Pennant may or may not come. Didi may or may not leave. Kromkamp…

Friday morning, a bit of news from the fat one and he's been seeing the speculation from elsewhere that says Kromkamp is on his way out. He's not heard it from any of his 'sources' though, so he's a bit wary of sticking his neck out. Come to think of it, he hasn't got a neck, just a lot of chins…
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Liverpool told to bid £7million
#1437633 – Fri May 19 2006 08:38 AM Reply

Liverpool have been told they can have Sevilla's Daniel Alves but only if they table an offer of around £7million.

The 23-year-old Brazilian – who can play as a right-back or on the right side of midfield – has been linked with the Reds for some time.

If Rafa decides to make an offer and if he is successful in recruiting him, then it's fair to say that Jan Kromkamp will be axed as recent speculation continues to suggest.


Don't you just love agents? No, we don't either. Although there are exceptions to every rule, they aren't the sort of people we'd consider trustworthy. Which probably explains why Dunk claims he gets on with them. And it wouldn't be Dunk if he didn't take the opportunity to mention he'd been on a weekend away too. Fresh from paying a fortune to upgrade his Mercedes he has been paying for transport and accomodation to attend a party in London. Not a cheap weekend by any stretch of the imagination, and now he's posting his 'stories' using his laptop and mobile phone on a train. And when his cousin is ill in hospital, desperately in need of funds to get her some extra equipment. All heart that lad. Or is it all lard? He was at York races on Friday, staying in a hotel on Friday night. Doesn't say if it's a hotel in York or a hotel in London, but it's a tough life he leads. He leads it for you. By Sunday morning he's on a train from London back to York. As you'll see later though he didn't go out anywhere on Friday or Saturday night…
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EXCLUSIVE: Target in the bag
#1441287 – Sun May 21 2006 12:25 PM Reply

by the KopTalk editor, on the 0945 from London Kings Cross to York

Liverpool have reached an agreement in principal with Birmingham City for their winger Jermaine Pennant.

Although details of the fee remain undisclosed, Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez is confident that nobody else will come in with a higher offer.

The player's agent Sky Andrew has already agreed personal terms with Liverpool chief executive Rick Parry but the deal will not proceed unless Rafa is unsuccessful with other options that he has prioritised.

An email received overnight from a source of mine involved in the negotiations, said: "Rafa has Jermaine in the bag but he must decide whether to push ahead with the deal or buy some more time.

"The transfer fee that has been brokered is reasonable but the wages are slightly higher than a player of his age would usually command.

"Rafa has other options and Sky (agent) is aware of this, which is probably why the wages are more lucrative as Pennant is prepared to wait.

"It's an excellent back-up plan that has been thought out by Rafa and put in place by Rick (Parry)."


As if the Pennant story wasn't carefully made up in as non-commital a way as possible we then get this one about Didi Hamann. No comment neccessary really. Except to point out that he's still on the train, and he's read the papers now.
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Rafa ready to end Liverpool midfielder's Kop stay #1441329 – Sun May 21 2006 12:40 PM Reply

by the KopTalk editor, on the 0945 from London Kings Cross to York

Newspaper reports today claim that Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez is ready to allow German midfielder Dietmar Hamann to leave Anfield.

Even though Didi has a year remaining on his existing deal, it is claimed that Rafa will allow him to leave on a free transfer to get him off the wage bill.

It is unlikely that Rafa will put pressure on him to leave but he won't stand in his way if someone makes a formal approach.

Bolton have previously been linked with the player and it is likely that they will return if he indicates it's time to move on.

Didi retired from international football last week after he was left out of Germany's World Cup squad.

He's found another story in the papers too – and this time it's about his favourite club, the one he loves so much he moved house to be nearer to them. Yes, it's Newcastle:
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Newcastle consider Liverpool swoop, Bolton table £8m bid #1441332 – Sun May 21 2006 12:41 PM Reply
by the KopTalk editor, on the 0945 from London Kings Cross to York

Newspaper reports today claim that Newcastle United are considering making a bid for Liverpool striker Djibril Cisse.It is claimed that boss Glenn Roeder has shortlisted the French hitman along with Manchester United's Ruud van Nistelrooy now that Alan Shearer's career has come to an end.Newcastle United, Manchester United, Chelsea, Bolton and Liverpool are all in the market for strikers this summer.Bolton have been linked with former Reds target Andy Johnson and are believed to have tabled an £8million offer.

Don't forget about Lauren. He remembered about her again on Saturday night at twenty past nine. From his hotel or his party or was he actually still at home?

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Re: wheres Dunk's sad news thread been moved to? [Re: chiman]
#1440862 – Sat May 20 2006 09:22 PM Reply Quote

Lauren is now in Middlesbrough hospital. She's feeling much better. I spoke to her this evening and I told her you were all gutted etc and thinking of her. Not sure how long she'll be in. I'll keep you updated. Thanks again.


No idea why, but it seems Mr Oldham isn't too keen on those Fathers for Justice protestors. I'm sure they'd love to meet him too. This was posted at half-past eleven – so it was obviously a great night in London for him.

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Fathers For Justice
#1440935 – Sat May 20 2006 11:28 PM Reply Quote

I f*cking hate these dickheads. Wish someone would take 'em out.


What was he up to on Friday night? We'll post details of his special update from his York or London hotel room next, but he made three posts, between 10pm and 11pm. And he did it for you, as you'll see


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  1. les Says:

    At my age I drop the ball all the time

  2. knightly Says:

    makes you think doesn’t it

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