Boycott Koptalk

We knew the owner of the Koptalk "network" of websites wouldn't be in bed forever and would respond to criticism sooner or later. He finally surfaced after lunch, but to have expected an apology or an admission of wrongdoing was far too much to expect. Not from someone who has spent so many years misleading those he comes into contact with.

In response to Rushian's comments about how Dunk and his moderator had acted inappropriately for a Liverpool site, Duncan Oldham decided to say this:

"Bunch of w*nk. LFC players DO talk to The Sun. We'll have to disagree.

The Sun has always been a shite paper, it was pre Hillsborough and it is today. One person should be held responsible for what they published and that was Kelvin MacKenzie.

If I see anything of interest in that rag regarding Liverpool FC then I will check it out. If that means I'll be stoned or hung so be it.

Turning on individuals and bullying them is out of order.

What about the former Sun staff that now work for other newspapers… shall we boycott them too?


And in defence of his moderator he had this to say:

"It's none of his business anyway. Publish what the hell you want." 

There have been a lot of accusations levelled at "Dunk" Oldham over the years, a lot of them pretty true thanks to evidence he left lying around, but as a Liverpool supporter this attitude towards the Sun is most offensive. If Mr Oldham feels it's OK to read the Sun as a Liverpool supporter, and to promote it from his own so-called-Liverpool supporters' website then he has overstepped one mark too many. It's time he learned that his income comes from Liverpool supporters, and without them he'd have no income. His Newcastle and Tottenham fan-sites have been big flops.

So spread the word. Boycott Koptalk. Ask the fat one about the Sun boycott and why he feels it is justified to buy it now, despite that newspaper having never made an apology. For more on why the Sun should not be bought, read this: Don't buy the Sun.

20 Responses to “Boycott Koptalk”

  1. johnny Says:

    you could at least publish what was actually said, you’ve just badly paraphrased it here.

  2. LampsFive Says:

    Just to set the record straight I think the Koptalk editor has got it exactly right and here is what he has said in reply:

    Things must be very, very quiet when you have other Liverpool FC websites urging readers to boycott KopTalk because big bad moi is supposed to have said today that the boycott of The Sun newspaper was ‘pathetic’.

    As usual, they have to twist what was actually said. What I said was that the discussion on one of our forums today was pathetic, not the boycott. The ganging up of and the utter bullshit aimed at one Red was pathetic, not the boycott. So please, get your facts right.

    One of the lads on the forums had made reference to a report carried by The Sun that said Rafa had signed a new deal. He even blanked out the word Sun to S*n (to show he recognised the issue I guess) and as usual the mililtants appeared out of the wood work to slate the lad.

    Even though he made it clear he didn’t buy the rag, they didn’t want to know. Fortunately it was a minority of 1 or 2 people with the majority urging them to button it or **** off. It wasn’t as if the lad was a customer of the rag. He knew the history but he just wanted to make reference to something the Sun had said about Rafa as they were the only ones doing so. That was his crime.

    But then came the handbags… the keyboards were armed and the mice were clicking away. Ding, Ding, Round 1.

    There.. isn’t that exciting. You see I don’t like bullies, especially thick ones. Had the lad in question said he’d bought the rag then yeh, try and educate him, explain why the Sun is hated but don’t be abusive to him. In fact he didn’t buy it, he posted the newspapers section from BBC online which features all the day’s papers.

    My view is this. If you’re a Liverpool fan, it’s not a good idea to buy the rag but ultimately it’s your decision. If you want to buy it, so be it. If you want people to boycott the rag, try educating them in a polite manner rather than ripping their heads off because when you do that, you appear all militant and it sends the wrong message out. It also weakens all the hard work that adult Reds that genuinely care about the matter have worked on.

    When you visit KopTalk I won’t urge you to boycott The Sun because it’s a personal choice. The decent lads on the forums will educate you young uns etc but you won’t be forced to sign an agreement that will make you a better fan.

    Every Liverpool website out there caters for a different breed of fan. All are welcome here but I try to create an informal, laid back, fun website where people can escape the pain of life and follow the mighty reds from work, school or home. Our readers care passionately about such issues as Hillsborough which is great and thankfully the majority of them are respectful to their fellow fans when they maybe say or do something that could be misunderstood.

    I was brought up in a family that hated the Sun because of their political relationship with the Tories. My grandparents had **** all and we’re supporters of the old Labour that was in existance so they always bought the Sun’s rival The Mirror. That’s been carried on today by myself, it’s a way of remembering them if you like, God bless ’em.

    Do I as a person support a boycott of The Sun? Well I wouldn’t urge Reds not to boycott it and yes of course I’d suggest they didn’t buy it it but I’m not here to educate people or force my feelings on people who should be old enough to make their own minds up. It’s just the way I am. It’s not my business to tell people what they can or can not do in their lives.

    Now if that makes me a bad person, so be it. Do you think I’ll lose any sleep? These individuals are always looking for someone to blame and if it makes them happier singling me out, that’s fine. And if you think a few poxy websites or blogs calling for people to boycott this site because I wont wave a placard around in support of something, are going to make me walk off with my tail between my legs, you’re mistaken. I’ll go when I’m bored of it.

    I’ll publish articles, news releases etc by the likes of the HJC and HFSG but I wont turn on decent people who put their foot in it every now and then. A quiet word rather than a gobful is much more helpful if you ask me.

    If you don’t like this site, simple, don’t visit it. If you want to boycott it, great boycott it. If you want to run a blog quoting me, great. I appreciate the free advertising. This is the real world, we’re not, well I’m not, at school any more.

    The post attacking the Liverpool fan in the first place was pathetic and that’s exactly what I’d also describe those who try to capitalise on the death of 96 innocent Reds just to try and gain brownie points over another site.

    Shame on you.

    Now if you don’t mind, I’ve got an England game to watch. Let’s hope the Liverpool boys come through without any problems.


  3. Insider Insider Says:

    In response to “johnny” – we did publish the whole lot of what was said. Show us something we missed out. We discussed certain aspects first, then posted the rest underneath. For example see where we posted the rest of the thread carrying on from where we’d left off. You’ll not the title of that post of ours is “Locked Thread” – because Dunk chose to prevent any further comments being made about his stance after that point.

    In our view Duncan had the opportunity to say that comments from The Sun shouldn’t be published. He chose to call his own site visitors “pathetic” for asking that.

    Try asking him, on his site, how he could justify chartering a plane to fly over Cardiff at the same time as begging for funds for his disabled cousin’s bike? Ask him – see how long the thread stays there.

  4. wayne Says:

    shame you lot failed to mention the fact that a large amount of koptalk readers have complained to the bbc about mackenzie and his links to the sun and the now infamous article. i also think its utterly sad that you decide to condemn another liverpool fan when everyone who follows the reds should be working and pulling in the same direction to help make liverpool fans the most respected in the country as we once were. bickering and in fighting over one persons opinions is not the way forward. days like this make me ashamed to call myself a liverpool supporter..thanks for pissing me off.

  5. the truth Says:

    i prefer the excellent

    wonder when that book is coming out eh dunk? or is it del?

  6. Insider Insider Says:

    In response to “wayne” – you may well be p*ssed off, but it’s thanks that hero of yours from Yorkshire. He condones the Sun. He uses it as a means to make money. He does it in full knowledge of how wrong it is. You continuing to visit his site means you feel that’s OK. Most Liverpool fans are pulling in the same direction. Koptalk is the one exception to the rule.

  7. MRT Says:

    Cut the crap,
    Its so obvious u guys have turned the story around just to sink another red. He didn’t say anything wrong if you read the post well.

    Pathetic guys…really pathetic

  8. Gaz Says:

    Ive always felt that site was weird – this fella is just a fraud and the sooner the site gets wrapped up the better. I read between the lines of what you say,’Dunk’, and as far as Im concerned you come across as a scouse-hater and a cnut of a man.

    Youre interested in ripping people off for subscriptions to a site that provides spurious rumour for the naive. I hope you go and crawl back under the stone from whence you came before you got on the bandwaggon, snake.

  9. Simon Says Says:

    Wayne, I think you are missing the point here. Liverpool is bigger than any of this bullshit, but I think that the writer of this blog feels it is important for people to be able to make a balanced judgement.

    Something koptalkers are often stopped from doing.

    Keep your mind open. There is definitely dodginess about koptalk but how much I am not sure.

  10. kopwank Says:

    All this from a guy from Yorkshire who thinks he is some expert in Liverpool FC.

    Koptalk is a blatant commercial venture, they constantly go on about how skint they are and cover the site in adverts, yet they apparently have 5000+ members paying £20 per year to read their BS ‘insider’ articles.

    I make that over £100k per year plus that earned by banners – even when you take off their costs that leaves a hefty profit for someone who ‘isn’t in it for the money’

    Icing on the cake..

  11. johnny Says:

    In response to Insider Insider,

    Had you read the original thread rather than try and jump on the bandwagon and have a go at someone you would have seen that this particular line wasn’t typed as you have published :

    “What about the former Sun staff that now work for other newspapers… shall we boycott them too?”

    As someone that read the original, which you clearly haven’t , I know that it specifically asked why don’t the people that are so against the S*n boycott Talksport (founded by McKenzie) and Sky Sports (same owner as the paper in question).

    The truth is it’s just a symbolic crusade, if you felt as deeply as you do say you do you’d boycott everything associated with the (paper and editor) including the TV and radio channels.

    It’s only a convenient protest you carry out. So spare us the sanctimonius bullshit.

  12. timbo57 Says:

    Anfield Road – Get a grip on yourselves for god’s sake. We’re all supposed to be on the same side here. This pathetic infighting is ludicrous, and i can’t help thinking that you’re jealous of the success of koptalk. I have no agenda here, I’m just a fan who obsessively checks out the liverpool websites for news of my team.

    I am upset that you are using such an emotive issue as Hillsborough to try to score points off a rival website with this hysterical mudslinging. You’re clearly jealous of other sites – grow up.

    It seems to me like you are just trying to to make koptalk look bad to increase your own position.

    Shame on you for trying to manipulate people’s emotions like this – and thinking we’re stupid enough to fall for it. It’s counter-productive – I won’t be reading your site again. Well done to Lampsfive for reprinting the article in full – at least people will be able to make up their own minds.

    That’s what free speech is all about…

  13. Insider Insider Says:

    Johnny – you sound to me like someone wrestling with his conscience every time he reads the Sun, trying to convince himself that it’s ok to do so. And now doing the same thing every time he reads the Koptalk website. Now we did read the original, and that is on here for you to read too. It’s not on KT any more, because your hero deleted it. When you say that this line wasn’t typed as we have published, how was it typed? We copied it exactly as it was published, including the “FFS” added by Mr Oldham to suggest that all boycotts are pathetic.

  14. Insider Insider Says:

    Timbo57 – first of all, this site has nothing to do with Anfield Road. Or for that matter any other Liverpool site. Thanks to them for their support of us, but they aren’t the only site supporting us in our view. The editor of RAWK was one of the people your overweight hero had a go at on the original thread, the claims of the fat one have also been disputed by the editor of TLW on his site.

    The “jealous” line is one of Dunk’s long-standing retorts to anyone who dares question his methods. Either you’ve fallen for his bull or you are him.

    This site is not here to make money, or to be a success. If Oldham admits he’s spent the last 10 years fleecing Liverpool supporters and supporting The Sun despite constant denials then this site won’t be here any more.

    If I saw a drug-dealer driving a flash car and bragging about it to everyone he could, how would I feel? I’d be annoyed. Would I be jealous? No, I’d be annoyed that I was seeing someone brag about success made out of other’s misery. Then again, I doubt even a drug dealer would brag about all of his material gains and how he’s spending his fortune this week, at the same time as begging money for his relative.

    People aren’t jealous of Duncan. Those that know what he’s done and the bad name he gives to Liverpool FC are ashamed of him. Once aware of what he’s done, most people with minds of their own stay away from his site anyway.

    Unfortunately the world is full of gullible people. As we say, either you are Dunk or you are one of his gullible followers.

    The comment saying thanks to LampsFive for posting the article in full is typical Dunk spin. LampsFive posted what we have since found out was Dunk’s “editorial” from his site. We have to moderate comments before they appear on here, we haven’t stopped one comment from being published. We then posted a full response, paragraph by paragraph of what LampsFive had sent us. So explain where in that we are stopping free speech.

    Dunk has deleted the thread from his site, and has locked a later thread where he starts discussing this site with Sydney, who we actually feel a little sorry for now. Where’s the free speech there? If he wants free speech he needs to make a thread discussing what we’ve said as a “sticky” on his site. He won’t though, because too many people know the truth about him.

    Dunk claims that he does not support the Sun newspaper because of reasons that pre-date the Hillsborough disaster. He says it’s a family thing, and that he and his family already held very strong views about that newspaper. If so, why was he wearing that hat from The Sun? He lies, a lot, and trips himself up, a lot. We are just trying to show that. This site is here to highlight all of the ways Duncan exploits others for his own personal gain. He’s free to defend himself however he sees fit, but if he does it through lying we will trip him up.

    That’s what free speech is all about.

  15. Elisha Says:

    Dunk’s relationship with The Sun newspaper should come as no big shock. He seems to read their two-bit transfers rumours and then copy them to his own site where he can make a handsome living from his working class, fellow supporters.

    You’ll Never Walk Alone? Don’t make me laugh, he’s in this for himself and noboy else.

  16. johnny Says:

    Insider Insider,

    First of all, I don’t read that paper and what’s so different about you posting it’s name here and a poster posting some of it’s name on another website ?
    Are you supporting the paper too ?

    Secondly, Dunk isn’t my hero, I’ve about as much time as him as i have for you and your hypocrisy.

  17. Insider Insider Says:

    Hi again Johnny.

    The problem on the other site wasn’t someone posting the name of the paper, it was someone posting a teaser for a story from that paper. If that post was enough to make one person go out and buy that paper just to read the story in full then it was an unwelcome post wasn’t it? On a Liverpool site most Liverpool fans would expect better awareness.

    Our mentions of that newspaper are raising awareness for what seems to be a large number of people who think it’s OK to read that paper. It’s not OK to read that paper if you care at all for the HJC or the family support group.

    We are not being hypocritical. We are not giving people a reason to buy that paper out of curiosity.

    If you fail to see the difference between the two things then you are being blinded by something. Do they even sell the Sun where you live?

  18. Paul Jackson Says:

    “It’s not OK to read that paper if you care at all for the HJC or the family support group”

    From John Barnes Autobiography

    “Liverpool players continued to read the Sun but no one talked to the paper after that evil story.

  19. Disco Says:

    There is a load of point scoring on this site, and a lot of emotional black mail. (classic is Dunk bought the S*n so you support the s*n)

    It’s a highly effective, but ultimately poor method of discussing anything.

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