Dear Sky Television…

…we thought this would be of interest. (NB: Dunk never does anything unless he gets something in return).

Taken from the Koptalk Insider website, run by Mr Duncan Oldham –

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Steven Gerrard Documentary – did you miss it? overseas?
#1474336 – Wed Jun 07 2006 12:47 PM Reply

We can burn this on to DVD if anyone wants a copy. You can either send us a blank DVD with postage etc included or you can pay via PayPal the cost of the DVD and postage.

There is nothing in this for us. There is no additional charge/costs at all so those naughty lurkers that are here with bad intent, please make a note of that.

It was absolutely fantastic and this is a programme that any Liverpool fan would want to see.

It will be repeated and I'll publish details accordingly when it's on. However, if you're overseas for example, we can do you a copy on disk but there's no fancy packaging or anything. It's just a favour.

If interested, open a support ticket at and put FAO STEVE STEVIE DVD. And he'll sort you out.

The overweight owner of Koptalk is also using this offer on his main Koptalk.con website to entice people to sign up to his subscription-only service. He says of the Gerrard programme, "Did you miss it? Gutted! You could sign-up for an Insider or Gold Club membership and we'll sort you out a free copy "


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