Alternative reading.

It's Friday, the day where you don't want to be starting anything too difficult, might as well leave it until Monday now. So, you might appreciate some extra reading. Some of you will have seen all of this before, but for any new visitors, have a quick look at Mr Oldham's past life on the 'net.

This is a search, using Google's facility to search newsgroups. These things tend to be used a lot less nowadays, but at one time it was a good way for people to communicate with each other, when message-boards or forums were still quite difficult to use or lacking in features. Mr Oldham would often post on them using different names, but the same "snail-mail" address. His PO Box number, PO Box 145 in Scarborough. Sometimes he would forget to change the "From:" details in his message though, so tripped himself up more than once.

Dunk: The Early Years

As you'll see, there are a number of posts where he is 'himself' – Duncan Oldham of Koptalk. There's also a number of posts where he is Mr Del Johnson, selling dodgy pirate cards for Sky. Or in fact not selling them, just taking the money for them. And there are posts where he is Duncan Oldham claiming not to know Del Johnson. Or claiming he knows him but doesn't approve of him. And it's quite funny really, unless you were one of his victims. The funniest one of all though is this one:

Dunk looking for exchange deal.

If you know what he looks like you probably feel quite unwell now.


5 Responses to “Alternative reading.”

  1. univofchicago Says:

    thanx insider-insider.

    funny how fatty tries to wiggle his way out of the satellite scams with his pathetic excuses…hahaha.

    its sad though, once koptalk goes extinct my bet is that fatty will return to his old ways again. running illegit businesses scaming people here and there. just can’t see him finding a proper job or making money through fair & legal means.

  2. dataimaginary Says:

    I think that these need to be made a sticky at the top somewhere. The bent sat stuff really shows what kind of person he is.

    The other stuff. jeez doesn’t bare (no pun intended) thinking about. When he does shag he must use some kind of harness and pulley set-up to winch him above his victim. Yuckety yuck!

  3. Toby Says:

    and breathing aparatus for afterwards

  4. peter Says:

    I have always liked cotton my self.

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