Alves stories: "I'll have them" thinks fatso

Dunk has no idea what's going on, but the papers and forums are full of stuff for him to poach. To be fair I've not checked to see if this was an insider-only story, but it's basically stuff from elsewhere with added chunks of Dung. Dunk, sorry.
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Liverpool transfer bid rejected
#1479909 – Fri Jun 09 2006 03:06 PM Reply

Sevilla have rejected Liverpool's latest offer for Daniel Alves.

Both clubs had agreed a fee in principle but the stumbling block was additional bonus payments that Sevilla president Jose Maria Del Nido wanted writing into the deal.

Providing an update on the situation, Del Nido said: "It is not necessary to hide that a tempting offer for Alves arrived on Wednesday, but that was rejected because it does not meet the amount the club demands.

"Everybody knows that Liverpool have been chasing Alves for a year and that every week offers a million Euros more."

Following the Cisse blow, I reported to Insider members that I expected imminent problems with the Alves and Kuyt deals.

Since publishing my predictions, Sevilla have rejected our offer for Alves and have opted to go public again (which will annoy Liverpool as other clubs could now come in).

Then the Reds leak via the local media that Craig Bellamy is now under serious consideration which suggests they have concerns regarding Kuyt (probably because Newcastle are considering a sh*t or bust attitude with regards the fee as they look to replace Alan Shearer).

However, while these problems were expected as a result of losing the Cisse cash that had been pencilled in, I believe (and hope) that we'll push ahead for Bellamy and Kuyt. Admittedly the Alves deal looks a concern but I remain reasonably confident with that one also.
If Rafa steps up his interest in Jermaine Pennant (in the bag if he wants him) I believe this means we're going down the plan B route which won't be a good sign.

Whether you rate Pennant or not, he's not first choice so if we sign him, this without question means Rafa has missed out on plan A. All transfers though are a gamble so that doesn't mean we'll feck up. We signed Morientes, a proven 'big name', and look what happened there.

Although slightly concerned at the lack of transfer progress recently, I do feel slightly upbeat again despite the vibes coming from Sevilla. Of course my opinions can change like the wind depending on what I'm told but for now, I'd urge you to relax.

Liverpool officials are working flat out on Rafa;s major targets and once they're in the bag, we should start to see some other names cropping up in the media.


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