to open an account? Oops. You've cocked up again.) Full info in me book when the time's right… read on. (I bet it's not as good as our book, if we decide to write one on you.)

I have to get the book finished a.s.a.p. It has dragged on for too long now and if it's annoyed you, I can assure you it's annoyed me.

Losing the first version when my laptop exploded didn't help and it set me back in terms of motivation. (What is it with Oldham and his lies? Does he believe them himself? His laptop "exploded" and all of his work was lost. Of course it was. He told us recently that it was finished and he was just sorting out the publishing deal. Now he's not finished it.) My main problem is the lack of time. Ok I could spend a night in and write rather than hitting the pub but if I didn't have some time to myself away from the site and LFC I'd shoot my brains out. (There's that violent imagery again.)

I've always wanted the last chapter to be about finance and the new stadium and how I've been caught up in it so in a way Parry has helped by dragging his heels in. I know my critics say there will be no book but sadly for them there will. (You said you'd finished it. Why do you now need to write the last chapter? We expect a free copy of it when it comes out – for review purposes).

Don't expect a work of art though… I'm no writer as you know but it'll be an honest account of how the site started, progressed etc and how I got too involved with things to do with the club. (So you keep telling us.)

At home I've been having some problems which is why I've been out on the drink a bit recently.(There's a surprise. Mrs O not keen on the old Miss Hargreaves stuff coming out again? You split up with her once, then got back with her. Try some honesty with her. If you are as crap at telling lies to her as you are at telling lies in writing to your site visitors, it's no wonder she's falling out with you. Even your mum must be starting to get sick of defending you now. Steve's unfortunately still too gullible to see what you are doing to him.) And while I'm enjoying the World Cup, I am missing the LFC side of things. Transfer stuff can be exciting but it gets a bit boring day in day out and reporting that a Liverpool player played 62.5 minutes of a World Cup bores me. The best news item I did for a while was the one today when Rafa went on record about Bellamy. Hearing the boss speak was good again… I wonder if any of you felt like that or understand what I mean? (A lot of us feel that way, you'll be surprised how many. It's just a shame your lies and scams have tarnished what could have been a great site, a great product, where we could have all gone to find out about Liverpool. You aren't fit to associate yourself with Liverpool. If you did love the club, you'd finally accept it was time to hang up your keyboard.)


19 Responses to “Koptalk owner in using false name claims”

  1. rupert Says:

    He’s breaking up! Virtually the whole of that whinge was a response to what we’ve been exposing on here. The reference to his mate moving from Liverpool to Manchester is very interesting. He describes him as a great source of information about who is drinking with who at his establisment . If you have not read my notes on the Blue Bar at the Pier Head read it now. I’ll link to it in the next post here.

    Now I don’t know if that is the establishment he is referring to today, but I do know that last time we exposed his connection with the Blue Bar – the co-owner nearly shit himself. He came unto http://www.kraptalk.com begging for a truce. But some of us went ahead and tipped off Robbie Fowler, Steve Macca and a couple of other players and reporters – that all their meetings there were being reported by their host to the foul-smelling KT.

    The cockney, Spurs-supporitng co-owner of the Blue Bar stopped posting on KT – although he is such a blowhard he probably finds it hard to resist appearing under disguise. Someone sent me his name and the names of the other directors and their London address and all details of their company .

  2. rupert Says:

    My remarkrs about the Blue Bar the other day are under “Comments” on Insider Insider – I’ve reproduced them here for convenience.


    Those of you who used to read http://www.kraptalk.com a few years ago will know about how Fattie was in a deal with one of the co-owners of the Blue Bar at the Pier Head to conduct one the the most scurrilous smear campaigns ever seen on the net. The target was Robbie Fowler. Fattie had a particularly intense jealousy of Robbie – probably because he is a Liverpudlian who made good. Steve McMananam was also caught in the cross-fire. When Robbie left the club to go to Leeds, Fattie’s smirking editorial was headlined “Close the Door on Your Way Out”.

    The main purpose of the campaign against Robbie was (a) to increase hits at KT and (b) to publicise the Blue Bar.

    The owner of the Blue Bar – a cockney Spurs supporter who also hated Robbie – was one of the loudest contributors to Koptalk. He wrote in the same didactic style as DJ does now – and he defended Fattie in the same way DJ does now. But in all those “forthright” tell-it-as-it-is posts he never revealed that he was the co-owner of the Blue Bar or that it was he who was giving Fattie a minute by minute account of the doings of his private customers. It got so bad that Fattie would come on KT all breathless to say at that very minute Robbie was drinking in the Blue Bar with this or that other player. Can you imagine how many customers the Blue Bar got from these come-ons?

    Of course the Blue Bar did good business as a result of the free publicity given to it by Fattie and one of the results of that it was sometimes hard to get in on a Saturday night espeically if Robbie was there. But the Blue Bar owner made it up to Fattie – he allowed him privileged access up his back passage (if you’ll excuse the expression) as well as a generous discount on the booze – say 100%.

    Fattie and his cockney friend knew when to turn the knife. They’d report on Robbie and Steve just before English internationals. There was at least one incident where Fattie supplied information to a national talbloid. And I’m sure he did’nt do it for free. BTW that story amounted to a hill of beans. Robbie and Steve having one beer at 7.30 pm two days before the England match. But Fattie’s headlines were always designed to make it appear a lot worse – like his Crouch headline today.

    For some reason Fattie wanted to protect SG who at that time was drinking a lot and getting into figts in pubs and other trouble. He would divert attention from that by postiing stories about Robbie. Now since I know Fattie couldn’t give a shit about anyone – and is in it only for the money – I can only assume he protected SG at the expense of Robbie because that’s what his cockney friend and his customers insisted.

    Of course in those days, KT contributors were mainly a bunch of Robbie-haters and Owen-lovers who also liked SG. So maybe Fattie was just catering to his customers. They all left eventually and set up YNWA when – surprise surprise – they discovered that Fattie was conning them, too.

    All of this was exposed by http://www.kraptalk.com. Fattie came on to that board and other boards pleading for a deal, so did the owner of the Blue Bar. He was tearing his hair out that he had been exposed. He stopped posting on KT – unless he’s back in another disguise.

    Read the above and the read the comments Fattie made to day about how he drinks with the boys and keeps their secrets!

  3. rupert Says:

    So is this an admission that his name is not Dunkin Oldham? What is it then? It can’t be Michael Barrymore – surely?

  4. jj_dominic Says:

    maybe it is fatty tarbuckles

  5. rupert Says:

    In an earlier comment I did say Duncan Oldham was probably false – given his long history of using false identities to carry out commercial deceptions and cover his kinky sexual ads.

    So Insider raises a good point – what is the name on his bank account? If it is Dunkin Oldham and that is not his name surely that is illegal?

    A similar question could be asked the name he has entered on the property tax roll, driving licence , TV licence and other registers. And by what name do the income tax and VAT people know him – or is that the point of the false names – so they cant know him? It looks like he is not on the directors list of the register of companies – not as Duncan Oldham, anyway.

    And what about the dole and other benefits – what name has he ever used on that?

    If there is anybody out there thinking of suing him in the small claims court for lost membership or other monies – you will first have to find out who he is.

    Slippy isnt he?

    But considering who we are dealing with we have to consider that todays admission may be an attempt at diversion – if he is Duncan Oldham, now is a good time to deny it, with this blog breathing down his neck.

  6. Insider Insider Says:

    What name did he use when he fought Footy Mad in the courts?

  7. rupert Says:

    His “book” will probably refer to it as “The People v Footy Mad”.

    I think the tax and dole people will be avid readers of his “book”.

  8. Chunky Says:

    The Michael Barrymore ‘thing’ is just Fatty cyber-squatting again. He registered the domain days after Celebrity Big Brother began in an attempt to cash in.

  9. alan Says:

    excuse for his spurs site:

    Most of you will know that we are developing several sister sites. One of those is a Spurs site but it’s only been in testing really over the last few weeks or so. Anyway Steve is interviewing a few Spurs fans next week to determine who will be the best person to run the joint. Thanks to the power of the internet we won’t have to sit with someone waffling on about Martin Jol all day as he’ll be be able to work from London and link-up with us when need be. We’re hoping to have several other sites up and running over the next 2 years. Basically because KOPTALK has been such a success, I’ve been approached over the years by the suits to help them create hub sites etc. Although we won’t be directly involved on the other club sites, there should be some benefits for us that will enable us to improve KOPTALK. Hopefully within a couple of years I will be able to stand aside and leave Steve running the show. The day I can wake up and not have to put a computer on will be like winning the lottery!

  10. kopwank Says:

    interesting info, I’ve thought all along that the alias Duncan Oldham is fake but if people are putting that name on cheques and not koptalk there must be a Mr Oldham somewhere. If the cheque is made to Koptalk there must be a business account in that name (and as such should be filed accounts etc also)

    I don’t think it will be long before some BIG info gets exposed, I mean this blog alone gives a stack of info already!

  11. macca2 Says:

    Im pretty sure duncan oldham is his REAL name. Have a look at this: http://www.scalbyschool.org.uk/alumni/viewDetails.asp?userID=13

    Surely he would not use a alias in a school re-union page would he?

  12. An Observer Says:

    His name is Duncan Oldham, he's coming out with all this shit now because of all the talk on this blog about VAT, tax man and benefits he's probably claiming.

    He's trying to throw people and digging himself into an even bigger hole.

    Duncan Oldham – The Inland Revenue will no doubt be knocking on your door shortly, it's far too late to try and pretend you are someone you aren't.

  13. macca2 Says:

    Hi Observer,

    that is EXACTLY what I thought! now that all the tax, benefits, unpaid wages sh*t is coming out, hes getting a bit agitated and decided to throw more lies.

    shame on you duncan oldham.

  14. rupert Says:

    “Surely he would not use a alias in a school re-union page would he?”

    He might, especially if he is identifying himself as the owner of the internet site, as he is in that entry.

    But the probability is that he would be using his correct name.

  15. Toby Says:

    Hilarious, and thanks for reminding us about the Blue Bar, Rupert. Those were extrememly funny times and I still can’t believe how we had them eating out of our hands.

    His name is definitely Duncan Oldham and if anyone wants to give the taxman a nudge then click here:

    He must be getting desperate if he’s suggesting that’s not his real name as such behaviour is bound to set a few alarm bells ringing with the gullibles ready to part with their cash.

  16. macca2 Says:

    thanks toby.

    i’ll use the weekend time to compile a comprehensive report for the tax people to read.

  17. rupert Says:

    “Most of you will know that we are developing several sister sites.”

    You didn’t know that Fatty was a geneticist did you? He’s into clones and stuff. Interesting that he views KT as a female.

    If “Daddy” is reading this, might I suggest an appropriate corporate name would be “Daddy and the Ugly Sisters”.

  18. Fat Tax Says:

    Well, I work for HMRC and will be waiting with baited breath.

    I don’t have any direct day to day involvment with the compliance side of things, but I know a man who does. Several of them, in fact…

    I also worked for the Employment Department for ten years.

  19. The Platinum Club Says:

    Also, if Duncan is not his real name then surely some relatives would have cottoned on at his wedding when they were given these:

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