The Insider Insider is free

Get the truth for free Thanks to the secret emailer who sent us this image. It's the bird Dunk uses for stuff. Sophie something or other.

Click the image for a bigger version if you need it. 

We've been told this picture (well, a version of it) is currently gracing Koptalk as one part of the fat one's World Cup coverage. 

The other part of the fat one's World Cup coverage involves him going off to the pub for days on end and not updating his site.


2 Responses to “The Insider Insider is free”

  1. Skullflower Says:

    a special mention for the mod brigade. dj syd, rosco mark1975. proof that red dwarf one liners are enough to base a personality on.

  2. rupert Says:

    I think you misunderstand Fatty. All he has ever wanted was to have a porno site. You can see the birth of the idea in his personal ads as Del Johnson seeking another male to do kinky stuff with his wife while he watched. As we all know, he had a webcam long before most of us. For him “kopping” was – well you know what! Originally he was going to call the site “Kopfark”. Being from Yorkshire, like, he didn’t know that Kop was related to LFC. When he found out he knew he’d struck gold and he shifted his focus to footie. But he never gave up on his original idea. On the contrary, as he grows fatter and uglier and more unpopular his Del Johnson tendencies become more intense. What he wouldn’t give to get shut off all those Koptalk and blogger numpties so he can spend his time hiring cute guys and gals to do it while he directs and tapes. Think of the money he could make selling the stuff to all the sex-starved teenage footie fans he caters for through his various sites. But gently does it – first he must gradually convert Koptalk to porn. Its called grooming!

    Today Koptalk tomorrow the vorld!

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