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It's been suggested more than once that we have a special page for comments in general on the rip-offs being performed by the owner of the KopTalk network of sites.

We've got loads of evidence, most of which is what he's left lying around on the internet. It's all documented in this blog, but in some cases the links to it came in the form of comments to a particular item of ours. This makes it harder to find.

So from now on, (if this works) there'll be two places to leave comments. One will be under this article, which we are going to try and turn into a "sticky". You can't have stickies on this version of this blog software, but we'll do our best to make it easy to find. Comments left under here can be on just about anything to do with the (seedy) world of Koptalk.

The second place is as before – under each article. It's up to you – leave your comments in both places if you think it will be helpful.

We are not going to ban you / ridicule you / overcharge you / eat you if you post a comment twice or in the wrong place. If you like to be banned / ridiculed / overcharged / eaten then go to KT where I'm sure you'll be serviced in that way before too long.

Remember too – if you want to contact us at any time in strict confidence then email us at koptalkinsider at We never publish anything from an email without permission. And we'll not be selling your email address to the Adult Friend Finder service either.


149 Responses to “Insider Insider Comments”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    As I understand what you saying is that the blog is correct and as a result of it you no longer wish to contribute to Oldham and will stop visting it when you are inevitably banned from KT. But the blog should stop doing for others what it did for you?

    The only thing scary or unpleasant about the blog is the subject-matter. A common theme among those – like you – who have “seen the light” is why did the club allow it to happen, why haven’t LFC supporters done something about it, why didn’t someone warn me or suggest alternatives?

    The contributors to the blog did not invent Oldham or KT. All the things you now find objectionable about him and it, have been going on for about 8 years. Many other people have tried to alert others, some by organising sites dedicated to exposing him, some by organising a mass exodus of his members to start other sites, some by complaining about him to various organisations and authorities. Despite all of that he continues.

    It could be those methods were effective in irritating him or setting up alternatives but they have not been effective in changing him, or protecting the other sites from his unfair predatory tactics or protecting the club from his constant attacks on the board, employees and players.

    The blog has been more successful than most other attempts. The blog is not the product of a “stalker” but of hundreds if not thousands of people, most of whom want it to continue. The leading posts – which set the blog agenda – are the discussion points are mainly written by Insider, a few by me. But others are welcome to contribute. Actually neither Insider nor I have ever been involved with Oldham. We have not paid him money, or worked with him, or met him or bought anything from him and have never been banned from his site.

    Oldham and his sycophants also have the right to reply to the blog. They can deny any accusation, any statement of fact they read on the blog – but they have not.

    The blog has been very effective because it has provided evidence and persuasive analysis.

    Every day, the young and not so young in Asia, the Americas, and even in the UK use the internet to seek out information or communities associated with LFC. We see their searches on the blog’s tracking software. Many of them now find themselves being led by Google and other search engines to the blog-rather than Koptalk. And even if they find Koptalk they also see the references to the blog. Until the blog started most of those would become users of Koptalk and many would pay money to Oldham. Now, after reading the blog, they find their way to other sites.

    Its not uncommon to see people have snipes at the blog before they announce that they have just left KT. Its almost as though they blame the blog for forcing them to make a decision. Others don’t like to concede that it was the blog that caused them to consider their position. And some, like you, who have made the decision don’t want to hear any more about KT because it is a chapter they would prefer to close- they don’t want to be reminded of what they used to be invovled in.

    I would say close the chapyter and move on. You don’t need the blog now. Good luck. If Insider or other contributors can still find the time to do the good work they have been doing, let that good work be for others rather than you.

  2. univofchicago Says:

    “I have to say though, that this place is starting to get a bit scary. It has become an obsession and quite frankly is not normal”

    That is an often-used criticism of the blog and its contributors – we are “obsessive”, “don’t have anything better to do”, and “sad”. The blog has had posters such as Duncan Oldham himself leave comments (under an alias) accusing us of “obsession” and telling us to “get a life”. But there have also been legitimate posters that have attacked us with that line of criticism.

    But does that weaken the argument? Does that discredit the evidence that the blog provides? Does that make Duncan’s blatant lies all irrelevant? I don’t have a personal vendetta against Duncan Oldham. Neither does the Insider or Rupert. The only reason Duncan Oldham has been a focus of my attacks is that the man happens to run a Liverpool website and Liverpool happen to be a club that I support. I just don’t like someone fleecing money out of Liverpool supporters. It’s as simple as that.

    And no, I don’t spend 24/7 staring at the monitor screen and dwelling on the blog. The Insider is essentially a collective effort of MANY contributors. The insider has told me that he doesn’t spend that much time on the blog anymore because contributors give him all the yummy content he needs – all he has to do is write it up. And he’s a really smart guy so it doesn’t take him long to do so. As you can tell from the posters here and the defectors to est1892, the contributors amount to hundreds. I find this whole “stalker” argument absurd to be honest with you. It does nothing to discredit the bag of evidence and analysis the blog provides. If anything, it is a clever way of trying to smear the efforts of the blog by casting a slur on the contributors of this blog; characterizing the Insider and people who leave comments as ‘abnormal’ people.

    “I feel that it’s time you got over it and moved on. There is enough historical information here to inform people of what you know, and to allow them to make an informed decision for themselves.”

    That is another criticism. The blog is getting “repetitive” and “boring”. Some posters claim that very few articles “amuse” them anymore. I again find these criticisms absurd. To answer your question as to why certain themes get repeated – 1) First, it is because Fatty keeps on telling lies after lies. Commits one scam after another. It is because Fatty continues to do wrong. If Fatty admitted his mistakes and made an effort to correct them, there would be no need of the blog repeating stuff. There would be no need for this blog altogether. But Duncan being Duncan refuses to heed our advice: If anyone tried to tell Duncan his mistakes, that person is immediately locked out and ignored completely. 2) Second: Thanks to this blog, many current and ex Koptalk’ers are now aware of the lies, deceit and scams associated with Duncan Oldham. But I’m afraid there are still a lot of people who don’t know as well. There are new people visiting the blog everyday and they ask us where to start. We tell them to read the whole blog but people, understandably so, can’t be bothered to dig through all the archives and so even if there is “enough historical information here”, it does not allow them to make an “informed decision for themselves”. That is why the blog set up a “Read Me” section at the top. But even that doesn’t tell the whole story. Therefore, the blog tends to repeat certain information and themes. It may be old stuff to you but it’s not to a lot of other people.

  3. Nick Says:

    You must be a very sad git if you feel the need to dedicate an entire website to defaming KopTalk.

    The internet has been awesome, for the most part.

    But it’s also let the loonies out of asylum and given them an audience to preach their bullsh!t. ERGO this website as a prime example.

    Take a look in the mirror and have a good, hard look at yourself.
    Accept that you’re a tool… then move on and get a life of your own.

  4. Nick Says:

    You must be a very sad git if you feel the need to dedicate an entire website to defaming KopTalk.

    Take a look in the mirror and have a good, hard look at yourself.
    Accept that you’re a tool… then move on and get a life of your own.

  5. Observer Says:

    It seems like you are still coming to terms with the whole internet phenomenon yourself Nick judging by your double post.

    I agree with you that the web is for the most part awesome. It has also given scammers, con-artists and liars a chance to practice their deceptions on a mass audience.

    One such individual is the person behind Koptalk, the only LFC fansite which takes the url’s of fellow sites and squats on them for profit. The only LFC fansite which levies a charge for access to ‘Insider’ information which is nothing of the sort. The only LFC fansite which, well you get the picture. It’s a blot on an otherwise superb collection of sites ran by fans for nothing other than the llove of the club.

    You may want to check the definition of ‘defame’. It suggests that the accusations made on this blog aren’t true. The author of this blog has set out his case and its a persuasive one. Have you anything to offer to counter his charges or are cheap digs the best you can manage?

  6. towerofsong Says:

    Hmn, just cancelled my subscription to Koptalk. Wish I had seen this site earlier. How does he get away with all that stuff?

  7. Garland Says:

    Rupertinsider, instead of trying behave like some offended intellectual, perhaps you could just point out where I am supposed to have inferred that Liverpool fans would like to forget about Hillsborough.

    I didn’t, and that is why I refer to you as a liar. I also refered to you as a liar because you claimed I had posted under this name elsewhere. Again that was incorrect.

    You see, you’re actually becoming the persona that you claim for the one you hate so much… oh, and I really appreciate you spending so much time on me. Having the benefit of your great intellect has truly enriched my life.

    Oh, and what is so bad about Dunk sitting outside Melwood? I really don’t get what the problem is there.

  8. rupertinsider Says:

    I’ve no idea what you’re talking about. None of it relates to me. If you are in need of a little attention I suggest you do what that other poster with your name did and try out your ideas on that other site that sent him packing.

  9. steve keig Says:

    Hi there

    although many of your points about Koptalk are probably true, do you not think you are now becoming a bit sad, and quite hateful, surely you have better things to do with your life.


    ps I have no link to Koptalk, apart from being a member, and I did take your advice about cancelling the renewal on paypal, so that bit of info was good!

  10. univofchicago Says:

    It’s an old accusation steve. I’ll just post Insider’s response below (for the second time in three days!) in case you’ve not read it!

    The reason why the blog needs to keep going and tends to get ‘repetitive’ is that there are still a lot of people completely unaware of the many “points about Koptalk” that you refer to. In an ideal world, everyone should have access to the blog and be free to choose on what they think is right and wrong about Koptalk. But this isn’t the case due to Duncan’s dictator-like control of information. Just because you’ve seen all the arguments already doesn’t mean the blog has to stop. A bit selfish don’t you think?

    I’ll copy and paste Insider’s month-old response below:

  11. univofchicago Says:

    @ steve keig

    I don’t spend that much time on looking at what Dunk’s doing. Without going into too much detail about how I get the information and write it up, or what I do for a living, I generally have time in my day where I can read his forums and write my opinions on stuff I find.

    Anyone who uses any internet forum is probably spending as much time doing that as I am spending writing the blog. So if you think I’m sad then you’ll be reforming yourselves and taking up cross-stitching and stamp-collecting rather than spending time on any internet forums.

    A lot of stuff I get is emailed to me, I don’t even go on Koptalk’s forums every day that I post something on the blog.

    It’s strange how many people slag the blog off but read it every day. You’re entitled to your opinion of course, but if you are slagging off the blog are you also saying Dunk’s not that bad after all?

    As for calling me a stalker – read the thread on this forum where someone got called by Koptalk and threatened at work. For what? That is stalking – and illegal.

    How much time I (and others) spend on producing that blog is of no real concern to anyone reading it. It isn’t important. As a criticism it isn’t really valid. Who I and the others are who write for the blog isn’t important either. What is important is the issues the blog raises.

    Are you Liverpool fans happy that Dunk uses the S*n the way he does?

    Are you Liverpool fans happy that Dunk threatened he’d end Peter Crouch’s career when it suited him?

    Are you Liverpool fans happy that Dunk made similar attempts to end Robbie Fowler’s Liverpool career first time round by selling lies to the press?

    Are you Liverpool fans happy that he lies to new members about the information he can give to them in return for up to £30?

    Are you Liverpool fans happy that when questioned about why donations to Lauren were going into his mum’s bank account he hid the site, saying that he had to do this because Lauren’s family were being attacked because the blog was attacking Lauren? Lauren was never attacked – I doubt she got all of the money donated to her either. The site was pulled because Dunk was trying to hide the evidence.

    Are you Liverpool fans happy that Dunk lies about virtually everything he says on his site, from the most minor of things to the most major?

    Are you Liverpool fans happy to use a site where any attempts at feedback are made at the risk of being banned?

    Are you Liverpool fans happy to use a pay site where you are paying for stolen goods?

    Are you Liverpool fans happy to use a site where the owner claims he’s got something he can use to blackmail Rick Parry (even though he hasn’t).

    Are you Liverpool fans happy to use a site where the owner claims to have bribed corrupt members of staff at Anfield, implying there’s corruption at all levels of the club?

    If any of you Liverpool fans are happy with all that then why not go back to Koptalk and enjoy it for what it is?

    If any of you Liverpool fans aren’t bothered about it, maybe you need to do something else other than reading the blog about the site.

    And for the majority who are bothered and interested keep reading, and keep letting me know what’s going on.

    Those who want the blog to stop, and for to stop talking about Koptalk, are being quite selfish. You know about Dunk, you’ll probably not be paying him any money again and you’ve probably stopped visiting Koptalk as much, if at all. What about those still to find out? They don’t matter now do they? They’ve as much right to find out about it, and then to find somewhere to talk about it, as you had. If the blog winds you up don’t read it, or better still write something for it yourself and send it on to me.

  12. Sagar Says:

    Hi. I’m a LFC fan from India. I’ve been readin Koptalk for many a year now, but being a student, i couldn’t never afford to be a member. I chanced across this site and like so many LFC fan’s, realized and regretted.
    I however, have a friend from Thailand who was a member of Koptalk. So when Stevie G nearly left, he sent me this mail about what ‘insider sources’ claimed happened at a meeting with Rafa and Stevie along with some other members of the board. Dunc claimed his ‘Anfield Mole’ had given him minute by minute detials of the meeting. This ‘meeting’ was supposedly held one day before Gerrard’s amazing U-Turn.
    Is this false too? Cuz Stevie lost a lotta respect in my eyes then. But after reading here and suspecting Koptalk’s lies, I’m not too sure. Could someone please tell me if this really happened? Or is Dunc bein a Bastard again?
    here’s the text of the email…

    >Gerrrard’s meeting: described by one of many people in
    >the room
    >Meeting today was very protracted with the room chock
    >full of advisors; Gerrards gang very defensive whilst
    >Parry and Rafa were completely aligned, they danced
    >round the houses for ages and ages with Gerrards
    >advisors sidestepping all amendments/ additions to the
    >offer on the table (85k basic rising to well over 110k
    >with asooc bonuses) before Parry simplified what the
    >terms of the agreement were and (without addressing
    >the agent – surprising in these situations) asks
    >Gerrard if he wants to sign the contract….even more
    >surprisingly, before Gerrard can answer Rafa leans
    >forward and asks him if he wants to play for him, as
    >Gerrard umms and ahhs Rafa repeats the question, and
    >again Gerrard fails to answer before his agent
    >…what people heard / saw happen next apparently
    >depend on where you were in the room but Rafa gave him
    >a curt shake of the hand and a quick thanks before
    >asking him to make necessary arrangements (interpreted
    >as collecting gear, etc)and makes moves to
    >leave…apparently Parry was completely in line….
    >Rafa is scoring more and more bonus points with the
    >higher echelons of the club with the way he is
    >conducting himself with all players, large or small,
    >but he has really excelled here….
    >Tear it apart folks, but im awaiting news of Bara or
    >Balla as a replacement (heard nothing, but theyre who
    >i want )
    >Sad day, but NOBODY is bigger than the club, YNWA

  13. rupertinsider Says:

    Hi Sagar.

    “Anfield Mole” is one of the names Oldham uses. It is him. The Executive Director of LFC and the Head of Press said a couple of months ago that Oldham has never had access to LFC and never spoke to any executives there and never will.

    So that entire story about Gerrard is a lie.

    It is difficult to prove a negative and if your friend has been brain-washed by Oldham, or would feel foolish for having paid him 30 pounds for lies like that, then it might be difficult to make him see sense. If I knew your friend I would appeal to him on this basis – does he support LFC or Oldham?

    You might also appeal to his logic. Is it likely that a person who would be so low as to reveal to Oldham the contents of a highly confidential meeting like that was said to be would have even be allowed at the meeting?

    Most of the football world was talking about it at the time – that kind of information would have been worth a small fortune if sold to the tabloids.

    Do you not think LFC, Gerrard and his agent would not be very careful about who was in the room. Why would LFC executives, agents and lawyers risk their jobs and their reputation to provide snippets of information to a dodgy web site so that it could be shared with a few hundred anonymous people they would never meet? Think about it – who would profit from such an action? The answer is obvious – Oldham. And since we know for certain he has never had access to Anfield or spoken to officials we know that it was a lie told for profit.

    Was it a good lie? No. It has never been confirmed by any of those supposedly there – in fact the principals have given different versions.

    Oldham relies on overseas supporters for much of his profois. He knows they have a limited command of English and are not in a position to judge the feasibilitt of what he tells them.

    Tell your friend that Oldham rungs Koptalk from a temporary shack in his mother’s back garden a coupel of hundreds miles away from the City of Liverpool. He rarely goes to Liverpool and even more rarely watches LFC matches at Anfield. He has a season ticket to Newcastle United and he has started fan sites for that club and for Tottenham Hotspur.

    Your friend should demand a refund, quit Koptalk and join one of the other sites where he will be welcomed and not lied to. It won’t cost him a penny.

    Thanks for writing.

  14. Sagar Says:

    Rupertinsider.. Hi.
    Thanks for sorting that out. Around the time the whole Gerrard saga happened I had just passed out of a boarding school here in India, so looking for LFC related resources and articles was a new beggining for me. Back in boarding school i had to rely on Monday’s Papers for the weekend Premiership report, often not much more than a snippet. Koptalk was recomnded to me by the friend I mentioned, who is btw a second-generation Koptalker.. His father had an account from the very beggining and he was the one who first introduced me to LFC, the history and culture of the club. Football was not big enough in India in those days for the networks showing many live games. So i trusted their opinion and read as much material Koptalk published.
    I’ll be dropping in a mail to both of them makin them aware of this site, thanks for the explanation.

    Look out for my letter in the official website’s section of ‘A fan letter from’.. where they print fan’s letters from different countries.. I hope they publish it. .

  15. univofchicago Says:

    “and join one of the other sites he will be welcomed…”

    Hi Sagar,

    If your friend doesn’t know already, also tell him about There you will find many GC/Insider ex-Koptalkers that suddenly disappeared over the past 3 month. The insider section at est1892 may be of an interest to you and your friend. The community there is great as well.

    As a sidenote, “” is censored in Koptalk and a mere mention of the site means an instant ban or lock-up for the “losers”.

  16. Sagar Says:

    univofchicago… Thanks..

  17. koptalk must die Says:

    I use to go on kraptalk before that big fat twat closed the free boards. Poepe who still want to support this site i got one word for you MUPPETS! I hope that fat twat gets whats coming to him the lieing sack of shit. If i ever saw him outside melwood i would fucking shiv the cunt

  18. Glenn Says:

    Noticed that Koptalk no longer is “linked” on the newsnow-website. Koptalk going down?

  19. Eowyn Says:

    I’m glad I found this site and what the truth is behind Koptalk. But PLEASE, get your facts right about the basics. At times this blog refers to Walsall in the North East, and then it changes it’s mind and says Wallsend in some other article. Surely you mean Wallsend near Newcastle being where Mr Oldham lives???

    And when you quote the official LFC site, put the right website address, hey? It’s not

  20. rupertinsider Says:

    I don’t think either of those factoids are the BASICS.

    He claims to live in Scarborough, Yorkshire and denies he lives in Wallsend.

    However, he lives and works in Wallsend, near Newcastle. I used to write “Mansfield” so “Walsall” is an improvement over that. I’ve notice other slips-of-the tongue by others. Whatever is said the blog has been clear that the KT shed is behind a house in Swan Avenue, Wallsend – we have even published an aerial photo of it.

    I notice you did not give the address of the official site while you were correcting our error – probably because you could not remember it correctly when you were writing your comment. That is what happens when writing. And if one relies on memory errors creep in. Its not liverpool-tv

  21. rupertinsider Says:

    Glen: Contributors to the blog have been in contact with News Now. We have demonstrated how its “Top Stories” ranking can be manipulated. They were not aware of the vulnerability before. We have argued that KT has manipulated its way into the the Top Stories for years.

    At our request News Now have listended to KT blogs and agree that they are irrelevant to LFC and in other ways not acceptable. KT has been informed they can no longer submit their podcasts to News Now.

    News Now has also suspended all of KT’s other stories for a specific infraction of their agreement. We understand that this is not necessarilly a permanent ban on KT, but News Now has invited evidence of other infractions such as KT stealing of copyrighted stories, doctoring headlines on the stories of others, placing announcements about KT as news stories, or using the news items as advertisments for KT sevices.

    Its imposibble to do this while KT is still banned. However if any has such evidence on file – of a News Now KT stories and the original url from which it was taken – please send it to us.

    We have also demonstrated that KT is in fact a competitor to News Now, in so far as when a visitor from News Now arrives at KT, KT then does what it can through its “forward” and “backward” links to show the vistiots all the other stories about LFC it has taken from News Now listings, thereby denying News Now those clicks.

    We have also pointed out that in favouring KT, or allowing KT to manipulate its listings, News Now is denying is readers a wider offering of LFC stories and denying News Now a greater number of hits.

    I have dealt with this in my article “Koptalk News – An Honest Alternative – Please”

    Hopefully, KT will not get back on News Now – and if it does Oldham will no longer be able to manipulate its way into the Top Stories, and will have to observe all the same rules as others – or will be banned.

  22. Eowyn Says:

    I think my comment must have come across as having a dig about some details rather than it being a hurried comment, which it was.

    Sorry. I am just keen to see everything that is factual stated consistently so that you (as a blog) are not open to accusations of making stuff up, which could be argued by Duncan supporters who could, for example, make counter claims that you don’t even know where he lives.

    As you point out your site here is a blog and not a website. That means it is probably going to be your latest post that serves to educate the newcomers here, which is why you are repetitive in your detail about the Fat One. Therefore, while it’s easy to do, make mistakes it’s also easy to correct [time permitting of course :-)] and now I’ve made something of a fuss about it (all in a good cause I have to add) then being 100% accurate with the detail can only be a positive thing.

    And, by the way, I might not have put the correct LFC site address in my hurried post, but rest assured I know it well, it being the current favourite of my son so he can look at the kit he wants me to buy him.

  23. rupertinsider Says:

    Eowyn: I don’t think anyone could make a credible claim that we don’t know where he lives. We have not only given the full address, and a photo of his house and KT shed from satellite, but details of who owns the house (which he falsely claimed was his) what price was paid and what mortgage company was involved (he falsely claimed it was bought for cash). His supporters might be confused by his claim that Duncan Oldham is not his real name (please believe me tax inspector!) and he does not live in Wallsend but Scarborough (please believe me Scarborough benefits office!). But we have produced photos of his marriage certificate, school register and so on.

    Being somewhat of an academic it pains me to see any errors – substantive or typographical – especially if they are mine – but I’m afraid the software we are working with overpowers one’s sensibilities.

    In the first place only one person – Insider Insider – has the key to correcting anything and everything. But he has little time when he is not on sick-leave from work.

    I can only correct my own articles and comments under my own articles. I cannot even correct my comments to other people’s articles.

    So when a typographical or factual error is made it is not easy to correct them. For example, if I want to correct a typo, it takes about 3-5 minutes for the server to give me access to the text. If I make one correction and submit it and then discover another, that means another 3-5 minutes. Sometimes it times out. Corrections to articles can be even more complicated and time-consuming.

    I have wasted hours on relatively trivial corrections and on the mundane tasks of composing and posting. So after a time one tends to let them go and hope the substance of the message gets through. Its not an ideal situation – but the free WordPress software and server is worth the price.

  24. rupertinsider Says:

    I notice that is not in the list of sites to which we link and have drawn this to Insider’s attention. It’s was an oversight.

  25. lesley Fenner Says:

    I have tried every way to get into to ask why an order will take two months when i ticked 1st class post. They make it impossible to contact them unless you have a specific question that they want to hear.

    I shan’t be using them again at this rate.

    Does any one know how I can get a reply or are they only interested in money making.

  26. GypsyRed Says:

    Lecter is meant to be Chris Bascombe…

    So if the guy is meant to be a professional journalist isn’t a little odd that he uses no punctuation & his grammer leaves a little to be desired (eg uses “were” instead of “where”)

  27. rupertinsider Says:

    Its been clearly established by none other than Chris Bascombe himelf that Lecter is not him.

    Go to top of page, click the tab “Stalking Fowler” then scroll down about four articles to the one entitled “I thought Koptalk was closed down years ago” – Chris Bascombe, Liverpool Echo ” August 9th, 2006

  28. GypsyRed Says:

    I’ve seen reference to the Spurs site & the Newcastle fab site. Does anyone know any legit fan sites from those clubs as I’m sure it would pay to mobilise their supporters against Dunk. They would not likely support a site managed by an osensibly LFC supporter…

  29. rupertinsider Says:

    He was actively building those sites, but withdrew when a contributor to the blog informed BBFusion that he was using the Koptalk software for them. Apparently he had not paid for a licence to use it on the other sites.

    He continues to play with the Newcastle site.

    Some of us want him to get it up and running to get him out of the LFC sphere – that’s the main goal. After that, individuals might want to start informing the Toon sites.

  30. Bob Says:

    Anyone ever tried to get their subscription canceled? I had no idea that my payment from paypal was on a subscription basis, and when payment was taken I wrote to Koptalk (logged a support call) asking them to refund the money as I no longer had any interest in the site.

    After three weeks and no response, I wrote again…. lo, and behold, weeks passed and still no response! I even logged another support call.

    So my advice to you all is that you cancel your koptalk subscription within paypal, and don’t fall into the same trap as me.

  31. rupertinsider Says:


    I cited your comment in today’s article “LFC fans complain about credit card rip-off”. If you read that article you will see the advice we gave in September about cancelling PayPal.

    Sorry to hear you got caught.

  32. grotbags Says:

    I take it everyone here is from liverpool then are they? Couldn’t care less where Dunk lives just about the team he supports. I don’t live in Liverpool either but it hasn’t stopped me a season ticket holder for 24years.

    There still seems to be a lot of rubbish about the tabloid press. Fine you want to boycott the sun as do i but how many fans boycott the News of the World, Sky Sports, Talk Sport and the Times. I can safely say on Sunday matches, going up to Anfield on the train, i’ve seen plenty of Liverpool fans reading the NOTW. Whilst i may not be the brainiest of people even i see the connection!

    There has also been a mention that Koptalk hasn’t supported Michael Shields, this is not strictly true as there has been many a post on the forum.

    Life is about choices. If someone chooeses to spend their hard earned cash on koptalk who are you to judge. Nobody is forced to part with their money and nobody is forced to look on the site. If you want to cancel your subscription at any time time a simple phone call is all it take.

    Maybe you should spend more time concentrating on LFC rather than worrying what Dunk and Koptalk is doing

  33. Rashid Wiggamar Yassar Says:

    I have it on good authority that Dunk takes it up the ringpiece.

  34. rupertinsider Says:


    I guess you posted your response on the wrong thread. I’m re-posting it the thread to which you were responding “Scab breaks LFC Boycott of the SUN” I will respond to it there.

  35. rupertinsider Says:

    Despite your long history as a season ticket holder, attendee at Hillsborough and so on, you seem unusually ill-informed.
    The issue as to which media should be boycotted has been discussed by all interested parties for 17 years. Many believe that the entire Murdoch group of media outlets should be boycotted including SKY. Some do boycott them on principle. Others would have it include only the SUN and its Sunday version – the NoW. Many do boycott the NoW.
    But most take their lead from the Hillsborough Justice Campaign. They recommend that for practical purposes the boycott should be narrowly focussed on the Sun.
    You seem to be unaware of these matters. Does Oldham forbid you from discussing it on Koptalk as he forbids you from discussing the blog? Have you told him of your beliwf that it should be a matter of free choice?
    Frankly I don’t believe that you were at Hillsborough on that day. Nobody there would be as ignorant of the subject as you are. Nobody there would pay money to a site owner who promotes the SUN for money.
    You raise the issue of whether we or others come from Liverpool. We have never raised that issue in connection with our criticism of Oldham’s support of the SUN.
    But it so happens that very few from Liverpool – or England – use his site – he relies mainly on foreigners who come across it in their understandable search for a Liverpool-based site.
    For years he has lied to them about the location of his site and tries to give the impression it is in or near Liverpool or that he personally is in and out of Anfield and Melwood and the Academy.
    Have you asked him lately about his plans to buy a house near Melwood to make available to his members, and a hotel in Liverpool with a Kop theme where foreign members can stay for free, or the gifts of air line tickets and paid hotel bookings for overseas members. It was only two or three months ago he was offering all this – it must have brought him in quite a few paid memberships from Mauritius, South Africa, India and Thailand.
    Or have you asked him about the meeting he was supposed to have in August/September with Rick Parry at Anfield – at Parry’s request? Have you asked him about the Head of Press and Executive Director statements that he has never had access to Anfield or any of its executives. Or is your presumably free membership of KT so valuable to you that you bite your tongue for fear of being banned?
    One of Oldham’s hoary old rhetorical tricks is to complain that criticism of his site arise from Liverpool xenophobia – because he is from Yorkshire.
    He is from Yorkshire – he is a Leeds fan turned Manchester United fan turned Newcastle fan – and he does live in Wallsend – he is a stranger to Liverpool in many ways – but the criticism of his lying, cheating and false representations are not based on that. That’s just his attempt to curry favour with the out-of-towners he relies on for money – although he makes clear that he doesn’t normally think much of foreigners.
    The fact that you used Oldham’s rhetorical trick in your reply suggest to me that you are well and truly indoctrinated.
    Your references to what this blog said about Oldham exploitation of the Michael Shield’s url is plain wrong. I suggest you read it again.

  36. Dog Says:

    I’ve posted to you before about the way that you implicate Newcastle in your headlines, why do you insist on doing it?
    I have every sympathy with your fight and I hope you bury the twat,but in misrepresenting the leaders to your articles i.e. giving the impression that Newcastle United or it’s fan base are involved ,then you join the ranks of your enemy.
    Instead of alienating the supporters of NUFC would it not make more sense to gain their help- we have been know to put cunts out of business before now you know
    You have stated that this turd is a Yorkshireman- ex Leeds – ex Man U – ex Liverpool? and now a Newcastle supporter ?
    Do me a little favour ,stop dragging my team into it- please
    You also say he’s started up a site for NUFC supporters-if we knew what it was and you where not so busy kicking us in the nuts we would be more inclined to blank it and post the fact on genuine sites .The same goes for his season ticket(baring in mind that its not that easy to get them) if you have the info ,give it and lets see what happens.
    But at the risk of boing the bollocks off anyone reading this ,get of OUR backs -we are not involved -your fight is with the fat bastard not Newcastle,unless of course you now concider youself a journalist and normal morals do not apply
    To every one (except fat boy) Happy New Year

  37. Insider Insider Says:

    Hi Dog – thanks for the comments again.

    Dunk is, as far as I’m concerned, a Newcastle fan. He’s got a season ticket, he’s gone to more of their games than he’s gone to ours. He’s not a fan in the way I’m a Liverpool fan or you’re a Newcastle fan. I support LFC, and sometimes stick up for other teams if I’m watching a big game on the box. Usually it’s more a case of supporting the team I hate least in the FA Cup final or whatever.

    Dunk’s got a Newcastle season ticket, but I don’t know whereabouts for. He’s spoken about it in the past, making out it’s only for his son.

    His Newcastle website was called It’s now been closed down after he was reported to the makers of the software he was using for using that software without a licence. He’s registered this, and his Spurs site ( under the name of “Caboodle Network”. I don’t think the site had really taken off though, he’s a quite new Newcastle fan really and probably got a lot of his facts wrong.

    Just to make it clear – we aren’t attacking Newcastle United, we aren’t attacking NUFC’s fans. We are attacking one piece of scum who is a “fan” of more than one club, but doesn’t really seem to be a fan of any of them.

  38. shaunstrudwick Says:

    i cancelled my K*ptalk sub today

    had heard a rumour that Dunk wasn’t on the up and up – but i didn’t believe it at first – discovering this site has made me change my mind


  39. rupertinsider Says:

    Congratulations, shaun. Just make sure you cancel the automatic renewal mechanism on your PayPal account or you will find that Oldham takes your money anyway. And be sure to ask him for a refund of any balnce left on your membership fee.

    (I’m transferring your post to a current thread).

  40. distortedvisions Says:

    hey, just want to know. is it true that the new owners did not give rafa enough money that is originally promised and settled for Diego Forlan instead of Eto’o? If so, then it is sad to know that liverpool can’t spend a lot to strengthen the squad for next season.

  41. Ex-KTer Says:

    As an ex-Koptalker, I applaud this exposee. I joined KT as it looked like a decent forum and news site, based on it’s ‘Newsnow’ links. I quickly discovered that there was absolutely no foundation for any ‘Insider’ links whatsoever. If there was, Torres, Villa, Ronaldinho, Henry, Zidane etc etc would all be playing for us now. Additionally, there is no free speech on the forums, it’s toe the line or die. I’d urge anyone to avoid paying money to join KT. There are plenty of free sites, as detailed on here, that are managed better, and feature more ‘in the know’ posters. Good site, there should be more of these on the web.

  42. asura Says:

    it’s maybe a bit too late to reply to some of the comments made last year..
    but one comment that struck me was..
    that someone trying to defend koptalk with the logic of..
    if u enjoy the forums, it’s money well spent.. and hard luck for anyone who feels ripped off.. you may say that your able to take the losses and everything.. but for some of us especially students.. this amounts to a significant amount of money..

    i am from malaysia.. in my country.. 30 quid would amount to around 200 ringgit in my country.. and this is quite a lot ..
    that could pay for half of my expenses in one month.

    i would expect.. my money’s worth.. with all koptalk claiming that they have insider information..
    only recently my brother and me were pondering whether to take up a subscription..
    but thankfully for this blog..
    i’ve decided against it..

    for all the comments on the blog being unhealthy obsessions and all..
    well it’s not like the blog is trying to disrupt your lives..
    i agree with the objective of it..
    to warn unwary users.. especially from other parts of the world..
    i can’t fathom.. why anyone would say this blog is sad ,hateful,unhealthy obsession etc..
    it’s just a normal reaction for people who have felt aggrieved by koptalk.. and i feel.. that every liverpool fans(liverpool and OOTs alike) have an obligation to other fans.. to inform them and avoid dunk conning them out of their hard earned money

    koptalk claims that it provides a service for 30pounds..
    it is within everyone’s right to expect the site to deliver on all their claims..
    especially the ones regarding having an inside source in anfield..
    so.. if he has given substandard service..
    he is accountable to it..

    i would like to say thanks for the info..
    keep up the good work..

  43. rupertinsider Says:


    Thanks – you got to the heart of the matter.

    I am very familiar with countries – not the poorest in the world – where 30 quid represents a week wages 8-9 hour days 6.5 days a week.

    I’ve put your contribution on the recent post
    “KopTalk users who have kicked the habit” where it will get wider readership than on here

  44. john_s Says:

    I suppose you never want to speak ill of people but what the heck, if you put your head in a vice someone will turn it.
    The Warlus from Wallsend sounds like he’s meeting his end. You guys seem to think he’s bolting for Spain. He should be careful not to lie on the beaches there…..Greenpeace might push him in.

  45. Chrispy Says:

    Well, after an e-mail conversation with the insider I decided to check out this site and also est1892 and it’s really opened my eyes to Dunk’s forum. I was one of the people duped into donating to the Lauren charity, I also was conned into entering the xbox 360 competition christmas before last (at a cost of £10 – £15) which apparently no-one won but everyone spent a fortune on. I didn’t want to believe all the talk as I prefer to try to see the best in people but insider suggested a few weeks back I ask for a refund and see how far I get. Well I suppose it’s a kick in the balls as all of my e-mails are now unanswered. I did get two mails (one off Steve and one off Katie) asking my for my memorable word (which is unprintable here) and it’s now been almost a week and still no sign of my refund.

    My teachers always told me I wasn’t very bright and it’s taken me two years to realise what a con Koptalk is. I can understand fully when when people call him DunCON and the site koptalk.CON. I suppose with members fleeing koptalk in their droves to other more reputable sites Dunk really needs my £30 to stay afloat which is the only reason I can find for him not to refund it to me.

  46. Martin Says:


    I’ve recently discovered this website and as a lurker on the Koptalk website I’ve felt ill realising I’ve been conned for the last 6 months. I live in Bootle and was looking for a website where I could talk about things Liverpool related and came across Dunk’s site. Suffice to say I’ve now cancelled my membership and amazingly had 2 e-mails from Steve asking if everything was alright!!. Thanks to you all for showing us what the koptalk site is really all about!!

  47. onefinalpush Says:

    @Martin: Glad you found this site and the truth about Koptalk and its conman owner Duncan Dunk Oldham.

  48. lee Says:

    Hi , I have been trying to register for a free account on KOPTALK and the validation link sent to my email is not valid and the site claims that my request is not valid.

    What information would i actually being paying for if i register. The only people that know anything about LFC is the club themselves all the rest is just pure nonsense.

    What a shocking website

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