Inside the fatcave

Koptalk HQ.

Old ma Oldham (or whatever her real name is) strangles young Steve MacNeish.

Don't press play if you've just eaten.


11 Responses to “Inside the fatcave”

  1. Insider Insider Says:

    Apologies. I feel I may have driven everyone away.

  2. rupert Says:

    Insider, the Feedburner link is not working.

  3. rupert Says:

    You sure that’s not Fatty in drag?

  4. Insider Insider Says:

    I don’t think it’s fatty in drag – his beard’s not as thick as that.

    As for feedburner, I’m not sure if it’s a side-effect of when WordPress went down before. I’ll try and get it moving.

  5. rupert Says:

    That video raises an interesting question – where do they store all the pork pies?

  6. An Observer Says:

    Whats the site Steve is looking at, doesn’t look like koptalk. Has he been caught in the act of copy and pasting?

  7. alan Says:

    Excuse for his spurs site:

    Most of you will know that we are developing several sister sites. One of those is a Spurs site but it’s only been in testing really over the last few weeks or so. Anyway Steve is interviewing a few Spurs fans next week to determine who will be the best person to run the joint. Thanks to the power of the internet we won’t have to sit with someone waffling on about Martin Jol all day as he’ll be be able to work from London and link-up with us when need be. We’re hoping to have several other sites up and running over the next 2 years. Basically because KOPTALK has been such a success, I’ve been approached over the years by the suits to help them create hub sites etc. Although we won’t be directly involved on the other club sites, there should be some benefits for us that will enable us to improve KOPTALK. Hopefully within a couple of years I will be able to stand aside and leave Steve running the show. The day I can wake up and not have to put a computer on will be like winning the lottery!

  8. macca2 Says:

    all I see from his little excuse is $$$. a man obsessed with money and nothing else. yet he claims that he runs the site because of his love for liverpool and the adverts/subscription are merely there to cover up the costs of running it. it really is sad that such a loser is running a LFC site and exploiting the fact that there is are substantial number of overseas readers don’t know what a ugly con he really is.

  9. scully Says:

    God, I wish you hadn’t posted this video! What a fake performance put on for the camera – hey, what a wacky time we all have here at Koptalk HQ, and guess what visitors, you’re all part of it! Yep, we’re all one big happy family.

    Does it never occur to the zero-intellect twat that visitors to his site are interested in Liverpool, not him and his bloody family? Who the fuck wants to hear about the running soap opera of his various family-member’s ups and downs? It’s like opening a newspaper to read the news, only to get all the reporters talking about their own lives.

    Message to Dunk: you are a very very very boring man, what little life you may have is of no interest to anyone beyond your immediate family (I would say friends as well, but the fact that you go drinking with your 16-year-old cousin/brother-in-law/son/sister pretty much indicates that you have none), you have no interesting opinions to convey as it is clear you have never read a book in your life. Now just get on with copy-pasting news about Liverpool from other sites and shut the fuck up.

  10. rupert Says:

    Good point. Can anyone point to any other footy site, or any site, for that matter, where the owner is constantly drawing attention to himself and his “family” in various levels of “editorials” – for the common public, for insiders and for super-duper insiders in a gold club, as well as in blogs, emails, text messages, forum messages, radio and video productions?

    We are constantly told about how poor/rich he is, why he is feeling up/down, where he went/didn’t go, whether he drank/didn’t drink, how many hours he worked/didn’t work, how he feels like jacking it all in /expanding, who he employs/doesn’t employ, what he pays/doesn’t pay, the problems he has at home/doesn’t have, where he got married/went to school/worked – his ambitions/fears and , incidentally, which football players and managers and officials he does/doesn’t like.

    He had a profitable business idea in the early days of the net – to create a fan site to tap into the most widely supported club in the UK and to get the fans who used it to do most of the work for him and to sell to them porn or anything else they would buy.

    But that was not enough for him. Ever since he has remorselessly tried to turn it into a cult, centred on “Daddy” who, as he constantly tells us, “knows best”. He has even started to use the name “Daddy” to register new domain names.

    This is the behaviour of a wannabe cult leader. He hijacks a popular “religion” or set of beliefs and remorselessy makes it a vehicle for his own personal aggrandisement.

  11. duncandelboy Says:

    Looks like RAWk forum on that PC to me.


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