Rip-off continues at Koptalk.con

Duncan Oldham's ability to rip people off continues, although as the number of visitors he has continues to drop so does the number of potential victims.

Today he used one of his most typical tactics to drum up business – a headline promising something that it just did not deliver.

Headline on Koptalk.con – "EXCLUSIVE: Transfer news imminent + Parry prepares for mini-conference"

Story behind this headline? There wasn't one. It contained nothing more than a plug for his Insider site.

So what was on the insider site then? NOTHING. No exclusive stories, no information on transfers, no mention of Rick Parry and a mini conference. Whatever a mini conference might be.

Of course it got those on his Koptalk forums who still don't know his tactics to start talking amongst themselves. No doubt two or three even went and joined. They'll have been disappointed, as you can see. It still ups the hits on his site though of course. Although there's so few visitors these days it's barely a ripple.

Don't pay to join the Insider. Whatever he publishes, we'll publish here. He doesn't publish exclusive news anyway, but what he says, we'll pass on to you.
What he said in that article that had promised so much was a disgrace really. It's an embarrassment to have such a dishonest person associated to Liverpool football club.

Things like how joining "will give you unlimited access to all our exclusive reports and more. Anything deemed to (sic) sensitive for publication is retained for the Insider website." That is probably true – but there never is anything to retain for the Insider website. And then he says. "Listen to what our existing members think rather than those people on other sites who like to knock us because we have subscriptions." Yes, here we go again. Believe Dunk's impartial view or the views of a growing number of ex-customers? And a familiar hint to his hardship: "We only have subs to pay the bills. Everyone that works for KopTalk does so on a voluntary basis…" So if that's the case Dunk what do you do with all of that money? I think you'll find your definition of voluntary doesn't actually wash with anyone else except yourself. And look, surprise, that magic number again: "99.9% of our content is free to all."

Again, he continues to try and make you think he's barely keeping his head above water: "We rely on advertising and membership subscriptions to survive. To reward our loyal supporters who make it possible for us to exist, a very small percentage of our content is retained for them at http://www.koptalkinsider.con." It's already been pointed out on one of the comments on this site – if 99.9% of content is free, that leaves 0.1% of his content split between the gold and insider clubs. And that 0.1% is made-up or stolen from other sites.

If you ever find you have clicked on a nonsense story after using the NewsNow service, you can report it to the owners of NewsNow. According to Toby, who's commented on one of our other articles, Dunk was banned in the past for his tactics. If you spot something inappropriate from him, fill out the form here:

UPDATE: The thread discussing the "news" article has been removed from Koptalk.con's forum. Why Dunk? Too many people making fun of you? 


3 Responses to “Rip-off continues at Koptalk.con”

  1. kopwank Says:

    I noticed newsnow ‘top stories’ today were covered with 3 koptalk stories.

    As you say these are very misleading, for e.g:
    -‘Liverpool striker signs’ – was actually an article about an ex red – anelka
    -Transfer approach confirmed – confirmed by who? If its not official it’s an opinion

    Another one was blatant spam to get people to signup for a sub

    Interesting he was banned from there maybe worth reporting to google news too

  2. Alan Says:

    the prick has just copied and pasted one of my articles, and got onto the front of newsnow main stories for doing it, taking all the credit for it, the fat fucking cock

  3. Insider Insider Says:

    He really doesn’t care does he? He’s still losing visitors though, despite his efforts.

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