Speech has no freedom at Koptalk.

For all those who commented on "Freedom of Speech" as a defence for Dunk's promotion of The Sun, please explain where the deletion of this post fits into things. We saw this shortly after it was posted. When we went back later to see if it had been responded to it had gone. Why? Only one reason for it in our view – any criticism, constructive or otherwise, accurate or not, is stamped out straight away. Dunk does not like to be questioned.


31-05-06 07:12 PM – Post#213984

Liverpool duo Rafael Benitez and Rick Parry may be on their holidays but it's business as usual for both of them.

The Reds chief executive is in contact with Rafa whenever the need arises. Several telephone conferences have already taken place this week as the Reds close in on Daniel Alves and at least one other major target.

Parry is continually working on several deals, so too are agents working on behalf of the club.

Rafa on the other hand is speaking to close associates to try and determine who's available and who's prepared to listen.

A source from Liverpool Football Club claims that the Reds are close to securing the first two signings of the summer.

He told us: "Both Rafa and Rick are on working holidays. It is absurd to even conceive that they would just down tools.

"Rick has agreed a fee in principle with Sevilla for Alves and is awaiting permission to speak directly with the player. Rafa is aware of this as they are in regular contact.

"Rafa has already spoken to friends at Valencia and Atletico. It's looking likely that he will refer something to Rick within the next few days for him to work on."

KOPTALK understands that the Reds are concentrating on their major targets first and foremost. At least two deals that fans probably wouldn't be that excited about are said to be ready to push through should the manager opt to take them up. At the moment though the big guns are the priority because of the World Cup finals.

I do not believe we will get Alves, the lad is Quality and he will in my Opinion join Barca, the reason why I am emailing this is because every transfer window someone on Koptalk News forum always puts a positive spin that we are being close to signing Figo, Alves, Kuyt and so on but I believe we may end up with the second string of targets like Penant (What a waste of a player).

Before everyone slates me I realise it is LFC News which needs to be said and the site is good but it also sends out unrealistic rumours………Just an Opinion!

Edited by Reds05 on 31-05-06 07:13 PM. Reason for edit: No reason given.

This thread was originally available at http://www.koptalk.org/forums/showtopic.php?tid/14626 before Dunk or his lackies deleted it. 


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