Upstairs Downstairs.

An insider Gold Club member, 'Red_Emmo', decided to post 'downstairs' in the 'Silver' section, rather than 'upstairs', in the Gold Club. Yes, they really do call it 'upstairs' and 'downstairs'. 

He spoke of a meeting he had with the hopefully soon-to-be fully legally able to work winger Mark Gonzalez. Here's what he had to say:

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         Meeting with Mark Gonzalez – I posted this in the Gold Club 
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We had a meeting thanks to my new job, we spoke for about 15 mins.

Down to brass tacks


I asked him why the club where making a fresh work permit application when he was expected to get a Spanish Passport

He said that this was down to his agent wanting everything to be 100% sure and they where still persuing both option


I asked him what did he know of Liverpool and he explained before he signed for Liverpool he didnt really know much but he has been learning more and more and Rafa has advised him to try and know more about the "city" before joining.


I asked him was he aware of the rivalry between us and Man United , Everton.

He said he was aware of United as they where a great team and someone to be respected but he wasnt aware of Everton before coming to Liverpool.

We then discussed Xabi Priesto and I asked him would he be joining Liverpool. He said that he had made a great friend in Xabi Priesto and he would welcome him to Liverpool if he came, he said they spoke about Liverpool and Priesto seemed really interested in the club but in the end it was not up to him but he then gave me a cheeky wink and a smile and said "maybe he will come if we are lucky".

Some girls came over asking who he was and I told them
" this man will be one of the best footballers in the English Premiership next season" and he seemed to blush but once they where asking for his autograph and fawning all over him he seemed to come back around

We had a ice cream mars bar in the sun and then bid farewell.

Over all he seemed an incredibly nice guy, wasnt to secretive about the Priesto stuff and genuinly came accross as humble etc etc.

His English is excellent but he aint a big fella by any means.

Anyway this is Emmo signing off

No reason for just the insiders to be left out.



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