Answer the questions

Dunk's got a new blog, he even bought a new domain name for it and everything. He reads this blog, but won't answer our questions. We'll ask them again:

  1. Why did you wear that Sun hat when you knew about the boycott already?
  2. Where is the Peter Crouch tape you claim to have?
  3. Why did you lie and say you'd been talking to Steven Gerrard?
  4. (NEW) As someone who hates foreigners, how do you justify pretending to be their friends whilst fleecing them for their money?

3 Responses to “Answer the questions”

  1. An Observer Says:

    Add another question – has he paid the Tax man all the tax due on his fortune. I’d bet my right arm that he hasn’t.

  2. kopwank Says:

    Very good point on the taxes / VAT. Does anyone know what the score is , with his 5k+ members paying £20+ thats over £100k a year, the VAT threshold is £55k so by law he has to register.

    If you know the limited company koptalk operates under list it here so I can have a dig into their filed accounts at companies house etc.

  3. An Observer Says:

    Doubt there is a company, think it all goes into chunks arse pocket.

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