Parry conference – "Hans Sainz" and "Jose Manuel"

Mr Oldham's long weekend means he's not done any updating of any note all weekend. Meanwhile all of his visitors have been getting more and more worked up.

So, he had to pull out one of his older non-stories to try and retain a bit of interest.

This was the "Parry in mini-conference" story he's spent the best part of the last fortnight trying to sell as being a story of note. We'll let you decide how much this can be considered to be of note…

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Parry Meeting
#1496944 – Mon Jun 19 2006 12:29 PM Reply Quote

Ok… basic run down is this.

Parry was taken to the Mallory Court hotel, Warwickshire last week which is about 20 miles away from Birmingham airport. We know that he was meeting suits from a flight but we don't know if they came in at that airport, we were just told he was meeting some people from a flight in that area. They could have flown in from anywhere and driven to Warwickshire. They could even have been here a day or two. We can't shed any more on that just now.

There were several people in the party that Parry met. We understand two of them went by the names of Jose Manuel and Hans Sainz. Parry was accompanied by club director Keith Clayton (££).

I did some digging on their names and found nothing but I did discover that David Villa's father is called Jose Manuel Villa… ok ok I wish but you never know!

Anyway… with Clayton there that suggests a few bob is involved. I know he gets involved in the investment stuff but I'm not sure if he would be present at any kind of transfer mini-conference. Possibly he would.

Nailed on is the location and LFC people present but the names of the people who met Parry/Clayton are just from overheard discussions.

If you can shed any light on the names please do. Please take into consideration that they could be spelt wrong.



"If you can shed any light on the names please do" says the fat one. Well we've a better idea. Shed light on the names, but do it here or on any other LFC forum but KT.

"Hans Sainz" almost sounds like someone's spinning Dunk a line, sounds like "handstands". More likely he's made the name up, along with "Jose Manuel", in order to give himself an option to link it in with later GENUINE stories that come along.


3 Responses to “Parry conference – "Hans Sainz" and "Jose Manuel"”

  1. rupert Says:

    When he says he did some digging on the names – this means he typed them into the Google search box and hit “search”.

  2. rupert Says:

    How long has KT been in existence? More than ten years. How long has it been boasting that it gets information from players, staff, directors, journos and others closely connected with the club? More than ten years.

    And here we are in June 2006 and the only story he can come up with for his paying customers is that some guy, whom Fatty wouldn’t recognised if he tripped over him in the street, sent in an email a couple of weeks ago that he works in some gash little hotel outside Birmingham.

    If you think that Parry, who makes about 650,000 pounds a year, and has a generous travel budget, and is Executive Director of one of the most prestigious football clubs in the world, would travel with a rich member of the Board of Directors of that same club, to some poky hotel outside of Birmingham to have a conversation with two nondescript characters – then welcome to the cloak and dogging world of Fatty Oldham!

    Its a good laugh as long as you haven’t paid for membership!

  3. Chunky Says:

    How many Spaniards are called Hans?

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