Dunk needs help, but we need YOUR help!

Good old firewalls! I'm not working where I usually work this week, and thanks to some over-zealous IT staff I've not been able to access the empire we now call Koptalk.coN, or Kraptalk, or a whole host of other insults.

I had a quick word to see why some sites are OK to access and others aren't, and they say they've no policy to ban football or sports sites, staff can browse all day as long as they get their work done. They say the only reason they are likely to have restricted access to Koptalk.coN is because of the porn it contains. Fatso started a porn pictures section for people to post porn (I think that was the idea, but I can't check at the moment!) and he made a big deal of getting some tart to strip off for him to have photos done of (she's on the top header of his .coN site if I'm not mistaken). He had an "adults only" forum, although he didn't do anything to restrict the age of those going on it. Also we've had emails from readers to this blog saying he's heavily advertising dating services of the type that might be more accurately described as dogging contact boards. Thankfully our ad blockers have stopped us from seeing those – imagine the fat one in his codpiece touting for a new tart!

The second possibility for the block is less likely – but still a possibility. Fatty Oldham was offering illegal copies of a Sky One programme last week in return for anyone subscribing to his Golden Blunder site. I doubt this is the reason for the site being banned, but he does a lot of promoting of dodgy (as in illegal) videos in one way or another. The IT department here are certainly hot on stopping torrent sites and the like.

So, thanks to Dunk's new policy of promoting porn, we've not been able to access any of his sites, paid or otherwise. It doesn't take much to guess what's been on his sites of course, but it's not as much fun as seeing it for real. The saying, "you couldn't make it up" really does apply to wideboy. He makes it up, but in ways you'd never imagine until he actually does it.

The visitor numbers to this site are now growing at a very healthy pace, and we know some of you still read the fatty's site. So, especially for this week but really for ANY week (in case we miss something) please help us out!
If you see anything funny, illegal, contradictory, untrue, made up or in any other way interesting for our visitors then please email it to us.

Our email address is koptalkinsider at gmail.com. It goes without saying that we'll protect your anonymity – unless you specifically ask us not to.

We especially would like to see any forum threads where he or his mods got edgy about the contents of this blog, where anyone asked him about his book, Crouch tape, Gerrard friendship or any of the other bull. Anything at all really, as long as it's not a photo of a fat website owner in a cod-piece.

It doesn't matter where you take it from – any of his antics from any of his sites will be entertaining for us. The insider is probably of most interest to most visitors, but he's not actually got that many active members of that site any more.

We have got some material we'd kept from recent times, including the fun we'd been having elsewhere on his "network" – we'll post details and screenshots as appropriate.

For now, go and have a look at this – he's made a bit of a mess of copying his software from one domain to another.


This is a login screen for him to administer his site, and he probably didn't mean to copy it over at all (his content is held on his .com site, so he logs in at http://www.koptalk.com/admin).  We've actually got some more digging to do, but we believe he's not paid the money he should have done for the software he uses on his site – he's bought a licence for one copy but is using it on multiple sites.


3 Responses to “Dunk needs help, but we need YOUR help!”

  1. Toby Says:

    May well be worth bringing the software licence issue to the company’s attention. Do a good deed for the day and let them know here:

  2. An Observer Says:

    Have a look @ http://www.proxy.org for some web proxys you can use to access the site, beware though that your employer might not take too kindly to you using them to get around their filters.

  3. rupert Says:

    Thanks for the proxy sites. Many of the BBC’s broadband soccer broadcasts – radio and video – cannot be accessed from outside the BBC even if you pay a full licence fee in the UK. The BBC servers recognise country of origin IP’s. Do you think a proxy would get around this and allow access?

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