Insider? My eye.

I sense a new round of fundraising is on its way. Help a poor fat man overcome his blindness by sending him loads and loads of money for treatment.  In his imaginatively named blog (Dunk's Crib) the lardy lad from Scarborough tells us all about the hardships he faces, including gammy eyes:

Dunk's Crib: Lil Robbie face to face with an MP5

Lil Robbie face to face with an MP5

I'm down in London for a few days as I was invited to a party on Friday night by Sophia Innsbruck (see Sadly I didn't make the party as I was in agony with my eyes. I had hoped I'd be able to shake the problem off but as the day progressed, they got even worse. I got changed into my going out stuff and about 30 mins before leaving the hotel to go to the venue, my right eye just closed up. The pain was terrible. I was gutted.

When I woke this morning it took me a while to get it open. Although it's really bloodshot, I had to get out of the hotel so I took the kids to Buckingham Palace and the Winston Churchill War Rooms.

While at the Palace, an armed police officer opened up the gates just for Robbie so that he could see his MP5. If you know Rob, you will know he likes his guns which is frightening as he's only six lol! Instead of shooting Indians, today the kids shoot terrorists.

Anyway, I've attached a couple of pics from today as I've got the laptop working just fine in the hotel.

We've not attached the pics, we didn't think you'd want to see them really, but you can see them on his blog. Incidentally, who was going to look after his kids at the party if he had gone? Does he employ a nanny or is he just happy to leave them unaccompanied in a hotel in London? What a great dad he is. 


One Response to “Insider? My eye.”

  1. Adam Says:


    Invited to Sophia’s party was he??? Must have been the pay to enter one that all the members of her website were invited to.

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