Blog on the Tyne

Chunkan has no time write his book, far too busy updating his blog and crawling around in his Merc. So here are three of his blog entries for you to read. Get the hankies ready – it's a tough life for him don't you know?

May 14

On the lash

Well I'm celebrating Liverpool's FA Cup final victory this afternoon. I didn't get finished on the site until late last night and I was shattered by the time I got home. Today we're going to Durham on the lash. We're meeting some mates for a bevvie this afternoon which will, I am sure, extend into this evening. I haven't worked out how we'll get home yet but it'll be less damaging on the pocket when I have no idea what the value of money is (when p*ssed). Right best get motivated, need a bath, got to get the kids back to Scarborough and Ian's heading for Liverpool this evening on a mission that could prove interesting.

May 13

London Calling

Me and the Mrs have been invited to the Embassy Club in Mayfair, London next weekend so we're heading down on Friday for a few days. The footy season has finished but it's still a very busy time for me so I'll have to take the laptop and put in a few hours while there. It'll be nice to get away for a break.

May 12

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well the Reds are in the FA Cup Final tomorrow (Sat 13th May) so me and Steve are absolutely bogged under. We've arranged for a plane to fly above the Millennium Stadium and Cardiff from around 1.30pm onwards until around kick-off at 3pm so you might see it… if you don't, you'll certainly hear it! Join us on air from 1pm on on Saturday. So if you have problems contacting us between now and Saturday evening, you know why, it's simply because we are really busy. From a fans point of view it's great to look forward to but with the things we have to organise and deal with, I'll be glad when it's out of the way. Then the silly season will begin!

So he lives in Newcastle, but his kids live in Scarborough? His kids live with his wife? His wife lives with him? He and his wife are together. He and his wife aren't together. He and his wife are off to London together. Ian – who's Ian? He's off to Liverpool anyway. Is he getting the first proofs of the book? Anyway, at least the Cup Final's over now eh chunks?


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