Fatties for justice

Thanks to a reader of this blog, "Something stinks", for passing this info on via the comment option.

You might want this for your main blog:

“As a father who has no rights over my own kids that live with their mum, I agree that the system sucks. However, having seen various documentaries and reports on these particular individuals, it is alleged that most of them are cons and ex wife beaters. Whether that’s true or not I don’t know. Protest but don’t scare others eh.”

Says Koptalk’s Dunk…when somewhat earlier this cracker came out:

“Get it in to your thick heads, if you don’t like KOPTALK, don’t visit KOPTALK. I’m not here to be liked and I can assure you, I don’t lose any sleep as a result of your obsession. I actually think it’s a compliment, I’m flattered.

The sad thing is you’d think these kind of people were 15 or something but some of them are supposed to be grown men. I spend my spare time doting over my kids and not some divvie in cyberspace.

Hey saddos, Dunk knows best…. “

Thanks SS.

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Meanwhile, in his latest blog post, the fat one gives us some more of his wisdom – 

Just got back home following our weekend in London. I am so glad to be back. It might be grim up North but I'd rather be up here with my own people than those miserable feckers down South. One thing I'd like to know is this… are there any English people left in London?


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