Lifetime Membership – offer details

Mr Oldham still doesn't like us, and now he's turning against his readers on an increasing basis.

Did you know that he is turning insider members away if they can't produce an email from three or four years ago to prove they joined on a promotional offer of a "lifetime membership"? He's saying that without the email there's no way of knowing it wasn't just a standard 12-month subscription. Even though a quick search on shows him offering the lifetime memberships throughout that time period. And when his customers do produce the emails, he's then saying they aren't proof enough.

We've got the proof of him going against his word, but if you've any more proof then please send it on to us. koptalkinsider at

If you'd like to see what the offers were, try some of the links on the "Internet Archive" of

June 2002 – "'PayPal' will debit $20.00 (approx. £13.00) from your credit card for a life-time subscription."
April 2003 – "The following fees are for a life-time membership… …FASTPAY – £10.20… …PAYPAL – £14.00"

The fat one is now absolutely fed up to the back teeth that due to this blog his cosy little world is being interrupted. He wants to rip people off in peace, it's just not happening.

In his Blob's Blog yesterday afternoon he told his readers how he'd once again gone out to get drunk, and how it didn't matter that he never logged on and updated any of his sites on Sunday. So even if his users weren't locked out he didn't bother doing any updates.

He didn't like an email he got saying the site was sexist. The fact he's got half-naked women in the header of his site and sections linking to porn isn't sexist to him. This is the one who was telling his users to be careful what they posted not long ago because of kids reading the site. Double standards from the double-chinned one.

He then says that because "they log-in for feck all" they can't say what should be on his site. He tells his visitors to **** off.

I think they are doing just that Mr Oldham, and in great numbers too.

Miserable Feckers
by Dunk (KopTalk Ed) on Mon 19 Jun 2006 03:21 PM BST
Went out on the lash on Saturday night (for a change) and just chilled yesterday. There was no news on the LFC front of any interest so it didn't really matter. Then I came into KOPTALK HQ today as normal and there's this email of some plank complaining about the lack of updates saying how sh*te the site is. It did make me laugh though: "Your site's sh*t but please provide more updates!".

Then someone else emailed me saying the site was sexist. For crying out loud, it's an offence now to have a picture of a sexy young lady on the front page of the site. Bunch of miserable tossers. They log-in for feck all and think they own you. You can't say this, you can't do that. **** off.


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