Devious site owner in memory troubles

The goalposts always move when someone fat enough is leaning on them.

Sunday night, twenty to eleven – 

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If someone joins during a promotion they are specifically told to retain the sign-up email as proof for future checks. All they need to do is print off the email and file it if it's too difficult to retain it in an email client. If that is too complicated or too hard to do, the person claiming the offer can decline the offer at sign-up.

Until recently we haven't really made checks but Steve has been instructed to a) update the database so we know who's who and b) obtain proof if someone says they are entitled to an offer. I am not aware of any lock-outs unless these people come to me.

The majority of people affected simply produce the email that they were requested to retain. Some are too embarrassed that they paid say a £1 four years ago and prefer to sign-up through their own choice. But if they prove their entitlement, they're in without having to pay a further penny.

It's a very simple situation really. Show Steve your credentials etc and he'll see you get back in.

If it wasn't for people trying it on, there wouldn't be a problem. Blame society and your freeloaders who are here with bad intent, not us.

Steve is kicking out around 50 people a day due tomissing profile information i.e. name, address etc. We want to know who's who. Once we have an updated profile we're sorted. No information is retained for marketing or shared with anyone else. If people do not wish to provide such information then they need not renew.

For the record, nobody gets booted out if they disagree with any of my opinions, Steve's opinions or any moderators opinions. To suggest so is stupid.

If someone is locked out, I only know about it if they come to me. But if Steve or whoever says someone can't verify who they are etc then I'll just refer them back to Steve / them.

I hope this clarifies the situation. As ever, I would ask people to email myself if they need any clarification before publishing something that is incorrect. This is why we say no support questions on the forums as people usually respond with the incorrect information.

Tuesday night, Twenty-five past eight (during the England match, what happened to all the patriotic stuff?)

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      20-06-06 08:25 PM – Post#236661     

If you have been locked out of the Insider website this is because a) your membership profile needs updating or b) your sub has expired.

Despite suggestions elsewhere, if you have been locked out, even if you don't have a receipt for your membership entitlement(s), we will see you get sorted.

However, if you have lost your receipt, you will have to give us time to get you back in. Had your receipt not been lost (we did tell you to keep it safe!) there wouldn't be a problem.

Don't believe the absolute rubbish (as normal) spouted by KopTalk rejects who claim that we're locking people out and ignoring them. The truth of the matter is we have nearly 6000 members and we need to make sure that every member is who they say they are. Sadly this can't be done in 5 minutes.

Everyone who supplies the information we request should be back online within a few hours. Those who have lost their details may have to wait several days as priority is given to those who have kept their details safe.

Again, what Dunk said on Sunday – "It's a very simple situation really. Show Steve your credentials etc and he'll see you get back in."

And what he said on Tuesday – "Despite suggestions elsewhere, if you have been locked out, even if you don't have a receipt for your membership entitlement(s), we will see you get sorted."

Mr Oldham – admit it. You have lost the plot and are telling lie upon lie to your site's visitors. You are really starting to make a laughing stock of yourself.

We've also noticed you trying to get back into the good books of those "foreigners" you hate so much. We're watching, and we have better memories than you.  


6 Responses to “Devious site owner in memory troubles”

  1. YNWA Says:

    Truth is stranger than fiction!

    This conman is a joke!

  2. bigf00t Says:

    I was banned from the regular free forums for disagreeing with one of his mods… yesterday…

    i said Owen was injury prone…

    If you’re reading this DJ Sydney… how long will owen be out for with this new knee injury?!

  3. rupert Says:

    DJ can only read this if he gets permision from Fatso’s 16 year old servant, Steve.

    Two or three week’s ago Fatso said that from now on the mods could not ban anyone – only he and Steve could ban.

    DJ and Rosco learned this at the same time as the rest of us. They just swallowed their pride – or something. Being mods on KT was so important to them they’d bend over any which way to accomodate Fatso latest whim.

  4. An Observer Says:

    I’ll show fatty my credentials, when he shows me he is registered to collect personal data.

    Give him your details and next thing you know old del will be setting up bank accounts in your name etc.

  5. Rob Says:

    I’m a victim of this Lifetime Membership scam. I’d encourage anybody else who has been ripped off to contact Paypal and complain about it.

    If you look up the History option in Paypal and select “Subscriptions” with a wide date range you should be able to find your payment and the reference number given by Paypal and use this in your correspondence. I’m not sure I want back on Koptalk anyway after the shabby way I’ve been treated but I want to make sure that as a minimum I make sure others including Paypal are aware of what this crook is up to.

  6. jj_dominic Says:

    Talking about paypal… when I signed up for Koptalk over a year ago I paid £26 via paypal. Having learned all the bullshit throughout that year I had no intention of signing up for a second year and putting another 26 pork pies into fattys guts. At the end of the day everyone that signs up to Koptalk is helping Chunk kill himself. I hope you feel good. That £26 is slowing killing Dunk with Cider and pies.

    Anyway back to the subject. Beware. Your payment is not a one-off it is setup as a subscription. Very sly. Lo and behold before I had a chance to end my affiliation with fatty and his lies I find out that Paypal had sent over another £26 to fatty tarbuckles.

    So everyone go into your paypal account and delete the subscription for Koptalk.

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