You've been booked.

We had a nosy on fatso's main collection point (sorry, community) today and it was like something had been done just for our visit. Somebody (in all innocence by the looks of it) had asked about the famous Duncan book. We arrived too late by the looks of it, by then the chubby one had been on and dealt with it. His only post of the day.

Username Post: So, this book (Topic#14425)

29-05-06 12:23 PM – Post#210157

Anfield Exposed. Is it ready yet. Was on here a while ago and there was talk about it and i haven't seen anything about it since then. Any news? I have had a look at and there is still a place where you can pre-order so I guess it must be close. I assume this will be ordered through koptalk only?


29-05-06 01:18 PM – Post#210215
In response to RiS

Just had a mail from a friend who visits this forum who said this post looks like a pisstake. i can assure you it isn't. If this is a sore point, apologies, it wasn't intended as a wind up.

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29-05-06 01:20 PM – Post#210218
In response to RiS

No probs..

I assume they just want so many people putting up their orders for the book that they can afford takin time off to wirte by spending the deposits? I get rid of bad girls, while good girls get rid of me….

KopTalk Daddy

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29-05-06 01:39 PM – Post#210240
In response to Insignificance

The book was advertised as pre-ordered only. No date was given for publication. It'll be ready when I say and not before. If nobody is happy with that and they have pre-ordered, they only need to cancel via Chloe. Simple.


It would be funny if it wasn't true. So obviously he's still taking orders from mugs. "It'll be ready when I say and not before." The fact he's promised it since around 2002 actually means it will never be ready. Come on Fatty – write and tell us when it will really be ready, and how much of it is now complete. That's a lot of fivers you've had for absolutely nothing in return.

If you've paid chubby a fiver for a copy of his book and had success (or not) getting the money back, let us know. It's reportedly very simple to get it back again.

Is Chloe his new bird? Does she exist?


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