Luis heading home – it says elsewhere.

Stolen from The Lliverpool Way. At least this time it was just by a member of the site, rather than the site owner himself. He's just sticking to domain names for now.

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         Is Garcia gone?
#1427081 – Mon May 15 2006 06:24 AM          Reply      Quote

On another site someone is saying that Garcia had a goodbye party last night at the 'alma de cuba'. He is already gone, back to spain most probably.

anyone heard something similar?

i hope he doesnt go, although i wouldnt be surprised with the family issues he was having around christmas.

its got me thinking, he was a big hit at Atletico, and with Rafa very keen on Torres maybe a swap deal is in place?

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         Re: Is Garcia gone?  [Re: sambo]
#1427123 – Mon May 15 2006 07:53 AM          Reply      Quote

He was there with the whole of the lfc team pouring rose petal thiongs out of the cup.

I wont be that gutted depending on who we get, his moments of wonder make up for our lack of goal scoring consistency.
If we can use him to get someone to make us score more consitently i would be all for it.
He is a good squad player and i wouldn't mind us keeping him for some games and to bring on from the bench but it wont be the end of the world for me if he goes.

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         Re: Is Garcia gone?  [Re: abro100]
#1427135 – Mon May 15 2006 08:08 AM          Reply      Quote

Bloody hell – how quickly people forget – we would never have even been in Istanbul last year but for Luis – ditto Cardiff.


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