Koptalk: Don't spread the illegal video link details too far

Not all members of the Koptalk Gold Club are as loyal as the site owner would like. Especially the ones who sent us this message from the owner of the sites himself.

In fact this is a message complaining about Gold Club members passing the information they pick up in there onto others. 

There are three reasons why Dunk doesn't want his Gold Club information sharing –

  1. If the info is available elsewhere there is less need to pay to be a member
  2. If the info (gossip) is available elsewhere then people can freely comment elsewhere on it being false or stolen.
  3. If the info is in relation to illegal activities he's got more chance of being caught. 

 Here's the message from Koptalk, this one relates to distribution of illegal video and audio. 

KopTalk Editor
Reged: Aug 20 2004
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         LFC Live Section – Video & Audio Section etc
#1499607 – Tue Jun 20 2006 03:50 PM          Reply      Quote

We're looking at providing as much content and info as possible next season that will ensure you get to see even more LFC content.

People in the UK may see a lot of stuff about LFC etc but let's think of our overseas Reds who rely on us (all of us) to help them.

I know that last season people were leaking info from the LFC Live section despite Al's requests not to. If that happens again this season I will pull that section altogether and no doubt Al will communicate with who he chooses. He spends a lot of free time helping everyone out. He's nothing to do with KOPTALK, he's a member like the rest of you but he has bent over backwards to make the place more entertaining so please follow his requests next season. If you share info from here on other sites, you will lose a valuable service and your membership if identified.

Also, another member is prepared to offer a lot of high quality video stuff next season with other Gold Club members – all free of charge. Again, if these links are shared outside the Gold Club – which will cripple his bandwidth allowances – you will miss out again.

The majority of people on this site are superb. They help others where they can and ask for little in return. I try to bring you as much as I can but it's hard with limited resources. There's only so much I can do on me own. We – you and I – are lucky to have people like Al on board. I know we show appreciation but some people are happy to take, take, take.

If you spot people sharing info from here on other sites, just tip us off. We can try and change the URL's of files etc and we can ban them if we can prove who they are.

This is your site and while I will do whatever I can to make it fun and informative. If you work with myself and people like Al and all the mods etc, we can have an even better place. It's about looking out for each other.

The community spirit here has always been superb. Newcomers come along every day and the majority are fine. Let's make them feel welcome and point them in the right direction if until they find their feet.

If you spot wind-up merchants etc, just tip me off and I'll get rid. Simple.

I really want to see the smug and sarky comments wiped out. Banter's great and we all like a laugh but some people do go a bit O.T.T. at times, albeit usually in the Insider section.

Hand on heart I can honestly say I absolutely love interacting with you all each day of the year. I can make mistakes and be an ar*se but we all have our moments. It would certainly be boring if we all saw eye to eye every day.

Some days I hate the place but most of the time it's a good laugh. Remember that you can always get in touch with me about anything by meailing editor@koptalk.com – I'm here to look after you as supporting members (donators) but I'm also your pal.

Group hug

PS: Now could someone please tell me where my pies have been hidden? I only put them down in the Gold Bar ten minutes ago and now they've fecking gone!


After his BNP sympathising comments of recent weeks the site owner has now remembered that without foreigners he'd have a massive chunk of his income missing.  He's now trying to wriggle his way back to them before his reputation of being a hater of foreigners bites him on his oversized butt.

He's also admitting that one of his major selling points of the Gold Club – illegal video content – is in the main provided by others out of the goodness of their hearts. If this is true then he's selling something over which he's not control.

Whoever "Al" is – if you are concerned that your efforts might be spread to too many people then perhaps now is the time to tell Duncan that you're pulling out. We are going to be here as long as Dunk is ripping people off, and we'll be publishing all your information too. 

And if "Al" does decide to quit the Koptalk Gold Club, we're pretty certain you'll see the links to the feeds and software all over the internet anyway, just like in previous years. Illegal or not, "Al" isn't the only one who knows about this stuff and takes a risk posting information about it. 

For more on Dunk's foreigner policies and views, see this old post of ours.


22 Responses to “Koptalk: Don't spread the illegal video link details too far”

  1. An Observer Says:

    Stupid fat cunt, does he really think that his little site is the only place that has links to streams and anyone else who has them must have copied them from there?

    Fat deluded twat.

  2. macca2 Says:

    isn’t it illegal? he’s linking streams and videos to make dosh. furthermore, he makes it sound as though those links are hard to find and gold club is some ‘exclusive’ medium.

  3. Chunky Says:

    He’s probably signed up to one of those ‘freefootball’ sites and passes the links off as his own detective work.

  4. alan Says:

    i wish this fucker would just get done for one of the numerous things hes doing, ie if he does have 5000 members all paying £20+, he is over the 55k threshold so has to pay VAT as a company, reckon he does that? i doubt it.
    selling illegal sky cards, fuck knows what else. Why is it if michael jackson hangs round he is branded a paedo yet if this twat does it with a 17 year old who has “been working on koptalk since he was 9” its ok?

  5. Insider Insider Says:

    Signed up to one of those 'freefootball' sites? This is Mr Oldham we're talking about. Look –


    The one with "SKY" in the name now redirects to the one without "SKY" in the name.

    Dunk owns the "SKY" one. The other is in young Steve's name.

  6. Toby Says:

    I’m sure 123-reg.co.uk would be interested to hear about any illegal services hosted on their servers.

  7. An Observer Says:

    Looks like chunk is trying to stop people registering, good look to lard I say


    If he used decent forum software, he would already have these features.

  8. An Observer Says:

    Someone been bad over there?

    Wednesday 21st June, 1.36pm. Forums closed. They will re-open in approximately 15 minutes. Please go and make a cup of tea.

  9. rupert Says:

    He’s doing a strip search of the staff and he doesn’t want to be interrupted.

  10. rupert Says:

    Why does Al, or whoever , supply their feeds through KT? Its probably true that there are lots of overseas fans who would appreciate live feeds to LFC games and wouldn’t care too much if they were illegal. Is Al and his feeds exclusive to KT and, if so, why?

  11. rupert Says:

    “Dunk owns the “SKY” one. The other is in young Steve’s name.”

    I’m beginning to see how valuable young Steve is to Dunkin Donuts. God only knows what else he uses his identiy for. So what is Steve’s family name?

  12. alan Says:

    is that steve related or is he just some random kid they found to help out?

  13. jj_dominic Says:

    Hate to play devils advocate but i think red_al does a wonderful job with the live football feeds. I hate dunk as much as the next guy, but the links provided by al are one of the only reasons I visit that site, I could probably find them elsewhere, and if Koptalk didn’t exist I’m sure Red_Al would post them elsewhere but there has been manytimes that I’ve been able to watch a match which wasnt on sky thanks to al. nothing to do with chunk, al’s a good one, one of us.

  14. scully Says:

    ‘Al’ is one of Dunc’s mods, and possibly THE most self-important one – works in one of the ‘services’, hates anyone expressing any anti-establishment views, comes across all “as a member of the services I know everything and you should agree with everything I say”. There are a few like that on the boards – the Chill Out room used to be a good place for political discussions, but with the help of a few pro-Dubya types and ultra-reactionary UK people like Al anyone expressing vaguely left-wing views is made to feel silly. It really is a truly fucked-up place.

  15. scully Says:

    damn – now me and jj_dominic will have a big Chill Out Room-like argument that’ll go on for pages and pages! Yeah, he’s OK with these feeds, but like all mods he’s a bit up himself.

  16. KT Veteran Says:

    Al is fine. The feeds dont go through Koptalk at all. everyone has opinions however

  17. Insider Insider Says:

    Observer – That link you mention, someone has responded –


    I wonder whether there’ll be a response. And how many of Dunk’s lies it’ll contain.

  18. macca2 Says:

    das a great response. now lets hope the fusion people will take notice and bring the ugly site down.

  19. rupert Says:

    Does he use that software for his Toon site? I vaguely remember one of his so-called “editorials” in which he said he was being “asked” by various site owners to act as a kind of consultant to help them run their sites and use his software and general lay-out.

    That’s Dunkspeak for “I’m going to set up clones of Koptalk to make even more money”. I suppose that was about the time he set up his Caboodle Network.

    Is the “Whispers” site his because I have seen it cited on Koptalk?

    He has’nt set up his MicheelBarrymore.tv site yet but it would be interesting to see how many sites he has set up and how many times he has used the same software.

    There is some give and take on the internet with respect to copyright and royalties and so on, but what is sickening about the Fat Toad is that he screams booody murder and threatens the full force of the law on anyone who “steals” from his site while plundering domain names, content, links and anything else he can get his greasy hands on from others.

  20. jj_dominic Says:

    I made a point of questioning his loyalties to Liverpool FC last year by revealing that he had setup the newcastle and spurs fansites… he fobbed us off with stories of setting the sites up for friends to run, even going as far as making up a barry guy who is a neighbour of his and runs the upthetoon website, despite the obvious “writing styles” being something you cannot hide.

    maybe barrie is another alter ego of fatty tarbuckles ??? look out for barrie recruiting a young man for a threesome in Newcastle anytime soon. I wonder if “Barrie” recruits his 17-year old cousin/brother-in-law (wierd inbred family) to be his unpaid dogs body.

  21. Insider Insider Says:

    I saw his reference to Barry again recently in an old story of his about Michael Owen.

    As for domains, some of you might want to look at this – http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h171/koptalkinsider/footy4freescreenshot.jpg.

    It’s a screenshot from a domain lookup of one of his sites. http://www.domaintools.com/reverse-ip/?hostname=footy4free.com (but you’ve got to use a (free) login) is where that comes from. It shows the other sites he’s hosting on his koptalk .CON server.

    On his .ORG server he has just two sites – see http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h171/koptalkinsider/koptalkorgss.jpg for details. Or look yourself at http://www.domaintools.com/reverse-ip/?hostname=koptalk.org (free login needed again).

  22. jj_dominic Says:

    interesting to see he’s setup an entertainment site for himself and his family at chavgames.com

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