for those of you desperate to try out that shiny new credit card, and wondering whether or not the wife-swapper's site would be worth trying it out on, read this example of typical koptallocks before deciding to go any further: 

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         "Samba Friend" revealed…
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Well, I'm not going to gloat as it's not quite in the bag but having read Dunks latest news article I called my source and he is happy for me to disclose the details.

Our "Samba Friend" is Daniel Alves as Lynch04, Yozza, Liverfool and many others deciphered from the clues. I'll break it down as follows:

" Samba Friend " – well he is Brazilian, say no more..

" I hope you're not too upset with our Samba Friend" – this clue was from a direct quote from the Guardian.

"Meanwhile, Sevilla's Daniel Alves has once again upset the Liverpool faithful by expressing his desire to stay with the La Liga side for the foreseeable future. Liverpool have spent much of the last two years tracking the Brazilian right-back but once again it would appear that Rafael Benitez will leave empty handed". (Dominic Fifield, The Guardian)

The World Cup clue threw most of you into thinking the player was playing for Portugal or Holland, apologies, it wasn't meant to confuse. Again it was a direct quote from Sports daily Marca:

"Brazilian right-back Daniel Alves is set to take part in a World Aid Charity match despite the game being played during the upcoming world cup. Following discussions with coach Carlos Alberto Parreira where he was informed that he will not be part of the Brazilian World Cup squad Alves (known as Daniel) made his intentions clear that he will support the World Aid event rather than dwell too much on the decision of Parreira". The Match is due to take place on June 11th.

Ok, now for the details. Rafa having made two previous attempts to sign Alves had a meeting with Seville over 3 months ago where once again he made his intentions clear that he wanted Alves. Alves himself had already agreed to the move in principal. A transfer fee (which was never mentioned to me) was discussed, agreed and hands were shaken. A date of 24th May was set to finalise the details and a medical pencilled in (which I believe Dunk or somebody got wind of without mentioning a name). I was told that all this should take two days, hence why I said it would happen on 26th May.

As you know Alves was exceptional in the UEFA cup final and at this stage Seville are trying to up the anti and have also drawn Barca into the equation. This could be a ploy on their part or Barca may be genuinely interested (my source isn't sure on this one). However, as of half an hour ago he is still confident as Parry is desperate to show Rafa that the club are supporting him. That's all I know on the subject so it's all out there now.

Lauren, I hope this puts a smile on your face.
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