Sit tight says the big man

The trouble continues at Chunk's mansion. His little step-brother / assistant / cousin / son (we lose track) is still missing. The poor lad is only 16, and was forced to perform in front of a camera for "Koptalk TV". Watching it was bad enough – imagine being there.

We feel for the poor lad – confined to barracks with KT's very own Mr Big as your only company must have been slowly turning his brain to mush.

But he's not the only victim here. Oh no. Rollie Oldham has got to the point again where he feels he's going to have to quit. He'll just have to pack it all in. He's desperate to hear those cries from the Koptalkettes – please stay oh fat one, we couldn't live without your s(h)ite. These cries always have those smilies with them and praise for Dunnie. Usually they follow a bit of criticism, but not this time.

As is common policy with the insider, nothing is posted you can't find anywhere else. Well, excluding made-up stuff, which often appears inside the insider. The rest of the insider is what you get outside, or what you find in the papers. Or other people's sites. He likes taking things from other people's sites to claim them as his own. So here, available on any of his pop-up infested sites is his plea for some understanding:

KopTalk Editor

Reged: Aug 20 2004
Posts: 6926

An important note from the Editor
#1386354 – Sun Apr 23 2006 01:42 PM Reply

You will have noticed that KOPTALK hasn't been firing on all cylinders for the last week. By this I mean we have been a bit lazy with news updates, reports, previews and so on.

This is because my assistant Steve (16) had a bit of a row at home and decided to take off. From now on he will be referred to as John Rambo!

Although I could have provided more updates etc, I have been worried about him and basically I couldn't be arsed with the site, so much so that I am again considering jacking it in over the summer. Sometimes I feel like I've been doing it for too long and I'm desperate to start writing plus I have to get my infamous book out before I get lynched!

I'm taking today off to go out for a pint and to chill. Tomorrow I'll be in the office from about 8am and news updates will recommence as normal.

If you have recently placed an order in the KOPTALK shop and are still awaiting delivery or support, we will see that all pending orders are dispatched this week. We will not be taking any new orders with the exception of KOPTALK-LFC badges.

Telephone support will not be available while John Rambo is AWOL. I will see that any important announcements are made at

Please remember that KOPTALK is run by myself with the voluntary input of people like John Rambo. The office will be manned this week just by myself and no doubt me Mrs on an evening so don't expect any miracles if you're emailing in. Just sit tight and wait for a response.



His wife is going to help too? Does she know about fatty's myspace girls? Does she know he has a fat chance with the myspace girls? Does she care? We'll probably find out soon. Hopefully without photos.


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