Get ready for the ramble

Fatty's blog:

"Late Late Start by Dunk (KopTalk Ed) on Thu 08 Jun 2006 01:48 PM BST. I went out for a pint yesterday evening and I've just come home.. well I didn't even go home, I've actually come straight to KOPTALK HQ. Updates will commence shortly. There'll also be an editorial today."

Which means there'll be an editorial full of woe later. Probably mentioning words like "hobby", "volunteer" and "jacking it all in".

Alternatively, they'll mention words like, "mercedes", "big tv", "new wing for the house / plane".

Final option – "Lauren", "new bike", "send donations to Koptalk HQ I'll pass them on honestly."

We could of course be wrong, we're just guessing. 


One Response to “Get ready for the ramble”

  1. Chunky Says:

    Surely you mean “Oh fuck, Bascombe has sunk my bullshit battleships.”

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