Kuyt for £10m or not at all says Geordie website

So where has this been stolen from? Another typical insider post. In the interests of fairness, if you think Dunk was first with this, and it later turns out to be correct, it at least gives him some small shred to hang on to if you can let us know. If you know he had stolen this from somewhere else then it might be worth pointing that out too.

And one more thing – if you own a site which you think Dunk has been stealing content from, IP-ban the IP address from our Barrymore story last night. It's without a doubt one of Dunk's IP addresses, it will slow him down a little bit at least.

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Liverpool negotiating with Feyenoord
#1498756 – Tue Jun 20 2006 10:05 AM Reply

According to reports this morning, Liverpool are continuing to negotiate with Feyenoord in the hope of reaching an an agreement that will see striker Dirk Kuyt make the switch to Anfield after the World Cup.

Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez is keen on the Dutch hitman but if Feyenoord hold out for more than £10million, Rafa could miss out.

Recent suggestions have stated that Feyenoord were looking for around £14million but Liverpool wouldn't pay that, and rightly so.

Reds chief executive Rick Parry is confident that he can negotiate a deal around the £10million mark and according to Anfield insiders, he's made it clear to Feyenoord that he isn't prepared to drag the matter out over the summer.


3 Responses to “Kuyt for £10m or not at all says Geordie website”

  1. rupert Says:

    This Kuyt story is no more than warmed over hash from the main stream press. Its been doing the rounds for almost a week. Its been on all the bulletin boards. He changes the the 14 million euros of the original story to 14 million pounds – a careless mistake on his part. The rest of it is no more than his usual sloppy attempt to imply he knows how the negotiations are going. He doesn’t even know how many pints he drank last night!

    A few years ago he linked 50-60 players to LFC duing the summer. The only one he didn’t link was the guy who actually signed. I mentioned it at the time on KT and within seconds he posted that he was “watching me”.

    My story would be better if I could remember the year and the player but I can’t. There’s been hundreds, maybe even thousands of links by now, so much tripe and bullshit. Its all a blur.

  2. rupert Says:

    record comment

  3. rupert Says:

    The Feedburner link is not working!

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