Add us to your Yahoo or MSN home page

If you use "My Yahoo" or "My MSN" (amongst others) for your home page, you can add our latest stories to that home page. Thanks to the wonders of RSS, you can tell if we've updated the site without even visiting us. Obviously Dunk wouldn't like that, he likes you to visit his site and click those ads regardless of whether he's had time to make anything up yet.

Our feed url is but clicking only shows you a messy looking bit of XML code. However you can add us to so many different types of web application using that feed that you've no excuse for missing one of our updates.

You can use things like Feedburner, Bloglines, Firefox Live Bookmark, Rojo – the list really does go on. You can add us to your feeds if you use Opera as your web browser, Thunderbird as your email program. Just follow the instructions in whatever you use and add as the RSS or "feed" URL.

If we've missed something that you use then add a comment here and let other insider insider readers benefit from your knowledge. Just don't try and charge us for it!


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