Dunk shows how much he cares.

One thing we know gets a lot of people's backs up is the way he used the illness suffered by his sick relative Lauren to raise money for himself.

We doubt he actually made a massive amount, but if he's as well off as he claims to be, why doesn't he help her himself? What does she think of all of this attention, including the gory details of her illness being published on the internet?

He registered a few domains for her, at least four that we know of. Two of them are no longer attached to any site. One of them goes to the site we'll talk about in a moment. The fourth is directed to – yes, you guessed right, Koptalk.coN.

This is a screenshot of the site that does actually do something for Lauren. At least it does at first glance. We took a closer look. We've a pretty good idea that he'll be making some changes to this very soon.

Lauren's website - untouched for months

We added the title at the top by the way, for those who couldn't tell.

To go into further detail on those points above, he's made three updates in the six months since the start of this year, as shown in point (1). He made more posts than that in a week when he started his new blog up in response to this site. One of three posts on Lauren's site, as indicated by (2) and (3), seems to have been done for not much more of a reason than to plug his empire.

In point (4) you'll see something called a "Trackback". Now if he spent as much time as he could looking after Lauren's site he'd have noticed this and other "Trackbacks" that we don't think he'd really like to leave there. After all, they "track back" to this very blog.

Old mother OldhamPoint (5) mentions the address – we forgot to mention the name too. The address given for donations includes the name of his mum, Jeanette, but at his address. Does that mean he still lives with her? Or does his mum still live with them? You'll also notice in the posts on the site that he's even pretending to be his mum. He does this by posting under the name of "Auntie Jen" or "Auntie Nettie" or whatever it was. Trouble is, you can tell it's him writing them by the writing "style". He was probably wearing her clothes too. If you click the image on the right you can get a slightly bigger picture of one of the few people who knows all about Dunk's ways but doesn't think there's anything wrong with them.

The address for the site he's used to make money off the back of somebody who's not well is http://www.laurenforsyth.com – you can always leave a comment of your own if you like.

One thing we will say – don't leave any nasty comments for Lauren. It's not her fault she's related to Dunk, she probably doesn't even know half of what he's been up to in her name. We hope she's better soon so she can catch up with him and find out what he has to say for himself.


2 Responses to “Dunk shows how much he cares.”

  1. rupert Says:

    What I want to know is what happend to the money he collected for all those little black African orphans.

  2. rupert Says:

    I thought I’d never say this – but I kinda fancy him in thta blonde wig.

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