Today's exclusive – Dunk has had a few. Again.

Fat git in a nasty hatYou've just subscribed to the Insider club and you are looking forward to seeing what your £30 has brought you today.

Well, it's certainly exclusive. Dunk is on the beer (is he ever off it?) and so his drivel level is, well, much the same. He'd have to sober up if it wasn't for your subs you know.

As always – we are here so you don't have to pay for that subscription. You'll be glad you haven't paid now, when you read on.   

Eight years ago for the last World Cup held in Europe he was running round France in a Sun hat, making a mockery of the boycott respected by 99.9% of Liverpool fans.

Poster: Dunk
Subject: P*ssed
Date: Sat Jun 10 2006 12:32 PM

[Picture, Steven Gerrard, Come on England]

[Lyrics to Vindaloo by Fat Les]

[Picture, Dunk’s idol and fellow fat Geordie, Gazza]

Poster: Kopdan (Honorary Member)
Loc: Chester by day
Date: Sat Jun 10 2006 12:34 PM

Come on Paraguay

I hope they [censored] stuff you English thugs

Poster: richt71 (Moderator)
Loc: York
Date: Sat Jun 10 2006 12:48 PM

Oh come on Dan…I'll be cheering Wales on this world cup! 

Poster: fatistuta (Honorary Member)
Loc: ynysybwl, pontypridd
Date: Sat Jun 10 2006 12:57 PM

Could you please post in the appropriate section please?

This is a Liverpool forum, your post has nothing to do with Liverpool Football Club.

There is a general football forum provided, which us Welsh, Scots and Irishmen are avoiding like the plague so we don't have to read posts of over glorification of your world cup chances.
Could a mod move this post asap please, before it is replaced with ones of sorrow as England fail once again and the rioting on the streets of Germany begins.

(I do hope England win but know I would regret it forever after when you smug bastuds rub it in our face like we are underachieveing mancs in europe)

(Don't stop winding up the mancs though) 

Poster: Kopdan (Honorary Member)
Loc: Chester by day
Date: Sat Jun 10 2006 12:59 PM
so true

plus you never see the Welsh fans misbehave in any tournament. 

Poster: Dunk (fat con artist)
Date: Sat Jun 10 2006 01:01 PM

That's because they're never in any.

Poster: Kopdan (Honorary Member)
Loc: Chester by day
Date: Sat Jun 10 2006 01:02 PM

sorry but did you think I was being serious fatman

Poster: wlaffey2005 (Gold Member)
Date: Sat Jun 10 2006 01:02 PM

come on paraguay.had to listen to the usual nonense of english press and pundits talkin bout england winning the world cup.not gonna happen

Poster: Dunk (lard arse)
Date: Sat Jun 10 2006 01:06 PM

I don't think any Englishman expects us to win it… but the taking part is good 

Poster: Dunk (Drunk and fat)
Date: Sat Jun 10 2006 01:11 PM

VH1 and Q have some superb vids on now. They've just played Pass and Move… superb!

Tomorrow, exclusively on the Insider: Dunk tells us about where he's just puked up, and gives us a run-down of what is for sale on QVC. 


7 Responses to “Today's exclusive – Dunk has had a few. Again.”

  1. rupert Says:

    The more things change the more they stay the same! In his early years at Kraptalk when he ran it from his bedroom, one of his first priorities was set up a web-cam so his followers could watch him scratching his crotch and farting. In his radio “updates” on LFC games he talks more about his hot dogs, gut aches, drinking and belching than football. But the new webcam its only switched on when he is sober – so not much then . There’s no harm in a guy searching for acceptance from others in this way, but not many use LFC to attract attention to themselves (Brendan being the only other) and not many, outside of porno sites, who charge for it .

    Anyone remember the “alternative” Kraptalk article a few years ago that speculated on the rumour that the Fat Fart was going to set up a web cam in his bog as a special thrill for Gold Club subscribers? It was going to be free, too, apart from a mandatory donation to cover the cost of his toilet paper.

  2. Macca2 Says:

    I have to admit that I would have subscribed to the Insider/Gold Club if not for your blog. I’ve kept a close eye and looks like you definately have a point. I think that if you could market this blog a little better (especially to KT’s legion of vulnerable overseas readers who don’t have a clue) , you’ll find a lot more people like me ‘converting’ . Keep up the good work!

  3. biscuit taker Says:

    You’re right, market this site – spread the word about the bucket

  4. YNWA Says:

    you must be having an effect, have you seen this?

    “If anyone’s spamming you, slagging the site or anyone associated to it including moderators, members etc or posting things from here elsewhere (we don’t mean snippets of info, we mean complete copy and pastes etc), there are rewards (free life-time Gold Subs, signed goodies, cash!) if you provide such info to us. Everything shared with us is done so in the strictest confidence.”

    now that’s comedy

  5. YNWA Says:

    Why don’t you have a last updated watch – Dunk notoriously leaves the updating to his members.

    So for example, the last update was 9th June 15:06 …”Since publishing my predictions, Sevilla have rejected our offer for Alves and have opted to go public again (which will annoy Liverpool as other clubs could now come in). ”

    Since then there has been info all over the web about Alves, including the local newspaper The Liverpool Echo.

    It is nearly two days since an update, at the busiest of times!!!

    Don’t waste your money, go to the Liverpool Echo Website.

  6. jj_dominic Says:

    after reading this blog i have decided as well not to register for the koptalk insider site. i am so glad that i found this blog. what you need is to get TLW, and other prominent LFC websites to link to this blog to spread the word.

  7. Macca2 Says:

    just a piece of advice: i don’t think you realize how convincing your blog is. the only problem is that a lot of people are not aware this actually exists, so it would be a good idea to link this blog and get those readers over. and the key is koptalk’s overseas readers.

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