Making up is hard to do

If you are going to make stuff up, but claim it to be 100% factual (or is that 99.9% Dunk?), it would be a good idea to try and stick to that story, or at least explain why the story changes. Duncan Oldham charges people for information. He asks them to subscribe to his insider site, claiming he has sources who get him regular inside information and that he'll share it with these paying visitors as soon as he hears about it.

The biggest problem with this plan of his is that he doesn't have any sources. He's recently lied about having a tape of Peter Crouch talking to the Sun, claimed (falsely) to have been chatting to Steven Gerrard, and his Sun hat story is notorious. He has to make stuff up for his insider site too because he's nothing to give to his paying guests. If he was blessed with anything approaching as much as average intelligence then he'd try and take fairly simple measures to avoid letting his lies trip him up. Unfortunately his IQ isn't as big as his waistline and tripping himself up is something he does a lot.

He tripped himself up today over the possible signing of Pennant by Liverpool. Read this (we published it here too) from Dunk's Insider site last month (21st May). KopTalk Staff Reged: Jul 28 2003 Posts: 21215

EXCLUSIVE: Target in the bag #1441287 – Sun May 21 2006 12:25 PM Reply

by the KopTalk editor, on the 0945 from London Kings Cross to York

Liverpool have reached an agreement in principal with Birmingham City for their winger Jermaine Pennant.

Although details of the fee remain undisclosed, Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez is confident that nobody else will come in with a higher offer.

The player's agent Sky Andrew has already agreed personal terms with Liverpool chief executive Rick Parry but the deal will not proceed unless Rafa is unsuccessful with other options that he has prioritised.

An email received overnight from a source of mine involved in the negotiations, said: "Rafa has Jermaine in the bag but he must decide whether to push ahead with the deal or buy some more time.

"The transfer fee that has been brokered is reasonable but the wages are slightly higher than a player of his age would usually command.

"Rafa has other options and Sky (agent) is aware of this, which is probably why the wages are more lucrative as Pennant is prepared to wait.

"It's an excellent back-up plan that has been thought out by Rafa and put in place by Rick (Parry)."

So we then move forward to today. Dunk's forgotten all about what he made up two and a half weeks ago. So he tells us this. It's what he's taken from the papers, but completely missing what was in his made-up tale of last month. Last month, Dunk told us a fee was already agreed with Birmingham. Today, he tells us that Liverpool have only just put their bid in. So Dunk, which is it? KopTalk Staff Reged: Jul 28 2003 Posts: 21734

Liverpool table official transfer bid  #1471782 – Tue Jun 06 2006 10:49 AM

Reports today claim that Liverpool have finally made a formal offer for Birmingham City winger Jermaine Pennant.

It is claimed that a £3.25million bid has been tabled by Reds chief executive Rick Parry and credible sources are supporting these claims.

Koptalk Insider sources have maintained for some time that Pennant was under consideration, but only as a back-up option with the player having already indirectly agreed terms.

We're not sure whether to welcome this news or not.

Birmingham City are reluctant to sell so it's early days yet. If Liverpool agree to pay what they want, he's ours nailed on.

What do you think about Pennant? Does this mean we've failed on other targets? Does it matter because you think he's pretty decent? Please come and tell us at http://www.koptalk.orq/forums – multi-language forums also available.

Yes – his memory is suffering. He's telling anyone who'll listen that he's sick of foreigners, but at the same time he's trying to encourage foreigners to visit his site. He likes their money, just doesn't want to see them near him. And he's telling us our boycott's not working (we know it is) yet he's having to persuade his few remaining members to go his other forum to try and get some visitors for it.

Remember – find a new forum if you like talking to other LFC fans. Don't subscribe to the insider, keep checking here instead – it's free. Boycott the Sun-supporting Koptalk.con.


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