As most Reds celebrate, the loon is on a downer

May 25th 2005 and Liverpool FC become Champions of Europe for the fifth time in a final that will always be remembered fondly by Reds. Except for one 'Red'. Yes, you've guessed it, one year later our very own Newcastle United season-ticket-holding so-called Liverpool fan is on a downer. Newcastle only managed the Inter Toto for next season, all this talk of European glory gets him down. 

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         2005 Euro Cup success is history – ED 
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I know it's great to look back on that amazing night in Istanbul a year ago today but as far as I am concerned, the event is history.

We are no longer European Champions. I am focused purely on how we're going to win our 6th European Cup. That's why you won't see me making a big deal about the anniversary today.

The good news is that this means you won't be forced to read any soppy poems.

What is it with poetry these days? Can we not just not stick to getting pissed, eating pies and leering over the local talent? Please stop this tree hugging nonsense immediately.

I know I sound a right miserable fecker but it's just the way I tick. What happened 2 seasons ago really doesn't concern me, it's what happens next term that bothers me.

Meanwhile, back at L4, it was good to see Rick Parry's quotes in the official LFC magazine that he and Rafa were discussing next season's plans before, during and after the FA Cup Final.

I'm convinced that Rafa is going to pull a shock signing out of the hat. Despite the lack of developments on the investment front, I believe we'll be fine this summer.

We know who and what we're basically targeting but I think there'll be a couple of surprises.

Sergio Aguero and Daniel Alves will do me for starters.


PS: We are today upgrading our Insider/GC website and our main forums. Because of this you will experience minor bugs until the work is complete.


Del in action.He had to upgrade his forum software after somebody hacked his site. Maybe that made him miserable.

He has a season ticket for Newcastle. That is bound to make him miserable.

Maybe he had a night like this one in the photo – being ignored by these women despite him wearing his best black pulling shirt. 

Or maybe insider takings are down thanks to this site.  


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