He can't stop can he? It's actually getting pretty funny now. He's changed the look of the holding page where you go for the top secret entry to the koptalkinsider site. Well, it used to be top secret, if you lost the URL you'd probably have to pay to be told it again.

At the top of this holding page is this nonsense now:

KopTalk Insider & KopTalk Gold Club – MEMBERS ONLY

This is a members only website for our VIP readers. Becoming a member is purely optional. 99.9% of our content is available for free at KOPTALK.COM but exclusive and sensitive material is usually retained for our VIP members on this website. Please read existing member feedback on the sign-up pages to see what our members think of our VIP features before parting with your hard earned cash! Every penny received helps fund KOPTALK which is run by volunteers, all of whom support LFC!

Funny or what? "Run by volunteers, all of whom…"  Hang on Dunk – you said you run it alone (as a hobby). You claim to be the only Liverpool FC site that is run by one person. We know about your 16-year-old drinking partner Steve, so we know you don't run it alone. But if it's just the two of you, why do you say "all"?

And what on earth gives you the right to call yourself a volunteer when, if some of your other claims are to be believed, you earn £150,000 a year from insider subs alone?

For anyone still in any doubt, remember, 99.9% of Dunk's plasma-TV buying money comes from fleecing people like you of their "hard-earned" cash. Please read the pages of comments here and elsewhere from people not being put up to it by Dunk before parting with that money. Dunk's feedback page features a mixture of quotes from friends, quotes from people who have long since realised that Insider is crap after all and of course, some trademark Dunkan made-up quotes.


3 Responses to “Compulsive”

  1. Toby Says:

    From experience, I’ve noticed that depending upon who he is targetting he’ll try to exgaggerate the size of his site (as the image of a professional setup is key to getting people to part with their cash) or he will revert to his ‘run it as a hobby’ line to encourage people to donate to ensure the site doesn’t fold under immense server costs.

    From the above stats, does that mean that people have to pay £30 a year for 0.01% of his content?

  2. kopwank Says:

    99 percent my arse

    I think he should be banned from newsnow (and other similar sites) where is is abusing article headlines to purposely get people to click through (then possibly play) to read some completely made up BS.

    Isn’t there some law against deliberately misleading people? If I bring you to a website saying *exclusive* striker signs, then I get there to find out its made up bollocks that cant be legal?

    Didnt clubcall or whatever they are called get spanked bigtime a few years back for doing exactly the same thing but due to running over premium rate phone numbers (rather than charging for access to a site?)

  3. Toby Says:

    We had Koptalk removed from NewsNow a while ago, but they let him backl on after he promised to behave.

    It may be worth bringing his latest antics to their attention again.

    Whenever you see an inappropriate article from him fill out the form here:

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