Life Time Insider Subs – CLARIFICATION

The Green BlobThe current owner of Koptalk, Duncan Oldham, is trying to mislead people once again.

Oldham today released a statement in response to the large amounts of complaints he’s received for conning the members of his Insider site.

In 2002 Duncan Oldham launched his Insider site. He gave numerous reasons for the launch of this site, but it seemed to coincide with the sale of his main site name to the Footy Mad network.

Membership of the Insider site was paid for through various means, but at all times it was sold as a “Lifetime Membership”. That was the only option, he didn’t do a version offering a smaller length of time. Use any method you like to go back to the old versions of his websites, we recommend a search for on and that is what you will see. Lifetime memberships, in one case being offered for just £1, but generally for £14 or £15.

It was later on, that he came up with his next scam. The Gold Club. At that time the Insider site was split into two. Existing members became Silver members, those that agreed to pay an annual cost could become Gold members. He charged £26 per year initially, he said this was a half-price offer before he started to charge the full whack of £1 per week, or £52.

It was only after this stage that the concept of an annual fee for the Insider came about. Anyone who has proof they paid for membership in 2002 or 2003 has no need to prove it was for “lifetime” membership. There was no other type of membership at that time.

Oldham tells lies though, he now tries to claim that Insider lifetime memberships were only handed out as promotions. If we are being kind to him, we can say he’s forgotten about this and will now hold up his hands, apologise, and let those members in. We very much doubt he will though, in which case he knows the truth and is choosng to tell “porkies” as he puts it.

Here’s his statement, with our comments.

by Dunk (KopTalk Ed) on Tue 20 Jun 2006 01:45 PM BST
Anyone that tells you that we’re not honouring our Insider life-time membership promotions are telling porkies. Lie (or mistake) – see above. HQ staff (Steve and Dunk’s Mum) are going through our entire database checking that everyone – including Gold Club members and even moderators (because Dunk really doesn’t know who’s behind the Insider Insider) – have a completed profile and that their credentials are on file. (He’s still not given a valid reason for needing this. It’s not even as if he uses this information to help people with membership disputes, he just doesn’t believe anyone)

If a member does not supply his/her credentials or does not have their receipt (confirmation of offer) then they may be locked out. (In practice that is WILL be locked out, and even if they have their receipt – i.e. email – they will still be locked out.) Providing they have their receipt / sign-up email(s) requested etc. there isn’t a problem.(Wrong – there are numerous people being denied access despite providing more than enough proof.) Problems only arise where members haven’t followed specific instructions to retain their membership credentials. (Still wrong.)

I am not personally involved in this (Liar – we can prove you are involved) so please, if you’re going to tell porkies, use a little more imagination (You should try that too Duncan, we see straight through your lies every time). It takes me months to get through my existing emails (of course it does) and I simply don’t have the time to deal with the membership side of things (even though it’s in your own words really quiet and there’s nothing to do). If someone emails me for help then of course I’ll have a nosey for them and see what I can do but apart from that, membership databases just don’t do it for me. (So can people email you then? EDITOR@KOPTALK.COM for those that don’t know?)

The problem is Mr Oldham, you tell lies in order to make money. You get away with it much more than you should, because you’re not really very good at it, despite the practice. Just like your failure to get away with hiding your true identity with your Sky viewing card scams and your requests for someone to come and give your wife a good seeing to (as you looked on), you just get blinded by greed (or lustful thoughts of seeing another man’s backside as he pounds away at your wife). You make simple mistakes, and then get caught out. Then we show you up.

Time to stop the lying. Own up to the truth, see if you can persuade a few people to stay with you. If you don’t then soon there’ll be nobody left to stay with you. It will all be over.


One Response to “Life Time Insider Subs – CLARIFICATION”

  1. Toby Says:

    Looks like the support ticket system is getting out of hand…

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