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Which one's Dunk?Earlier today, Duncan was trying to entice his visitors to join "The Insider" by offering them a pirate DVD, just pay the postage and the illegal copy of the DVD is yours. He was even prepared to send them overseas. That obviously didn't have the impact he wanted (and we've since found he has been reported to Sky) so he had to move to another of his scams.

The imaginary competition prize.

Dunk was giving away XBox 360s when the rest of the world couldn't even look at one. So he claimed. He had loads to give away. Nobody every got one as we know. He did give away a PSP, and we've been told that the person he's named as the winner did really exist. We've removed that winner's name from this post now for privacy reasons, but we are stunned to hear a real person win something. It must be a first. Whether the person received his prize or not remains to be seen.

Previously Dunk's used his premium rate phone lines to create revenue for the competition that couldn't be won.

Dunk KopTalk Editor

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#1474750 – Wed Jun 07 2006 03:34 PM Reply

New competition coming soon in the Gold Club. Starts Saturday.

All you have to do is predict the outcome of England's first game, not the actual score. You then progress to the next round and so on until we have one winner. Good fun, free to enter to all Gold Club members.

If you upgrade before kick-off on Saturday you can take part.

Just open a support tickets at http://www.koptalk.disinfo for further info if you want to join us in the Executive Lounges

The last comp for a PSP was won by (name removed).

He headlined this comp on his main site giving the impression that the competition was free to enter. It won't come as a surpise to our readers to hear this is once again a lie. He's actually expecting you to sign up to his Gold Club, before the end of the week. Don't do it! Save your money! There is no XBox.


5 Responses to “Fantasy Koptalk”

  1. nige Says:

    actually mate dsimcock does exist and he aint complained that he hasn’t got his prize… maybe a one off though.

    To hold up the credibility of this site I guess you better change this otherwise people might start believing the infallibility of the fat one.

  2. Insider Insider Says:

    Thanks Nige,

    We do want this site to be credible – if people can prove we are wrong about Dunk on all of the long list of issues we flag then we’ll be happy. We just very much doubt that will happen too often.

    We did a search for that user and couldn’t find him earlier, so thanks again for that.

    We are still waiting for the answers to our questions.

    Insider Insider.

  3. Duncan Mitty Says:

    I contacted Sky to inform them of his copying of their programmes to entice people into subscription services so hopefully they’ll do something about it. Sounds like a few people might have contacted them too.

    I’ve also contacted NewsNow to ask them to stop koptalk polluting their Liverpool feed with fabricated/reworded stories from other sites 5 minutes after they appear on NewsNow itself. I went back a few days initially, pointing out his rewording of other news stories etc. I’ll keep this up until they remove him or tell me to bugger off.

    I’ve always wondered, do his minions (DJ_Sydney_A, brendan et al) actually exist or is it just the rotund one himself? He strikes me as a sad Walter Mitty character, albeit with a ‘talent’ for extracting money from poor souls, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he adopts multiple personalities to get ad hits on the forum. If they really do exist then I pity them more than him to be honest.

    Keep up the good work, I’m getting off my fat arse, driving to Kraptalk HQ in my Lada to sit in the back yard and then watch Newsround on my Binatone 7″ black and white portable with my latest rent boy. Not before fabricating some more insider info, mind.

    D. Mitty

  4. Insider Insider Says:

    Thanks “DM”.

    The more people who complain to Sky about what he’s doing the more likely they are to act. Might also be worth contacting “FACT” – they’ve a form you can fill in here – You can remain anonymous if you prefer.

    Thanks also for getting onto Newsnow – same thing applies – the more complaints the more likely they are to act.

    As for Dunc’s Walter Mitty aliases, I think some of his posters are him or maybe even Steve. Considering Steve sits in Dunk’s garage with him all day, except when he’s off to buy food for the fat one, has he ever posted on Koptalk? Surely one of these mods is Dunk’s teenage booze partner.

  5. Duncan Mitty Says:

    I’ll contact FACT the next time he strolls down the copyright theft route. Thanks for the idea, I always though of FACT from the old home computer piracy days but I’m sure they’ll be interested.

    I think I recall him offering videos of games/goals to members, is that right? Should be pretty easy to stop that if he’s still doing it. The “Audio clips including interviews plus links to video clips including every LFC goal this season usually within minutes of full time” bit.

    The “Secret linksto FREE audio commentary and live video/satellite footage when the Reds are in action 99.9% of LFC games covered” is also worth contacting the Premier League with too. 99.9%!

    I believe you have access to my email address, can you drop me a line.

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